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On 1/9/14 I went on line to the cricket website to pay my January bill. I paid online, with my Mastercard debit card. There was an error message that said my payment didn't go through, so I called the customer service rep & made another payment over the phone. Each payment was for $36.00. On 1/11/14 I viewed my online statement & called the bank which confirmed that both payments were taken out of my account by Cricket. There was NOT a authorization hold for the 2nd payment as stated by Cricket. Both payments were taken out of the account by Cricket, who refused to refund the extra payment. The amount due for January was $36.00, however, I inadvertently paid $72.00 for January, despite the online error message, both payments went through.
I called the Cricket payment specialist department repeatedly & every operator refused to send a refund or give me the additional month credit for the additional payment taken of $36 taken out of my checking account.
Cricket refused to refund my money or give me a credit for the over payment. They are using deceptive business practices & are giving me the run around. A refund never comes from your bank as Cricket states, to get rid of your call. A refund always comes from the company.
My advice is, do not use Cricket. The customer service is terrible & it's very difficult to reach a person. Every time I called I had to wait on hold for over 30 minutes after going through voice mail hell. If you press 0 to try to reach a person your call is disconnected. Refusing to refund an overpayment & putting me through this is the last straw.
I'm out the money for the over payment & it will never be refunded to me by Cricket. They stole my money, & when I tried to get it back all I got was the run around & lots of frustration.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 26, 2022 11:30 am

I need help

Mar 25, 2022 1:30 pm
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Order 2 phones , was a deal with plans added , paid 193. On Feb 25. ... waited...all I got was a order confirmation. Waited ...was transferring 2 numbers also . Finally chat with someone on March 7th ...told order is delayed ...because phone is out of stock . Nothing I can do , no one told me . Ok cancel order. Wait ...wait...March 15th ...come to find out they messed up and didn't cancel it . Ok re cancel the 15th . Wait...told everywhere from 78 hours to 10dsys . They opened a urgent Case ...told again this morning...gotta wait till they finish investigating it . Why ?... their mess up , not mine ...just evicted , homeless with kid ,have cancer , and covid . Needed that money for a temporary place to stay . The people you chat with are the nicest and I don't blame them , but ...screw cricket . And yes I've contacted my bank and yes I have all the chat transcripts also

Apr 26, 2022 11:34 am

I'm still waiting on my refund from them from a phone I sent back same excuse wait for 7 to 10 days call today now its 10 to 14 days I'm bout ready to get my bank involved

Feb 06, 2021 5:55 am

I've paid my bill .for my phone was stolen. Ive had insurance but it didn't cover everything. Wanted to keep my same number. But problems with that. So tryed getting a new phone because I was paying with cash .long story short I pretty much changed my mind about my phone requested a refund of my portion of my bill and the clerk says yes .they she makes a call and whoever she cailled says no. I just want my refund on my portion of my phone because i have two lines contact me [protected]

Sep 07, 2020 12:08 am
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I signed up for Cricket 2 maybe three days ago and it's been awful ever since! I signed up for $55 plan. I have my own phone and I didn't need anything more. When it was time to pay my bill was $92 and change for one month of service! I couldn't believe it. When I looked at the receipt there was $15 for a SIM card and a $25 activation fee! This is without a hotspot. Since then my service has been mostly 2G, or slower! I can't even watch a movie or a video on my phone! Literally I can't get through without five ten minutes of buffering! You can call customer service and although they promise that you will talk to someone you never actually will talk to anyone! After all their long-winded [censored] the machine just hangs up on you. I am going to the store tomorrow to demand a refund. After only three days I wonder if they will refuse that too? Then they sent me a text asking for a review. They wanted to know if I would refer anyone to Cricket? Yes! If I really and truly hated someone then I would refer them to Cricket! CRICKET IS THE CARRIER FROM HELL! Do yourself a favor and just do something else. I suggest MINT MOBILE! They are the exact opposite I've Cricket service! even in the pandemic! I just got off a 6 month plan where I paid $20 a month with mint mobile. Pay in 3 months 6 months or a year stretches. But it was only $20 a month for 6 months. For just 26 more dollars I could have gotten six months of service instead of one month from cricket! CRICKET IS SCAMMING THE PUBLIC, OPENLY, WITHOUT ANY TYPE OF REMORSE! THE WHOLE BUSINESS IS A SCAM! ONCE YOU PAY, THEY DON'T CARE, AND YOU DON'T EVEN GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Apr 10, 2014 9:37 pm

Hello, let me start by saying that what u experience is very frustrating and in your case I believe that thier is a fraud on thier end and dont Even bother calling 1800 cricket about any matter, the number to call is by calling the main headquarders and thier number is [protected] this number is pointing the issues that the costumers are encounting .

Jan 11, 2014 1:52 pm

You paid twice with your mastercard... WHY didn't you just call your credit card company and have one of the charges reversed?


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