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put take 1 capsule twice daily on bottle instead of 1 daily

For almost 3 weeks, I took 2 capsules of KAPIDEX 60 mg. daily as directed on the bottle Rx238219. I ran out...

they are extremely slow, and the technicians make mistakes there all the time

I was in cvs in huntingburg indian Technician Slanders Shoppera when a women i knew that was a cvs pharmacy helper started slandering me when I was picking some tylenol for my 3 year old son. Lets say I wasn't a happy camper, i controlled myself so there wasn't a seen with my son. I will not be returning business and will making recommendations to all Dubois County residents to avoid Huntingburg Cvs because thats not the first time I had problems there, they are extremely slow, and the technicians make mistakes there all the time.

nasty pharmacist

I have been a loyal customer with CVS for many years. My wife and I have all our prescriptions filled in...

store manager of 7765

The new store manager over at the store on Amarillo Blvd has not been a good choice as a manager. He is not treating the employees there with respect. I love CVS and the work they do but he is not made for the management spot. He makes the employees there do so much work and just threaten them with their jobs or with writing them up. The district manager needs to either change the manager up or figure out something because no employee should be scared of losing their jobs or upset everyday. Plus he should not be speaking about religion in the work place to the employees either. I would not want him as my manager ever. He needs not to let the stress of personal life and work life effect the way he treats his employees unless the employees are not conducting as a person should in a work place.

  • Cr
    crymeariverman Aug 28, 2012

    call them asap !!! Confidential Toll-Free Ethics Line: 1-877-CVS-2040. posting on this website will get you no where.

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the customer is always wrong

Ever heard the saying "the customer is always right"? Well, not if you are a customer at a CVS drugstore. I wanted to purchase some makeup there. A tinted moisturizer that would normally be upwards of $11 was marked as 75% off. The product had an actual sticker on it that said it was 75% off. It was among other products that were exactly the same, also with 75% off stickers. However, at the cash register it rang up at full price. I pointed out that it was supposed to be 75% off. The cashier, bless her heart, did me no wrong and was very polite. She may have been new so she sent for the manager. The manager came to deal with me and proceeded to tell me that I took the makeup from the wrong spot, that there were other items from the same brand that were 75% off but not the particular item I was trying to purchase. I explained that it was in the right spot and other products around it that were the same were also 75% off. I also referred to the sticker. Now, I don't own or manage a store, but from my experience shopping, when something is marked as on sale and it doesn't ring up at that discounted price, they will manually change the price and give it to you at the discount (within reason, I'm sure). Anyway, she should have gone to verify what I was saying, rather than make me feel like an idiot or that I was an unscrupulous individual and had taken a sticker off of something else. By that point I was so annoyed I didn't want to get the item, even at 75% off. I just bought the other thing I was going to get (a little bottle of milk, so they only got about $1 from me). I have not set foot in a CVS since.

  • That's odd... Unless he personally knew every single item that was 75% off, he should have gone over to the area to see if this particular item was on sale too. However, sometimes people take stickers off other products and place them on items they WISH were discounted and then you can't really blame the store for something another customer did...

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  • Na
    Nan871 Sep 25, 2010

    We are always to go and check to see if product a customer got is in fact tagged with a sale sticker..if it is tagged wether correctly or incorrectly we gladly fix the price. I don't know what store you were at but the comment above brings another good point..we have a few peopl that will take sale tags or product n put it in wrong spot so that they always get stuff on sale . Its unfortunate but you may have had that happen..someone put 75 percent off stickers on something that we weren't to have marked down. Either way you should have gotten it for 75 percent off

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rip off drug prices

I have two questions for you. The first- I currently purchase 2 prescriptions each month. Before I meet my deductible I pay $4.04 for one and $4.83 for the other. As soon as I meet my deductible it goes up to $10.00 per prescription. I have called both my local CVS pharmacy and Blue Cross. I was told by CVS that they had gone to the 90 day refills and that is why I was charged the $10.00 since I was not getting 90 days worth which makes no sense because in January it went back down to the four dollar amounts. Blue Cross says that it is paying the amount that CVS submits. My question to you is why are the amounts changing. It has nothing to do with what prescription plan I am under. It seems that you are billing Blue Cross extra once I reach my deductible which is not right. I should be paying the same amount as before I reach my deductible as after.

The second issue is for a prescription for Clebetasol Prop .05% foam. As you can see from my records I paid $195.17. When I returned home I called 3 other pharmacies one of them another CVS to see what they would charge for this. Imagine my surprise when I found out that (and these are retail prices) all were lower than the CVS that I use. One almost half. I also learned from the other CVS that the price quoted of $175.99 would be less once she determined what type of insurance that I had. I cannot understand why there would be a $25.00 difference in 2 stores in the same area. Walgreens was $134.99 and Midtown Pharmacy was $89.93. Quite a difference. I wrote this letter to CVS in RI over a month ago with a request that they respond in a timely manner. As of this date I have heard nothing from them. I had this problem about 10 years ago with their pharmacy and quit using them. I tried again and this is what happens. I can unequivocally state that I will never ever use them again.

  • Ra
    RaceWorld88 Feb 16, 2010

    I personally know of this issue about the copay prices. My aunt had the same issue on her medications. And from working in the pharmacy I called them about it. Basically what it comes done to is a software issue. The pharmacy does not "send a bill price" to the insurance. The prices that the pharmacy gets paid by the insurance company based on the contract they sign.
    [It is something like AWP - ? % + a dispensing fee]. So the cash price has nothing to do with the billing issue. The pharmacy submits the information to your insurance carrier [Drug NDC, quantity of meds, days supply, doctor's ID...]. And the insurance company sends back if the prescription is covered and your price that you pay. This is where the problem is. If you have not met your deductible, your insurance sends back the price based on the contract price [awp - ?% + fee]. Once you meet your deductible, the insurance is set up to send back copay amounts.

    Your insurance is not paying anything so they just send back the copay amount. [The $4 you where paying is the most they are willing to pay for the med] I seen this happen a lot with blue cross [Mainly with Medco that handles the pharmacy benefits.] Without knowing the meds that are in question. I have seen sometimes it is better to pay cash for them then use the insurance on some. The pharmacy has no way to override a copay amount that the insurance sends us back.

    As for the second issue We have had prices cost more then $20 for the same medication in the same store. The manufacture has a set AWP price for their drug and they do vary by the manufacture. When ordering drugs for our pharmacy I see our costs and I have seen the same medications with $40 price differences. So the price can have a difference. The one with a $100 difference, I would make sure that they looked up the correct form. And with the Clobetasol foam, I make sure that the pharmacy for a lot less gave you the price for the correct form. That has a cream ointment, gel, solution.. forms.

    I worked as a tech in a chain pharmacy for about 10 years, before I left and opened a pharmacy that I own.

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rude customer service

Called in for a refilled and the pharmacist was very rude. He identified himself as Andrew. I must admit that...

incorrect dosage

On 2/9/10 I picked up a prescription for Pataday eye drops from CVS Pharmacy in Haverhill. When I arrived...

made me hate my job

I currently work for a CVS company. I used to love my job. However, what I have discovered is that employees are forced to tear off the 1-800 numbers that print out on customers receipts and call them in in order to achieve a great Triple SSS score at the end of each month. Our photo lab sucks. The machine is 25 years old and breaksdown weekly. On top of that whenever you have a problem with the store manager, in our district, there isn't anyone to turn to for help because they are all men and cover up for one another. Including faxing confidential emails to each other that were meant for their eyes only. I hate my job now, but I love the customers. I have even applied at a local Wal-Mart due to the stress from working at CVS. I do agree with the pharmacy tech. I have seen them yelled out and more than that over various issues to which the tech has no control over.

  • Tb
    t-bone smitty Feb 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Men, with their secret societies and e-mail clubs. They're as bad as women, with their gossip circles and hen-pecking sessions, bring down all those that don't adhere to their idea of a perfect world. And animals, don't get me started with the animals

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  • Cv
    cvs emplyee Mar 20, 2010

    All managers call the SSS number themselves. It should be counted as some sort of fraud since they are technically contest entry forms. If an employee calls the number instead of the intended customer doesn't change the odds?

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  • At
    At Odds Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also work for CVS and was there when it was still owned by OSCO. Like you, I used to like my job. But now, they have cut back our hours so much that our store looks horrible all the time and we don't have enough time to get all of our work done. Our store isn't a 24 hr. store and after 8:00 there are only two people in the front end - a supervisor and a cashier. There are just so many things you can do at once. Also, like you, I love my customers. I've been at my store for almost 5 years and enjoy seeing the faces that I've come to know. Customer service isn't a problem with me. We can't keep good help because CVS won't pay a decent wage. What has gotten me on my soapbox is this statement I read yesterday in the finance section of Yahoo -

    NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story March 18 about CVS Caremark Corp. The Associated Press erroneously reported the compensation received by CEO Tom Ryan. He received compensation valued at $16.2 million, not $14.4 million, and the value of his stock and options awards on the dates they were granted was $11.1 million, not $9.3 million.

    This man alone, makes millions of dollars a year. We are overworked, underpaid and for what? To line these people's pockets? And on top of that, they make so much money off of their own employees. Remember I said that I worked for OSCO? Well, our employee discount in OSCO days for store brands was either 13% over cost if you paid cash and 18% if you put it on a credit card so I have a very good idea what the store brand OTC drugs cost. What discount do we get now - 20% on name brands and 30% on store brands. That is a major difference, it might not sound like it, but it is.

    I really like my job, I don't like working for CVS though. But what do you do? There is nothing to do, either find a job elsewhere or find a complaint board like this one! Sorry for the tirade - but I feel better now :)

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  • In
    Insanity10 Apr 17, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Five years ago, CVS was a great company to work for. The hours exsisted, and the productive work enviornment also had an element of fun. Now I work for a company who somehow manages to survive on coupons. If you have never looked at the facebook page for CVS, it is essentially a catalyst of coupon hell. Why have a price checker like every other profitable retailer, when you can make it print coupons too? It's another money maker that we are forced to entertain. Cvs has to show that not only do people use that stupid thing, but they also redeem the coupons. Decrease the available hours by around 1/2 over the last 5 years, and increase the transaction time 3 fold due to coupons. The reason every cvs employee hates the coupon binders is because the whole store has to stop working to become cashiers when you see these people. As if the hemorage from coupons wasn't enough, I should discuss signs. Price cuts, Threshold, Weekly, Monthly, Compare & Save, White Recall signs... SERIOUSLY?! I can't tell you any other place that I have seen such an inornate structure of pricing. This whole Pricing/Signing seems to be to combat the rampid coupon abuse that cvs suffers. It also has left every item in the store on some kind of sale, leaving me (the employee) without a discount. When you work 5 hours cashiering & cleaning, and stocking, and all that other cvs stuff, a discount is something that you really feel owed. When you find out that discount is not happening because you have to buy 3 of the item @ 2.99 each to save a whoping .11 cents per, it makes you resinate with a stress that just shouldn't exsist. Finally I have to touch on the dreaded word, "Corprate". This word is essentially a viable threat, used by unapproving customers, when they find that the employee, in an effort to do his/her job will not allow the refund/coupon/raincheck. What should be an asset to the employee, has become sort of a demonic plague against stores instead. I actually don't fear the corprate phone calls. That said, the customers who call and are awarded $20-$50.00 Gift cards, rewarding fraudulent, unruly, or childish behavior, usually makes the hemorages that I get from the other issues explode. At the end of the day, the underpaid, under appreciated cvs employee is beat down, written up, and still needs a drink they will pay full price for. The customer who had a coupon for something they didn't buy, and wanted a raincheck for something in stock, and needed a refund for something they wrote a check for yesterday, will win. The 4% raise I no longer get appears to fund the hell that i show up to work for. I will be much happier when I leave CVS/pharmacy. I also would never recomend it to anyone as a place to work.

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company, that do not care

I am an AT&T retiree and I carry my mother as a class II dependent on my insurance and Caremark is the pharmarcy AT&T has chosen for drug coverage. Recently (1/1/09)Medicare signed my mother up for AARP Medicare RX plan, without our knowledge. When we tried to get medication for her, Caremark denied her medications, because they said Caremark had to be the primary insurance company. My mother is an 80 year old, insulin dependent diabetic, who takes narcotics for permenant nerve damage due to shingles. Caremark did not bother to inform us that they were rejecting the prescriptions and I would not have known that my mother's prescriptions were being rejected by Caremark if I had not tried to get the cost of her next 90 days of medications online. I could not get the cost and could not order medications online and I was getting a message that she was no longer covered. My mother had also mailed in 2 new prescriptions on 2/8/09. On 2/11/09 I received a voice mail from Caremark that they were mailing my mother's prescriptions that they received in the mail, back to her because one prescription was eligible (I would have thought they would have called the doctor instead) and they were returning the other because she was enrolled in the AARP Medicare RX plan and Caremark had to be primary. I contacted United Healthcare, Medicare, AARP Medicare and AT&T and found out what happened to cause Caremark to become a secondary insurance and everything was expedited by AT&T, Medicare and AARP and my mother was disenrolled from The AARP Medicare RX plan and the information was sent to Caremark by 2/14/09. I called and emailed Caremark daily and sometimes several times a day to find out when I could order medications for my mother. Caremark did not respond. I asked daily when could I order medications for my mother and when could she expect to receive the prescriptions that Caremark returned by mail. I finally called and got an AT&T United Healthcare representative and Caremark on the phone and it was then that Caremark agreed to contact my mother's doctor so she could get her pain medications processed. Caremark said they would make 2 attempts to reach the doctor and call me back in 5 days with a status. I am livid! My mother has been without pain medication since 2/7/09 and I received an email from Caremark last night(first time they have responded to any of my inquiries)that said my mother should receive her prescriptions that they sent back to her via mail in 30 days.

Something needs to be done about the processes and when prescriptions are denied, an immediate notification should be sent. ALso the online system should be updated at least within 24 hours to refelct the current status. Also, when a customer requests to be contacted by phone, a PHONE call should be made and not an email form letter sent.

Also I question the motives and integrity of Caremark. Caremark denied that they rejected my mother's prescriptions due to the AARP Medicare RX plan being in place. They accused me of having cancelled the prescriptions. They proceeded to try to process all my mother's prescriptions to cover their tracks.

  • Sh
    Shaun.A Nov 18, 2010

    You really think someone's going to take the time to read all your garbage?

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rude customer

I was shopping at CVS during the afternoon on a weekday.

I was viewing some items when an older caucasian woman, approximately 60-65 years old, chemically dyed dark blonde/red toned hair, dressed in casual business attire came into the same aisle as I.

I am assuming that she said Excuse Me more than once.

How do I know?

I sensed that someone was near so I then looked behind me. There she stood with a look on her face that she was not happy. Of course, I then moved closer to the items I was looking at.

I happened to look at her as she turned the corner to her right. I could see the side of her right face, her lips were pursed and she was shaking her head back and forth from left to right/right to left.

I wanted to go walk towards her and advise her that I was not purposely being rude to her but, in fact, am profounded hearing impaired so I was not able to hear her. I only sensed her and that made me turn around.

Because I am not a senior citizen (as I am assuming she is or very close to it) and well under 65 years of age, most people generally assume that I am being rude, an airhead or dingy, etc. It never occurs to them that there may be other reasons why people like me don't immediately respond to their verbal statements.

To the woman in the store: I'm sure when you become disabled, you will fare worse.

  • Ma
    matlock1981 Nov 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should of followed her and yelled at her "what the hell is your problem!!!" If she is rude to you to begin my opinion you have no choice but to be rude right back! Fight fire with fire!!

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misfilled prescription

A prescription for a combination drug, Micardis 80 / HCT 25, was filled with plain Micardis 80 (without the HCT).
The prescription was for 90 days and they only had 3. They issued the 3 and said come back tomorrow for the other 87. When I got home, I found it was the plain Micardis. I called and he said that whoever entered it "didn't see the HCT 25" and that they had a full supply of the combo drug and to come back and pick it up.
I had looked at the prescription and it was clearly written Micardis 80 / HCT 25. It was an extremely careless person who "didn't see" the HCT 25.

  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Feb 03, 2010

    make sure that the pharmacist you spoke with FILLS OUT A REPORT about this error. ALL PHARMACIES are required to keep a record of such errors.

    If you can't be assured that a report is filed, make sure you speak with a district manager. Demand it.

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creates a bad environment to work in

Cvs creates a bad environment to work in. They truly do not care about the people who work for them. If you have a sick child at home and have to leave-too bad. If you are not a pharmacist you are just a piece of sh... To them. I used to go shopping at cvs all the time before I started to work there part time but not anymore. They treat us employees so badly that they are missing out on some of the best customers ever. Us employees. The prices are just outrages in the front store and yes, I still work there but I do not give a crap anymore. I feel badly for the people who need the job to survive. Thank goodness I do not. By the way, I am going shopping at walgreens now because I am being appreciated as a customer. Cvs sucks!!!

  • Cv
    cvs emplyee Mar 20, 2010

    CVS does not provide for breaks or lunches for pharmacy staff. They will let you take it if you make a loud enough noise, but then the pharmacy is behind because you left for 30 minutes. They absolutely do not have enough help. They do not train their "techs" and expect them to do a job that is as important as mix medicines and count pills. CVS pharmacies are NOT safe.

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  • Wa
    waterfayds Aug 08, 2010

    OMG! CVS Sucks so bad that I am a 38 year old mother of two who just used OMG. You would think I would have learned my lesson after the last three unbelievable experiences that I have had there. Unfortunately I felt obligated to try yet another CVS to spend the $50.00 gift card that I received two horrible experiences ago. I did not get to use it the last time I was there because after being called a lier by the pharmacy manager over and over again as she insisted that she took the scripts from me herself and preceded to count them on her three fingers over and over again, " Stating we do not have a script for June that she could not create something from thin air that I never gave her to start with. The astonishing part was that I had the reverse argument last month with another pharmacist that told me that she could not fill my script before June 24 because she did not have a script for May. Unfortunately I have a cancer that has caused tremendous damage to my spine and have to take some Expensive drugs that the Pharmacy will not order without a script and the law will not allow refills I must turn in a separate piece of paper. So My Doc gives me three at a time. If I do not give them CVS in advance they will not order the drug and if I wait I will run out and it can take a week or so before I can walk. Big catch 22 for me because I can't seem to find a CVS that can keep up with them and they may not be faxed or phoned in. Well, I always start the argument a day or to before. I gave you Three in April. No MS. all I have is June nothing for May Yada yada, needless to say a day or two later it miraculously appears only after I take a trip to what ever CVS and make them look. Usually in alot of pain The gift card was not to make up for any bad experiences but for coupons I had. This last fight was a big one because once I called for a refill and they old me for the 4th time that They only see where I picked it up in May. I asked her to check in the used folder since in May all they had was, June and the pharmacist replied, " this is not my first rodeo.". So of course I have to make the monthly trip to the CVS. Doesn't matter which one because I have been taking meds for over a year and they have yet to keep up with them at 4 different CVS at this point. CVS is the only place that will break a box as they come 28 in a box and i need 180. So she proceeds to tell me that I'm lying and she took them herself and not only did I not give it to her but that I could not have had this same problem last month because Someone filled May. Yes after a four hour stand off she finds it. That girl no longer works there of coarse so this is like my 4th fight with this same CVS. She says I'm lying and she can't pull it out of thin air since she took them herself and remembers like it was yesterday. I was guilty at this point of calling her stupid she then explained to me that the nine years of collage she went through made her smart enough to keep up with a piece of paper. Told me to sit in the chair like a 4 year old and when I asked her to call my DR. she said she would not be responsible for me losing my script. Well it had been over an hour at this point and I go to the front to get a phone book. When OOPsie Guess What? Yep she found it the best part was it was in the first place I told rodeo girl to look. She does not apologize She smugly stats that everyone makes mistakes and I said but not everyone calls the customer a lier and counts over and over on there fingers one, two, one two, No June. I then reply that it seems that it seems that her nine years of school was a waste and did not make her any-less stupid. I do realize that that was immature on my part but this as the 4 time at this CVS. Well I ask it for it back and she freaks, well I already ordered $30, 000 worth of the drug just or you, which again not my finest hour told her she could stick it up her well u know. At that point she threatens to call the police and I reminded her that I did not say I was going to stick them but she could and I would be happy to tell the police how stupid you are. Needless to say I did not use my gift card. You would think it could not get any worse so tonight I went to buy some cosmetics as kinda of a hobby since I went from working 70 hours a week to disabled. I walked in at 9:30 and they have two carts full of clearance stuff. FUN so I start digging and grab a ton of stuff about 9:45 this guys walks up to me and says are you finding everything OK, which I replied yes and that I realize that you close soon and I will try to hurry well i get some markers for 2 year old and some request for my 14 year old and then go to the make-up area with my list. He had been following me around for the last five minutes and reminds me that they close in two minutes. Well I worked in the hospitality restaurant business for over twenty years and when we close at ten does not mean we lock the door at nine and let people dine till 10. They are welcome to enter the establishment until ten to do business. I have waited from 10 till 2:30 hundreds of times for those last late diners and treat them with the same pleasant demeanor that I would if they would have come in at 7:00. Especially now people should be happy they have a job. Anyway I had no intention of staying late but five more minutes with out following me would allowed me to check out the his and hers but I relinquished my quest for personal items and was herded to the register at like 10:06. I then let the girl know because I was being tag teamed at this point that I tried to get things that were priced but the bargain bin was quite disheveled. I was careful to watch the ringing up of items as the mark downs were huge. Well the colors or things without a sticker rang up at full price of coarse and I pointed it out and he said well that is what it is then, while he had to punch in the prices for the other items which all rang up as taxable item. Well he said these are full price so I turned around and grabbed a big handful of them from the bargain basket and started looking for prices well he got mad at this point and went to the back to look like I was trying to get something over on him. Wouldn't u know it all the unmarked items I had were in fact discontinued and were $1.25 while he was trying to charge me $8.99. I had about 40 items or so and had to let a few bargains get away since he refuse to investigate and did not even give me the items that were on sale for buy one get one 1/2 off. Anyway it came to like $147.00 not a bad sale in this climate on unnecessary junk. Well I gave him my gift card and surprise $0 Balance two CVS idiots ago did not put any money on my gift card which I asked my husband about as I normally get two $25 each with two coupons. He said the girl said she put it on the same one. So he calls and it would seem that some how I had a new gift card that has never been used and had a $0 balance(GO CVS!) Now its like 10:15 and he is trowing things around IM so rushed I'm dropping things looking for my credit card and when I finally get out the door is cracked open about two feet they meet in the middle. The girl follows me to the door and has I exit I'm fumbling for keys and there was a loud nose like a gun shot. I jumped like two feet dropped all my crap broke my keys! I looked down I thought I was shot! When I turn around It was the girl she slammed the door so hard I almost had a heart attack. I'm in tears with pain trying to bend over and collect all my stuff from my purse and my bags. My keys fell apart and I was scared to death in a pitch black parking lot trying to collect all my stuff. Me and Bluecross spent over $100, 000 on scripts last year me only like $2, 500 but still and the kicker my receipt has like $17.00 in Bonus bucks on it. I am truly scared to ever go back to any CVS any where I am so thankful my local Harris Teeter agreed to manage my medication for me. Where do they get these people. I truly am worried for my children when this is what people have become. A product of taking God out of the schools and parents letting their children run wild. I am not proud that the pharmacist at CVS have driven me to the point where I even called the girl stupid that should never happen and I apologize to society for adding to the problem but enough is enough CVS SUCKS. Ohh one last bit from the past incident when I walked out the regional manager called me at home and said that they have had a huge problem losing scripts and that they would like me to know that they are working on a new computer system to help with this problem. I guess the days of filing things in alphabetical order went the way of the egyptians. People wonder what happened to them when they were so far ahead I guess CVS moved in and started training employees and stupid spread like wild fire. SQUARE PEG ROUND HOLE! SQAURE PEG ROUND HOLE! Concord NC

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  • No
    NOYB2012 Dec 15, 2011

    You sound like a nut case. Obviously, your 3 prescriptions that you are yakking about are narcotics. Don't be stupid and turn over all of your 3 narcotic scripts at once. Just give them each month when you need them. I am a pharmacist, and I can't stand when you nutcases go crazy over your Oxycontin. The law is strict about those types of meds so you have to be kind and courteous to whoever pharmacist you are dealing with b/c most of us pharmacists think your type of customers are just plain hooked. If you make it difficult or cause a scene, then the more we don't want to deal with your type and tell you we don't have it nor can we get it in. Those with long term narcotic scripts should choose one pharmacy and get to know the pharmacists on a name basis so they can trust you and give you good service.

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inappropriate treatment of customers

Are you aware of the unprofessionalism of the pharmacists working at the 1320 Maple Avenue store located in...

$25. gift card

In the mail I received two promotional gift cards worth $25. each. It says "with any new or transferred prescription".
I just placed 3 new prescriptions through your pharmacy and asked to have them go through mail order. I was told these coupons do not apply to mail order. Yet, this is not indicated anywhere on your leaflet. What a rip-off. A new prescription is a new prescription whether it be mail order or filled at your pharmacy.

  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Jan 27, 2010

    read the fine print, accept the consequences. Money ain't free and you're not entitled to jack.

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  • Ed
    EducatedConsumer Feb 22, 2010

    Another constructive comment by ConnorsMommy.

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  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Feb 23, 2010

    it's the internets... awww, is educated consumer mad? LOL

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  • De
    deedle11 Feb 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, if the gift card doesn't say on it to be used in the store only, then it should be good through the mail...It shouldn't make a difference to CVS how you use it, they are going to get your business...Stupid people...Cvs Sucks...

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non notification of out of stock drugs

Chino CVS Pharmacy policy to notify patient of out of stock

meds. Excuse of Pharmacist: We make mistakes and someone

did not count inventory and reorder. They did not notify

patient. This is the third time in 8 months OUT OF STOCK.

These are life saving drugs. No excuse. What a terrible

way to treat a cardiac patient. I am pissed. Have complained

to CVS and they do not respond to the complaint from Corporate.Most of the drugs I think are filled by students and not the pharmasists. I have been shorted pills before and have had to count them right on the pharmacy counter.

  • W1
    w1ndows_v1rus Jan 31, 2010

    The most common reason we are out of stock is because the drug is on back order. We get the medication from the warehouse and if the warehouse does not have it and can't get it for any reason, then there is no way for us to get it. We have had promises that we would get it by the end of one month, but we don't get it for another 6 months. Believe me, I understand you. I'm sure there are other CVS stores you can bring your script to, or just take it to another pharmacy. I've been screamed at plenty of times over this. I honestly can't do squat about it, I just check people out at the register. I've had some people who had life threatening conditions who just wanted to scream and yell about it, even when we offer to call ANY other place, Walgreens and other CVS, but they will just say forget it. We bend over backwards for everyone!

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will not fill doctors prescription

I have Cluster headaches. My Neurologist wrote a presciption for Imitrex injections. Careless, I mean caremark-CVS would only fill 2 shots per month. When I called to ask why the rep told me it was a controlled substance and it was not due to the high cost. I told my doctor and he said the were lying that it is not a controlled substance.I guess they make more money from the companies that hire them(AT&T) if they don't fill the expensive prescriptions!

  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Jan 27, 2010

    UM, blame your insurance, not your pharmacy.

    Your pharmacy dictates the quantity that can be filled for any given time period.
    STOP whining about your pharmacy and get on the phone about your insurance.
    If your doctor contacts your insurance, you can get him or her to ask so you can get MORE than 2 at at a time.

    You're welcome.

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  • Ed
    EducatedConsumer Feb 22, 2010

    ConnorsMommy... try finding out that CAREMARK/CVS IS an INSURANCE COMPANY, you pompous idiot.

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  • Ed
    EducatedConsumer Feb 22, 2010

    tnpowerman, take a look at these:

    Only a few of the complaints against the Caremark/CVS Insurance company.

    I too work for AT&T and am dealing with this fraudulent insurance company. They are trying to talk my doctor into prescribing something other than Celebrex. I've been on this medication for 6 years and it works with no side effects. I overheard my doctor talking with them to authorize the prescription refill. I could hear him telling them no to a multitude of different drugs they wanted to prescribe instead of what he, my treating physician, is prescribing. Being that Celebrex costs $148.50 for 30 pills of 200mg, cost just might be a factor. There is no generic for it either.

    When I said something to the Caremark representative about being out of my medication for 11 days she suggested I go and get a few days supply to hold me over, of course without being covered by insurance. Considering the AT&T Disability Insurance folks are arguing about my disability (cervical spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis resulting in numb hands and extreme pain in shoulders and both arms) and it is sitting in an appeal at the moment, I haven't got the money for a few days supply to then have to pay another copay if they approve of it. Not to mention I had to pay $300 for a cervical MRI out of my pocket due to Cigna denying it until I had 6 weeks of physical therapy which I could not tolerate for more than 3 weeks. Without the MRI diagnosis, no chance of disability pay. See the vicious tight greedy hands all washing one another?

    Great benefits, until you need to use them.

    Welcome to the United Corporations Of America.

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  • Co
    ConnorsMommy Feb 23, 2010

    Educated Consumer likes to defend those who can't seem to figure things out for themselves.

    Oh, btw... this general listing is for 'drugstores'.

    NOT 'insurance companies', you illiterate ###.

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  • Ao
    aolivera Aug 15, 2011

    There is one factor that I don't think most people understand about insurance. If you have a prescription drug plan through your employer, you EMPLOYER designs your plan, NOT the insurance company.When you call Aetna, CVSCAREMARK, MEDCO, WHI, they are only doing what the employer has advised based on the way the coverage is designed by the employer. Believe it or not, there are prescriptions drug plans that do not have quantity limitations, day supply limits, step therapy or prior authorization. To that end, it is not fair to yell or blame the pharmacy or the customer service representative. TALK TO THE EMPLOYER they are one that dictate your plan coverage.

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medicare fraud

Yes, I would like to put in a complaint about the CVS Pharmacy Store 1614 located at 651 Carey Ave...

pharmacy and employee ignorance

I have been having serious conflicts with this CVS with my prescriptions, but tonight was the last straw! I...

New Egypt Pharmacies


We have been dealing with CVS for many years. However, there have been times when one of the managers is plain out rude. He has an upity attitude. We continue to do business there since it is more convenient to our home. Things have been better since I can call and order prescriptions over the phone and don't have to deal with this particular manager as much. However, today I called in to ask a question and got a woman named Cathy. She was very rude, she kept talking over top of me and wouldn't let me get a word in. I was trying to tell her that we still had some of the medicine left but was just had a question about the number of days before refill on this particular medicine. She made out like I was trying to have the medicine refilled now, and she went on and on as to why that couldn't happen and added that the medicine should last twice as long than we are able to have it refilled in the first place. This same women, whom I believe is relatively new there, or at least I have only had dealings with her in the last several months, is always rude to me and has an attitude. I don't know if she is just doing that to me for some reason or if she does it to others. I just know I am very tired of it. It is very upsetting, and it won't do any good to talk to "management". I think it is ashame that we spend hundred's of dollars at this pharmacy per month and have to put up with this sort of behavior.

  • Ro
    rowsdowah May 30, 2010

    If you don't think it would do any good to complain to the manager, I would say call 1-800-shop-cvs... which will definitely get results! They tell employees not to give customers that number because it goes through the top and filters to the bottom.. which means their pharmacy supervisor (of the district) and EVERY OTHER supervisor will know of it! I am employed by CVS but that kind of behavior from Cathy is ridiculous! Good luck!

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  • De
    DevonMarlin Henderson Nov 29, 2010

    I just read " a dozen ways to lose customers"(copyright2004-2010 CVS Caremark) and these apply#6 "surly employees", #8"Poor response", #9"Not listening".#11-"Arrogance" -"Treating the customer as an idiot!"My 74 year old friend and I arrived to pick up his recent prescription at 10am-November28th, 2010 and the pharmacy was not open.The security grates were all closed and two women were waiting for service-they were together.Ten minutes later the pharmacy was open and my friend Donald Holmes was waiting in line six feet or so behind the woman picking up her prescription> after waiting at least 15 more minutes patiently in line my friend was told-rudely to stand further back by the pharmacist.I was sitting on a chair watching and hearing this>I asked" what did he say to you?" to my friend and the man said loudly and arrogantly that "I am only enforcing the Law"Now I ask "What Law?"We are in this pharmacy once a month(since 2009) and this was news to us!If there is such a law then a line should be on the floor where you stand behind it and/or signs posted to this effect!I complained to the Wonderfully pleasant Manager-Hillary Lucky about the rudeness of this employee and he said he would take care of it!I am writing this email to alert you to the bad behavior and unhappiness that permeates the back of this CVS store from almost every employee that works at the pharmacy.Also, I have complained about this on the phone surveys twice before!I do not understand why they are so miserable there but they are and I and my friend are tired of it>The front of the store has wonderful employees(Leslie, Mogali, Clare, Melody, Marie and of course Hillary Lucky!) that go out of their way to be nice but the pharmacy is another world altogether-Why?I think it is important to not reward "bad behavior" and i am encouraging my friend to try Walgreens' Pharmacy !I certainly would not give my money to employees such as these!sincerely Devon Marlin Henderson

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