Days Inn / reservation cancelled without my authorization

United States

On Tuesday, June 25th, 2019, I went to the Days Inn Harrisonburg, Virginia, to do a pre-approved late check-in, traveling from far away to our son's wedding. We drove 2 hours from Washington, Dulles Airport to the Days Inn. Upon our arrival, at approximately 8:30-9:30pm, we were told that they had no pet friendly rooms available, which we had requested to the hotel, beforehand, via phone directly, and to Expedia, as well. Two rooms had been paid in advance (we had 2 double room confirmation numbers from Expedia), already paid to our third party, thru a credit card. We had (previously) requested only one pet friendly room. The front desk clerk told us, immediately, that the only option we had was to cancel, if we wanted a pet friendly room, because all 4 pet friendly rooms were taken. He spoke on the phone with his manager, whom said she couldn't do anything about it. That it was upto Expedia to solve the situation, because the Days Inn, apparently, had no comments/notes on their system regarding my previous pet friendly room request. I then asked the clerk to put the manager on the phone, a woman. She basically told me the same thing. I immediately was looking for an option of a caretaker for my pet, which I told the front desk clerk, a man. I told him not to cancel my reservations (2 rooms). I even was exploring with him other pet friendly room check-outs for the following upcoming days, since our stay was a 6 night stand of 2 rooms. To my surprise, he told me that the manager had cancelled my 2 rooms without my authorization, neither verbally, nor written. Me and my family very upset and frustrated with the situation left the place. No empathy, what so ever, was shown by front desk clerk. It seemed like he didn't care about the situation and what we and our 7 party + small dog were going through. We were scared, away from home, without a place to stay, with basically all surrounding hotels fully booked due to summer high season and James Madison University Open House. The worst thing was that they knew it, however, they didn't care. It was a terrible, stressful situation, and both the clerk and the manager, who didn't seem to care about leaving me and my family stranded, late at night, made even worse!!!

Jun 26, 2019

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