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My RX provider Caremark requires us to use CVS to fill prescriptions. My doctors office is located just a...

deceptive employee

Today, on March 30, 2010, Amy, a cashier at the front of the store was rude when I asked her a question concerning my return. She attempted to have me come back to the store later that day based on her statement that no one was available to process my return. I replied is anyone available to take my return, she brought up the assistant store manager to process my return. Another female in the front of the store, with dark hair up on her head, wearing eyeglasses, stood in front of me while I was asking Amy for help and repeatedly interrupted by saying excuse me, excuse me, sir, louder and louder. I will not return to CVS.


Many Complaints: First, they offer automatic monthly refills for regularly used prescriptions - however, you...

Mount Kisco Pharmacies

employees beware

My son had been an employee at CVS in Cherry Hill, NJ since Sept '09. He was fired almost three week...

rudest cashier i've ever encountered

Asked for refund on a bottle of shampoo, explaining that I had spoken to someone on the phone who told me it...

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dishonest/incompetent pricing

I call this company to obtain a refill for a prescription and to find out how to purchase it most cheaply. I was told to purchase a 3 months supply. I went back to my doctor for this special script. Then I ordered the forms called to check the price and filled in what they told me. A week later they called to tell me that the price was exactly the same as I had been paying- no discount for purchasing by mail in bulk. The price was more that 2 times what they had quoted me on the phone twice. Currently they tell me I can save money by purchasing a 1 month supply by mail. If this is true- and I doubt it- it will be the first time I have ever got the best price by purchasing the least quantity. Through all this hassle I have been without my medication for several months. I deeply regret that my insurance company does not offer alternatives to this incompetent/dishonest money hungry company that puts profits well above the next 10 factors. I will start to look for health insurance that gives me options to CVS.


I went to CVS today to purchase a few things using coupons. "Leslie" waited on me and was the ruddest cashier...

two (2) perscription mishaps

In December 2009 the pharmacy indicated on a call in order that I was to visit my doctor before filling my blood pressure medication. After confirmation of my visit the pharmacy filled a perscription and because I was ill my husband picked it up, I took this medication for three (3) weeks before the pharmacy called my home and my job to advise me that they gave me someone else's medication. I took the bottle of medicine to them and they advised me that the other medicine was not going to hurt me and gave me a $25 gift card. . . .At the top if this month (February), I had to go through the same procedure and was given the wrong hypertension medicine - which I took for about a month before learning from my physician that it too was the wrong medicine. My doctor advised me that the pharmacy faxed a document that was issued in 2008, I told the doctor that I assumed he was lowering my medication as I had no idea what was going on assuming that the pharmacy had to be 100% CORRECT when dealing with the customer life. I shall question every order in the future and hope that these mistakes have no adverse affect on my health. In advising the pharmacy technicians of this new mistake they told me that it was my responsibility to call in the correct order. . . I told them that this was a mechanical call in order, I did not speak to any one, just gave the number indicated on the bottle. The technicians then told me that the doctors office OK'ed the order. I told them that the order originated from the pharmacy and that they forwarded a 2008 missive to the office. I then asked why they would hold on to 2008 information as it's outdated and should be removed from their files. My hypertension is OFF THE CHARTS now and I have your pharmacy to thank for this. . .I hope someone from your company communicate that they have received this communication and what you propose to do about this. Thank you -

  • Cv
    cvs employee Mar 25, 2010

    Thats a miserable situation.

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  • Sp
    Sparda29 Apr 28, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work in a pharmacy. I don't know why so many people hold on to their old prescription bottles. When you go in for a refill, throw out the old bottle.

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put take 1 capsule twice daily on bottle instead of 1 daily

For almost 3 weeks, I took 2 capsules of KAPIDEX 60 mg. daily as directed on the bottle Rx238219. I ran out...

they are extremely slow, and the technicians make mistakes there all the time

I was in cvs in huntingburg indian Technician Slanders Shoppera when a women i knew that was a cvs pharmacy helper started slandering me when I was picking some tylenol for my 3 year old son. Lets say I wasn't a happy camper, i controlled myself so there wasn't a seen with my son. I will not be returning business and will making recommendations to all Dubois County residents to avoid Huntingburg Cvs because thats not the first time I had problems there, they are extremely slow, and the technicians make mistakes there all the time.

nasty pharmacist

I have been a loyal customer with CVS for many years. My wife and I have all our prescriptions filled in...

store manager of 7765

The new store manager over at the store on Amarillo Blvd has not been a good choice as a manager. He is not treating the employees there with respect. I love CVS and the work they do but he is not made for the management spot. He makes the employees there do so much work and just threaten them with their jobs or with writing them up. The district manager needs to either change the manager up or figure out something because no employee should be scared of losing their jobs or upset everyday. Plus he should not be speaking about religion in the work place to the employees either. I would not want him as my manager ever. He needs not to let the stress of personal life and work life effect the way he treats his employees unless the employees are not conducting as a person should in a work place.

  • Cr
    crymeariverman Aug 28, 2012

    call them asap !!! Confidential Toll-Free Ethics Line: 1-877-CVS-2040. posting on this website will get you no where.

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the customer is always wrong

Ever heard the saying "the customer is always right"? Well, not if you are a customer at a CVS drugstore. I wanted to purchase some makeup there. A tinted moisturizer that would normally be upwards of $11 was marked as 75% off. The product had an actual sticker on it that said it was 75% off. It was among other products that were exactly the same, also with 75% off stickers. However, at the cash register it rang up at full price. I pointed out that it was supposed to be 75% off. The cashier, bless her heart, did me no wrong and was very polite. She may have been new so she sent for the manager. The manager came to deal with me and proceeded to tell me that I took the makeup from the wrong spot, that there were other items from the same brand that were 75% off but not the particular item I was trying to purchase. I explained that it was in the right spot and other products around it that were the same were also 75% off. I also referred to the sticker. Now, I don't own or manage a store, but from my experience shopping, when something is marked as on sale and it doesn't ring up at that discounted price, they will manually change the price and give it to you at the discount (within reason, I'm sure). Anyway, she should have gone to verify what I was saying, rather than make me feel like an idiot or that I was an unscrupulous individual and had taken a sticker off of something else. By that point I was so annoyed I didn't want to get the item, even at 75% off. I just bought the other thing I was going to get (a little bottle of milk, so they only got about $1 from me). I have not set foot in a CVS since.

  • That's odd... Unless he personally knew every single item that was 75% off, he should have gone over to the area to see if this particular item was on sale too. However, sometimes people take stickers off other products and place them on items they WISH were discounted and then you can't really blame the store for something another customer did...

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  • Na
    Nan871 Sep 25, 2010

    We are always to go and check to see if product a customer got is in fact tagged with a sale sticker..if it is tagged wether correctly or incorrectly we gladly fix the price. I don't know what store you were at but the comment above brings another good point..we have a few peopl that will take sale tags or product n put it in wrong spot so that they always get stuff on sale . Its unfortunate but you may have had that happen..someone put 75 percent off stickers on something that we weren't to have marked down. Either way you should have gotten it for 75 percent off

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rip off drug prices

I have two questions for you. The first- I currently purchase 2 prescriptions each month. Before I meet my deductible I pay $4.04 for one and $4.83 for the other. As soon as I meet my deductible it goes up to $10.00 per prescription. I have called both my local CVS pharmacy and Blue Cross. I was told by CVS that they had gone to the 90 day refills and that is why I was charged the $10.00 since I was not getting 90 days worth which makes no sense because in January it went back down to the four dollar amounts. Blue Cross says that it is paying the amount that CVS submits. My question to you is why are the amounts changing. It has nothing to do with what prescription plan I am under. It seems that you are billing Blue Cross extra once I reach my deductible which is not right. I should be paying the same amount as before I reach my deductible as after.

The second issue is for a prescription for Clebetasol Prop .05% foam. As you can see from my records I paid $195.17. When I returned home I called 3 other pharmacies one of them another CVS to see what they would charge for this. Imagine my surprise when I found out that (and these are retail prices) all were lower than the CVS that I use. One almost half. I also learned from the other CVS that the price quoted of $175.99 would be less once she determined what type of insurance that I had. I cannot understand why there would be a $25.00 difference in 2 stores in the same area. Walgreens was $134.99 and Midtown Pharmacy was $89.93. Quite a difference. I wrote this letter to CVS in RI over a month ago with a request that they respond in a timely manner. As of this date I have heard nothing from them. I had this problem about 10 years ago with their pharmacy and quit using them. I tried again and this is what happens. I can unequivocally state that I will never ever use them again.

  • Ra
    RaceWorld88 Feb 16, 2010

    I personally know of this issue about the copay prices. My aunt had the same issue on her medications. And from working in the pharmacy I called them about it. Basically what it comes done to is a software issue. The pharmacy does not "send a bill price" to the insurance. The prices that the pharmacy gets paid by the insurance company based on the contract they sign.
    [It is something like AWP - ? % + a dispensing fee]. So the cash price has nothing to do with the billing issue. The pharmacy submits the information to your insurance carrier [Drug NDC, quantity of meds, days supply, doctor's ID...]. And the insurance company sends back if the prescription is covered and your price that you pay. This is where the problem is. If you have not met your deductible, your insurance sends back the price based on the contract price [awp - ?% + fee]. Once you meet your deductible, the insurance is set up to send back copay amounts.

    Your insurance is not paying anything so they just send back the copay amount. [The $4 you where paying is the most they are willing to pay for the med] I seen this happen a lot with blue cross [Mainly with Medco that handles the pharmacy benefits.] Without knowing the meds that are in question. I have seen sometimes it is better to pay cash for them then use the insurance on some. The pharmacy has no way to override a copay amount that the insurance sends us back.

    As for the second issue We have had prices cost more then $20 for the same medication in the same store. The manufacture has a set AWP price for their drug and they do vary by the manufacture. When ordering drugs for our pharmacy I see our costs and I have seen the same medications with $40 price differences. So the price can have a difference. The one with a $100 difference, I would make sure that they looked up the correct form. And with the Clobetasol foam, I make sure that the pharmacy for a lot less gave you the price for the correct form. That has a cream ointment, gel, solution.. forms.

    I worked as a tech in a chain pharmacy for about 10 years, before I left and opened a pharmacy that I own.

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rude customer service

Called in for a refilled and the pharmacist was very rude. He identified himself as Andrew. I must admit that...

incorrect dosage

On 2/9/10 I picked up a prescription for Pataday eye drops from CVS Pharmacy in Haverhill. When I arrived...

made me hate my job

I currently work for a CVS company. I used to love my job. However, what I have discovered is that employees are forced to tear off the 1-800 numbers that print out on customers receipts and call them in in order to achieve a great Triple SSS score at the end of each month. Our photo lab sucks. The machine is 25 years old and breaksdown weekly. On top of that whenever you have a problem with the store manager, in our district, there isn't anyone to turn to for help because they are all men and cover up for one another. Including faxing confidential emails to each other that were meant for their eyes only. I hate my job now, but I love the customers. I have even applied at a local Wal-Mart due to the stress from working at CVS. I do agree with the pharmacy tech. I have seen them yelled out and more than that over various issues to which the tech has no control over.

  • Tb
    t-bone smitty Feb 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Men, with their secret societies and e-mail clubs. They're as bad as women, with their gossip circles and hen-pecking sessions, bring down all those that don't adhere to their idea of a perfect world. And animals, don't get me started with the animals

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  • Cv
    cvs emplyee Mar 20, 2010

    All managers call the SSS number themselves. It should be counted as some sort of fraud since they are technically contest entry forms. If an employee calls the number instead of the intended customer doesn't change the odds?

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  • At
    At Odds Apr 13, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I also work for CVS and was there when it was still owned by OSCO. Like you, I used to like my job. But now, they have cut back our hours so much that our store looks horrible all the time and we don't have enough time to get all of our work done. Our store isn't a 24 hr. store and after 8:00 there are only two people in the front end - a supervisor and a cashier. There are just so many things you can do at once. Also, like you, I love my customers. I've been at my store for almost 5 years and enjoy seeing the faces that I've come to know. Customer service isn't a problem with me. We can't keep good help because CVS won't pay a decent wage. What has gotten me on my soapbox is this statement I read yesterday in the finance section of Yahoo -

    NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story March 18 about CVS Caremark Corp. The Associated Press erroneously reported the compensation received by CEO Tom Ryan. He received compensation valued at $16.2 million, not $14.4 million, and the value of his stock and options awards on the dates they were granted was $11.1 million, not $9.3 million.

    This man alone, makes millions of dollars a year. We are overworked, underpaid and for what? To line these people's pockets? And on top of that, they make so much money off of their own employees. Remember I said that I worked for OSCO? Well, our employee discount in OSCO days for store brands was either 13% over cost if you paid cash and 18% if you put it on a credit card so I have a very good idea what the store brand OTC drugs cost. What discount do we get now - 20% on name brands and 30% on store brands. That is a major difference, it might not sound like it, but it is.

    I really like my job, I don't like working for CVS though. But what do you do? There is nothing to do, either find a job elsewhere or find a complaint board like this one! Sorry for the tirade - but I feel better now :)

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  • In
    Insanity10 Apr 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Five years ago, CVS was a great company to work for. The hours exsisted, and the productive work enviornment also had an element of fun. Now I work for a company who somehow manages to survive on coupons. If you have never looked at the facebook page for CVS, it is essentially a catalyst of coupon hell. Why have a price checker like every other profitable retailer, when you can make it print coupons too? It's another money maker that we are forced to entertain. Cvs has to show that not only do people use that stupid thing, but they also redeem the coupons. Decrease the available hours by around 1/2 over the last 5 years, and increase the transaction time 3 fold due to coupons. The reason every cvs employee hates the coupon binders is because the whole store has to stop working to become cashiers when you see these people. As if the hemorage from coupons wasn't enough, I should discuss signs. Price cuts, Threshold, Weekly, Monthly, Compare & Save, White Recall signs... SERIOUSLY?! I can't tell you any other place that I have seen such an inornate structure of pricing. This whole Pricing/Signing seems to be to combat the rampid coupon abuse that cvs suffers. It also has left every item in the store on some kind of sale, leaving me (the employee) without a discount. When you work 5 hours cashiering & cleaning, and stocking, and all that other cvs stuff, a discount is something that you really feel owed. When you find out that discount is not happening because you have to buy 3 of the item @ 2.99 each to save a whoping .11 cents per, it makes you resinate with a stress that just shouldn't exsist. Finally I have to touch on the dreaded word, "Corprate". This word is essentially a viable threat, used by unapproving customers, when they find that the employee, in an effort to do his/her job will not allow the refund/coupon/raincheck. What should be an asset to the employee, has become sort of a demonic plague against stores instead. I actually don't fear the corprate phone calls. That said, the customers who call and are awarded $20-$50.00 Gift cards, rewarding fraudulent, unruly, or childish behavior, usually makes the hemorages that I get from the other issues explode. At the end of the day, the underpaid, under appreciated cvs employee is beat down, written up, and still needs a drink they will pay full price for. The customer who had a coupon for something they didn't buy, and wanted a raincheck for something in stock, and needed a refund for something they wrote a check for yesterday, will win. The 4% raise I no longer get appears to fund the hell that i show up to work for. I will be much happier when I leave CVS/pharmacy. I also would never recomend it to anyone as a place to work.

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company, that do not care

I am an AT&T retiree and I carry my mother as a class II dependent on my insurance and Caremark is the pharmarcy AT&T has chosen for drug coverage. Recently (1/1/09)Medicare signed my mother up for AARP Medicare RX plan, without our knowledge. When we tried to get medication for her, Caremark denied her medications, because they said Caremark had to be the primary insurance company. My mother is an 80 year old, insulin dependent diabetic, who takes narcotics for permenant nerve damage due to shingles. Caremark did not bother to inform us that they were rejecting the prescriptions and I would not have known that my mother's prescriptions were being rejected by Caremark if I had not tried to get the cost of her next 90 days of medications online. I could not get the cost and could not order medications online and I was getting a message that she was no longer covered. My mother had also mailed in 2 new prescriptions on 2/8/09. On 2/11/09 I received a voice mail from Caremark that they were mailing my mother's prescriptions that they received in the mail, back to her because one prescription was eligible (I would have thought they would have called the doctor instead) and they were returning the other because she was enrolled in the AARP Medicare RX plan and Caremark had to be primary. I contacted United Healthcare, Medicare, AARP Medicare and AT&T and found out what happened to cause Caremark to become a secondary insurance and everything was expedited by AT&T, Medicare and AARP and my mother was disenrolled from The AARP Medicare RX plan and the information was sent to Caremark by 2/14/09. I called and emailed Caremark daily and sometimes several times a day to find out when I could order medications for my mother. Caremark did not respond. I asked daily when could I order medications for my mother and when could she expect to receive the prescriptions that Caremark returned by mail. I finally called and got an AT&T United Healthcare representative and Caremark on the phone and it was then that Caremark agreed to contact my mother's doctor so she could get her pain medications processed. Caremark said they would make 2 attempts to reach the doctor and call me back in 5 days with a status. I am livid! My mother has been without pain medication since 2/7/09 and I received an email from Caremark last night(first time they have responded to any of my inquiries)that said my mother should receive her prescriptions that they sent back to her via mail in 30 days.

Something needs to be done about the processes and when prescriptions are denied, an immediate notification should be sent. ALso the online system should be updated at least within 24 hours to refelct the current status. Also, when a customer requests to be contacted by phone, a PHONE call should be made and not an email form letter sent.

Also I question the motives and integrity of Caremark. Caremark denied that they rejected my mother's prescriptions due to the AARP Medicare RX plan being in place. They accused me of having cancelled the prescriptions. They proceeded to try to process all my mother's prescriptions to cover their tracks.

  • Sh
    Shaun.A Nov 18, 2010

    You really think someone's going to take the time to read all your garbage?

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rude customer

I was shopping at CVS during the afternoon on a weekday.

I was viewing some items when an older caucasian woman, approximately 60-65 years old, chemically dyed dark blonde/red toned hair, dressed in casual business attire came into the same aisle as I.

I am assuming that she said Excuse Me more than once.

How do I know?

I sensed that someone was near so I then looked behind me. There she stood with a look on her face that she was not happy. Of course, I then moved closer to the items I was looking at.

I happened to look at her as she turned the corner to her right. I could see the side of her right face, her lips were pursed and she was shaking her head back and forth from left to right/right to left.

I wanted to go walk towards her and advise her that I was not purposely being rude to her but, in fact, am profounded hearing impaired so I was not able to hear her. I only sensed her and that made me turn around.

Because I am not a senior citizen (as I am assuming she is or very close to it) and well under 65 years of age, most people generally assume that I am being rude, an airhead or dingy, etc. It never occurs to them that there may be other reasons why people like me don't immediately respond to their verbal statements.

To the woman in the store: I'm sure when you become disabled, you will fare worse.

  • Ma
    matlock1981 Nov 16, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should of followed her and yelled at her "what the hell is your problem!!!" If she is rude to you to begin my opinion you have no choice but to be rude right back! Fight fire with fire!!

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misfilled prescription

A prescription for a combination drug, Micardis 80 / HCT 25, was filled with plain Micardis 80 (without the HCT).
The prescription was for 90 days and they only had 3. They issued the 3 and said come back tomorrow for the other 87. When I got home, I found it was the plain Micardis. I called and he said that whoever entered it "didn't see the HCT 25" and that they had a full supply of the combo drug and to come back and pick it up.
I had looked at the prescription and it was clearly written Micardis 80 / HCT 25. It was an extremely careless person who "didn't see" the HCT 25.

  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Feb 03, 2010

    make sure that the pharmacist you spoke with FILLS OUT A REPORT about this error. ALL PHARMACIES are required to keep a record of such errors.

    If you can't be assured that a report is filed, make sure you speak with a district manager. Demand it.

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