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Sep 25, 2018

Last night i went to mcdonalds and bought some food though the drive thru. It took 20 min to get food. And when i got home i noticed our fries were cold and old. Our big macs were old, the meet was hard and the sauce was over bearing. Our nuggets were also old. There was a manger and...

Food & Beverage Online. / roomster affiliate scam from bangladesh I have more information

Aug 22, 2017

Hello brother... Some bangladeshi scam roomster account they lead from fake facebook id... Many facebook id collect and register roomster account as a result get more more dolar... I hope you cheack all account You show no lead your roomster.. But customer scam this account... I hope...

Anthony Twine Chemuhan SM Enterprises Scam Artist / hgh took money and no goods sent then tried to get even more money from me.

Nov 13, 2012

I was online searching for a genuine and reliable source of HGH and after posting on I was approached by Anthony Twine who claims he works for a pharmacy company in South Africa. He then went onto to say his HGH was the best around and I had his word this would be shipped the...