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paid off company

Paid Credit One off now Resurgent Capital Services is trying to collect the same amount that I paid off to the credit card company.

  • Cr
    creditcleaner Feb 18, 2010

    Get a copy of the Credit One paid letter and forward it to Resurgent. Then request that Resurgent update their system and tremove you from their call list. You might want to check your credit to verify that Credit One and Resurgent show as paid with a zero balance. If you need help contact us at www.CreditCleaners.Net

    The above should solve the problem. Best wishes to you.

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overdue bill, fradulent practices, closed account fees, scammers, bunch of liers

I had this card for several years now and I never had any trouble with it. My headache started when I called to
closed the account. I spoke to a representative and asked him that I wanted to pay in full and closed my account
it all happened in Oct. Everything went according to plan and I was happy to get rid of another card as I'm trying to pay up my debts. I never heard from them until now january, they've send me a letter charging me $105.00 dollars from their collection department supposedly because there was an existing charge of $16.00 dollars, in addition late fees of 29.00 dollars were being added for every month that I missed to make the payment. The fact is that they never sent me a bill until now.
Frustrated I call them. a lady told me harshly to call within a week, she told me that she was going to put a note and they would waive it out. I hanged out, but somehow I felt that the conversation was short and doubtful, for some reason I got that feeling something was not right. I decided to give a call back later and maybe try a different person and maybe hear that in fact she made a note about it. I called and this time I spoke to a guy, I explained my situation to him, I didn't mention anything about my previous call neither the guy told me if something was being done about it. As I expected. Instead. he was affirming I made a purchase and didn't pay the balance and as a consequence late fees were adding up. I brought to him that how is it possible to make purchases and charged fee when my account is closed. Ridiculously he started changing strategy asking me how made the full payment.
I told him I spoke to someone, he follow up by saying that up on his system he sees that indeed a full payment
was a made but that I did it through the automatic system therefore there is no way a couldn't have close the account. At this point I was agitated, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? After arguments with him on the phone I went to my laptop got in to their website to check my account. As I check the account I see that the account its currently close so I brought it up. the guy is again called in his own lies, he then start by saying that there are not the ACTUAL bank, that the information the bank provide to them is limited then again I asked him why if my account is closed why when I check online I see there still an open credit line of $400 why you guys charge the $105.00 to the credit line?. At this point he's offering to reduce 30 dollars from the account he says its all he can do, I requested to speak to his supervisor and he's telling me she's out for lunch, I asked when she coming back, he tells me that he doesn't know, What the heck? finally I asked him to transfer me to the real bank, he tells me to hold I as he transfers and he hanged up the call. what kind of business is this??
Anyone out there I want to get rid of these ### I would never let one of my family nor any person I know sign up a card with these people. At this point I'm willing to paid up the 70 dollars and get them out of my life.
However can I rest assure they will not bother again?

  • Cr
    Credit one Rip-Off Feb 18, 2010

    There's somethign fishy about this company. I just heard from a relative that he is also having a lot of problems with this company and also an employee there who is not helpful at all and give him the run-around and turns things around. If I were you, I would not pay anything and have this investigated immediately. Something fradulent about this company.

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will not handle a dispute by phone!

I noticed an invalid charge on my account dated 11-23. It was posted on a statement dated 11-25. I called on 11-27 to tell them that this was a fraudulent charge and the lady who helped me insisted that this charge was not processed yet as she did not even see it in the "waiting for process" charge area. I explained it was on my statement, and she continued to insist that it hadn't been charged yet and to wait a few days and call back.

I reviewed the charge online and it was in fact on my charge card statement dated 11-25, so I called back to initiate a dispute. The person there tells me to copy my statement, circle the disputed charge, and fax it, as it indicates on the back of my statement. I asked him to initiate the dispute by phone and he said he cannot. When I insisted on speaking to a manager, he put me on hold then told me to call back in a half an hour.

I told him I would close the account if he could not put me in touch with a manager within 15 minutes, and I would gladly hold. He stated I could not hold, but he would help me close my account.

I gave him my phone number and told him that I wanted a manager to call back within 30 minutes, or the next call I made would be to close my account.

Of course, no call...

Sad part is closing the account hurts MY CREDIT Rating...


  • Up
    upathetic Nov 28, 2009

    Most credit cards do require that disputes be put into writing. If your instructions on this card's statements say they'll do it by phone, then you should complain up the corporate ladder and to the BBB.

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  • Da
    davisb Dec 22, 2010

    someone at credit one bank closed my account without my autorization. when i contacted the bank and spoke with a supervisor(joseph), he gave me the run-around. kept repeating i closed the account. if i closed the account, why would i call and inquire about it? the account is current, never behind and paid on time. if credit one bank wants to close my account for what ever reason, don't say i closed it. i was informed all information and requests had to be verified.?????

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  • Ba
    Barbara J Harris Apr 21, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered a portable grill from CA Markets on April 5, 2019. To date, researched the internet for a phone number and I have emailed CA Markets 3 times for an update on my order and a tracking number. I have not received an answer to any of my emails. I called Credit One Bank to get a phone number for the company but they said they couldn't give it to me. I was told to send a letter so their dispute department could find out about my order. I was told it would take up to 90 days!

    Most credit card companies provide the vendor's phone number on your statement. Credit One does not. Their only resolution process is by mail. It seems they are protecting the vendor and disregarding their customer's problem. It's unreasonable to have to wait up to 90 days for an answer. I feel disregarded by Credit One and plan to cancel my card after this issue is resolved. Silly me, I thought they would want to help their customer instead of the vendor. I guess they make more money with this vendor.

    CA Markets is a Scam.

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a bad decision

I knew something was wrong when I got a statement before I got a card so I did what I should have done before I applied and looked up Credtid One Bank on line. If you're reading this then you know what I found. Site after site filled with complaints of every kind about this company.
It sounds like these guys are betting that since we made mistakes with our credit in the past, we'll make the same mistakes with them.
After reading several complaints I plan on doing a few thngs to protect myself. The first thing in going to be not using the card and paying off the initial fees.
If you request a company not to call you either in writing or in a recorded phone call, then by law they have to stop. if they don't and you can prove it, then you can take legal action. Another way to keep them from calling is to let them know you are recording the call. That usually works.
Keep photo copies of your billing statements and mail your payments early. Send money orders via certified mail and keep the M.O stub with the statement. That way you can prove when you mail it, when they got it, and how long they waited to cash the M.O.
It sounds like they're countng on people being afraid of hurting their credit any more than it already is so you'll just put up with the abuse and pay the charges and fees.
Also, if you mail a written request that they stop the "HARRASING" phone calls, send a notarized letter by some method that you can track and verify. FedEx, UPS, etc.
Remember, you'll probably have to have all this for a court or judge to look at. The more you can prove, the better off you'll be.
According to what I've read, this company has been sued in the past and had to pay back any fees they wrongly charged.
There are Federal, State and local groups available to protect consumers from abuse. Find them and use them.
Good luck.


One day while browsing online I was filling out applications for loan programs because I wanted to open my...

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fraudlulent card-sent to collections

I never applied for a credit card, nor did I ever receive a card from credit one. When I went to purchase a vehicle, there was a charge off from credit one. I wrote them and they were unable to verify the account or charges. I have this in writing. They then sold the account to another party, who is suing me. The third party bought the account, which is for about $600, for pennies on the dollar. I now have an attorney involved and previously had made a formal complaint with the ftc, and filed a sworn statement that this was identity theft, yet they still sold the card and are pursuing it., my attorney is going to counter sue for far more than their 600 balance. This ruined my credit and I am disguisted that, despite the fact that they could not verify the account, they still put it on my bureau. The bureau removed it, but then the second company put it on.
Do not trust this company. They will resell your account to ten different people!
The government needs to step in.


My husband and I both received offers from credit one bank for credit cards, we never even called or sent in...

debit payment charge

There are a lot of complaints about this company, so I thought I would add my two cents. I have become almost totally reliant on my computer to pay the bills each month. It is fast, reliable, and convenient; I am sure you will all agree. But, do not make the mistake of making your monthly Credit One payment online. I did for the first and last time; when I found out on this months statement that they charged me almost $10 to do so. So, my minimum payment was $15, I paid them $20 (to try to get a little ahead) and they charged me $10 on my next statement to pay online. And the thing that got me the most is that they never disclosed this anywhere at anytime on the website while I was making the payment. This is rediculous; I have never been charged to pay a bill.


DO NOT sign up to a credit card with this bank. They have mastered the art in robbery. As soon as you sign up it is a one time fee of $69, and then an annual fee of $69. Now, the annual is broken down monthly at $5.75/month. Here is the kicker! Unless you want to mail your payment, they will charge you a processing fee of $9.95 for both online and over the phone. So in reality, the "annual fee" is more of a monthly maintenance fee of $15.70 a month just to keep your account current on a monthly basis. Make sure you read the fine print on their credit cards. Buyer beware! They also have very shady customer service too.

  • Li
    lionheartedthemoose Aug 29, 2009

    Yet another bank scam. The entire United States Banking system is frought with GREED, CORRUPTION AND THIEVERY. But who cares? Obama will pay for their sins at the cost of the average SUCKER American. And there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to prevent this short of moving to the Cayman Islands.

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preapproved card

I was sent a preapproval letter stating I am approved for a card. When I went online to sign up, I was denied. Granted my credit isn't perfect, that is why I am willing to use a card like this to build my credit. This is now a stroke on my report as someone checking my credit. Upon talking to a outsourced representative, whom I could barely understand, I got a scripted run around. I asked for a supervisor, and was met with severe reluctance and placed on hold for a half hour. Finally when a supervisor came on line., another scripted run around. Transferred to another person... just a recording!!! transferred to freecreditreport.com... Another outsourcing someone from God only knows what country!!! refusal to transfer me to a supervisor. I cannot understand the broken English. What is going on with this country?????.. I recommend you run from any offer from creditonebank!!! bait and switch and now have my email, social security number and other pertinent information up for sale to the highest bidder. My next step is the better business bureau.

  • Mc
    mc598 Oct 28, 2010

    take phone payment all bank information and don't credit acct verifying payment impossible, along with 75.00 opening acct

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outrageous chardes

I applied for this JOKE of a card over two years ago. Only once has a payment ever been received late, and...

they are thieves!

As someone stated before me, I got a pre approved limit of $200.00, and after the activation fee it was only about a hundred something left on the card but I didn't mind because I got this solely for emergency use only as I have an Orchard bank credit card and they are fine by me. So I activated the card about January or February so I hadn't had i very long. The first thing I didn't like is that if you make any other form of payment other than through the mail they charge you to pay your own bill and guess where they put the charge? On your credit account of course. To pay by debit is $10.00, to pay by bank charge is $7.00, I made my first two payments with bank draft because I didn't want to be late but after that I started sending checks, which I hate doing with card companies because they will try to hold the payment sometimes to make it look like you owe a late fee. Anywho, aside from the astronomical interest rate of 23.99% I ran into problems with this card when I made a payment and the bank accidently gave me the wrong routing number. So, when I realized what happened I immediately sent a check (on time) and was told my account was suspended until I got Bank verification in the form of the letter on a bank letterhead. FINE... So I went after school one day, down to my bank to simply get account verification in form of a letter, blah, blah, blah. They connect me to someone on the phone and Im told it will cost me about $15.00, which Im not going to do because I didn't do anything wrong. I told credit one, so I decided to print on my online statement and fax it to them, they didn't accept that but didn't even let me know they received my fax. When I called to ask if they received my fax they couldn't give me an answer she said she might not know for about a week. So then I'm thinking well why the hell even send a fax? When I called to follow up they told me they received it but it wasn't the proper document, I told them the trouble my bank gave me and they still wouldn't budge. I even continued to pay them when i couldn't even use my account, they had no problem cashing in my checks though. Not to mention their service reps are very callous and nonchalant. If your looking for a card to rebuild your credit or to begin a credit history try orchard Bank, the service reps can be annoying always trying to get u to sign up for something, but they are very nice and reasonable and don't charge an arm and a leg to pay your own damn bill. Credit One Bank would rather close your account than be reasonable and work with you, so I ended up closing it last month and I was glad to do so, I initially didn't want to because my credit score will take a hit but it shouldn't be too bad since I didn't have the account but 5 minutes. I would rather do that than deal with them ever again. So PLEASE head my warning, save yourself the time and money. If you get an offer from Credit One Bank RUN LIKE HELL. I wish there were more reviews out before I fell in their trap.

  • M7
    m72 Sep 06, 2009

    Why don'y you pay online with your debit card?? That way you it will cost nothing to make a payment.

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  • Br
    bryan schwartz May 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    credit one is one biggest thief I ever dealt how do they get away with it

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Resolved unauthorized charges

I was told to contact Credit One LLC when my credit score was low and I was going to get a bad rate. Remax in Elizabethtown suggested that I contact them. When I contacted them a guy (the owner and I will not state his name) told me he was my savior of the credit world and he knows how to manipulate the credit companies to do his will. He also went on to tell me how the government doesn't want us to improve our scores and so on and so on. I was a little wary of him but I was really out of options and thought that I would give it a shot and go talk to him. So that same night on the phone he told me that he needed 600 dollars to start the process and get going. I told him that I didn't have 600 dollars and he told me that he would take payments. So I gave him my debit card. So I go to talk to this guy and 4 days later and he doesn't even remember talking to me on the phone. We talked for almost 2 hours, well he talked and I listened. But what made me feel comfortable when I got their was that he was a Mason. Being that I am a Mason as well I thought well this guy couldn't be all to bad and he would at least lead and be straight with his own brother. I was wrong. I did all that he wanted me to do, I would request my credit reports each month from all three major agencies and send them to him. From there he would dispute any incorrect info. Also he told me to do something I was unsure about and that was to change my address to a realities address or friends address so that it would create a 'new file' if you will. I found this to be odd and asked him if this was legal and he said that people changed their address all the time. So my wife and I did. He said that it would take 6 months for the process to be complete and I should be shinning like gold. Well let me tell you, I didn't apply for anything during that time. I got a pay raise at my job and actually paid off some bills and my credit score and my wifes scored never improved. My wifes score actually went down. So, I called my savior of the credit world up and asked him why I paid him 600 dollars to actually lower my score and actually why I had to change my address. I asked him to give me documentation on what he did for the services I paid for. All I got from him was a lie that he never told me to change my address and that he didn't like my voice on the phone towards him and that he would fax me over something. I never received anything from him, and my future call to him were never returned. He was never there. This 'company' is still in business how I don't know. I have an attorney ready to do something about this but before I do anything I was just wondering if anyone else out there was asked to do the same as me.

Resolved fraudulent charges

We started receiving collection calls and that we owed $875. We have never had a Credit One Charge card. We requested documentation of the charges from the bank. We never received documentation. We told them that the charges had to be fraud. No action was taken by the company, only more collection calls. Our CPA tried to handle the matter and we told that she could not talk or deal directly with the company. WE never filled out an application for this card.

Our CPA told us to contact the Attorney General's office of our state and Nevada. WE suggest that you do the same thing.

  • Er
    Erin H Morgan Jun 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is Erin Morgan I did not open this account at credit one bank in my name I want to dispute these changes somebody is use my identity as forgery involved in false document I want my full name to be removed off of this account get this off my credit reports soon as possible removed the change off my account.


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Resolved identity theft

I am trying to refinance my home and found a write-off from Credit One on my credit report. It has never been there before. Apparently, someone using my name and SSN decided to open a card and not pay for it in 2001. Now the charges have been written off, and Credit One thinks I need to deal with it.

I've filed a police report, and can't get through to the fraud division to talk to a live person. All I get is the answering machine. When you call the customer service people, they don't have a clue. Archive people are snotty, and tell you that it'll be 7-10 business days before an investigation is complete. Well, hello! They say they will check to see if I activated the card or not. I never had the card in my possession. How in the name of green grass would I have activated it? The person who ran up the charges did! He/She was apparently quite good, as they did the same thing at a hospital while I was on a road trip out of state.

Does anyone ever have any luck resolving anything with this company? Or do lawyers have to get involved?

  • Pi
    Pissed off non-customer Apr 27, 2009

    I just received my third phone call from these people claiming that I owe them $800. I have never even heard of these people before. I asked for teh last four digits of the social security number of the person they were chasing and they were not mine. However, they did get our unlisted phone number and they did call me at work. Where did they get that information from is beyond me. Next step is our attorney. We recorded the third call where I shared with them that it is against the law to share the debt of one person with a third party. I would never do business with this company if they were the last company on earth. I hope someone busts their balls!

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fraudulent late fees

Credit One Bank fraudulently charges late fees even when you do everything in your power to pay your bill on...

Resolved illegal billing practices and harassment

First off this company has been known to rip people off and they have lawsuits coming out the a**. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

I have one of these cards, i was late on a payment by 2 days and was charged a late fee (which i understand) so my account went to -$38 due to the $32 late fee they charged me, well today i went to check my account online and see if they received my payment of $100 that i sent early this week and i noticed my account was now at -$111, how did it go from -$38 to -$111 basically overnight. Customer service gives me the run around or cant explain why.I threatened to file a complaint on them with the FTC and BBB as well as the FBI.They quickly hung up on me...how's that for being professional.

They refuse to fix the mistakes on my account and when i said "ok i want to close this account" they said there would be a fee to close it, and they wouldn't close it until everything was paid up.

Anyways my credit line was only $250.00 but they are now claiming after calling back right now that I owe $366.00.Granted i was only late a $20 payment by 2 days

After doing some research i found out Credit One has been known to sit on payments just so they can charge people late fees and other ridiculous charges. Example the first month i had this card, they didn't process my monthly payment until 2 weeks after the due date, funny thing is i sent it a week and a half before it was even due and i have bank receipts to prove it.

These people have been sued before by the government, they were ordered to pay back millions in money they took from unsuspecting customers, however they just changed their name to Credit One Bank in hopes to avoid paying any money. They were known as First National Bank Of Marin.

  • Am
    amyjo6 Jul 14, 2009

    I too have problems with credit one bank... I was late on a payment (take into consideration the I only used my card ONE TIME at the gas pump for $10 dollars the whole time I had it) once by a week and was charged $32 dollars THEN i got charged $40 dollars for some annual payment when i had only had my card for 3 months... I called them and told them to take it off cuz i was not paying it what did they do give me another late fee. I told them to close my account and they said they did NOPE they didnt I just kept getting late fees for stupid stuff I now owe them over $300 dollars. I have no clue what to do, can someone help me??? PLEASE!!!

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  • Am
    amyjo6 Jul 14, 2009

    Oh and everytime I call they speak spanish half the time... Maybe this company is in someones basement... who knows these days

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  • Am
    amyjo6 Jul 14, 2009


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  • Te
    Tee76 Aug 23, 2009

    I feel your pain Amy, i recently sent in $75 payment but they charged me $62 in late fee's and over the limit payments, however they cashed my payment on time so i should never have been over the limit in the first place.It's fradulent billing for sure.

    My account statement(from their website) looks like this:

    Aug 18/09 $75 payment received

    Aug 20/09 $62 fee's and charges ($30 late fee and $32 over the limit fee)

    This crap is so illegal it's not funny, they act like most of us customers are to stupid to pay attention or realize what is going on.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Johnson CS Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    try and speak with any supervisor and dont hungup until you get resolution.try and call on saturday.customer service number (877) 825-3242.

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  • Sp
    spacetime94 Dec 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company calls me constantly at all hours of the day. I eventually started blocking the numbers they're calling from, but they keep calling from different numbers. Even when I make payments on the account, I get multiple calls. This is getting ridiculous. I have reported them, so we'll see what happens.

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Resolved fradulent billing

I had submitted for a credit card from this company (CreditOne Bank). When I received the card via the mail...

Resolved lost payment and overcharge

So i just recently got my FIRST credit card. It was one of those cards where they charge a whole bunch of additional charges, that you have to pay back, but never used. I was fine with that, knowing that i have to build my credit some how. Ive had it for 4 months now, all of which i had paid my payment on time, and $20 more than the minimum payment. This was my 4th month of which i have payed my payment. It was due on the 22nd, i sent it in on the 15th. They then called me daily telling me that they hadnt recieved my payment or that they lost it. Maybe because of the holidays, idk. This was THE ONLY month i had payed the minimum, instead of the usual $40 or $45 i send. Then then would not stop asking me to send in payments through mine OR a family or friends credit or debit card. On my last bill statment, they said i only had about $100 to pay back. When my mom talked to them and said she wanted to just pay it off so theyd stop ###ing with me, they then said my balance was $245. my credit line was not even $200 from the start. None of the representaticves speak clear english. They have given my mom fake names, been rude, harrasing me, and none of them have the same straight story. These people are scammers, that try to take every last cent from you they can get up. If anyone knows what to do, or has any suggestions, please contact me, if you can. Were just going to end up having to take them to court. DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD from these people!!!

  • Te
    Tee76 Feb 27, 2009

    First off this company has been known to rip people off and they have lawsuits coming out the a**. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of Thrift Supervision.

    I too have one of these cards, i was late on a payment by 2 days and was charged a late fee (which i understand) so my account went to -$38 due to the $32 late fee they charged me, well today i went to check my account online and see if they received my payment of $100 that i sent early this week and i noticed my account was now at -$111, how did it got from -$38 to -$111 basically overnight. Customer service gives me the run around or cant explain why.I threanted to file a complaint on them with the FTC and BBB as well as the FBI.They quickly hung up on me...how's that for being professional.

    Anyways my credit line was only $250.00 but they are now claiming after calling back right now that owe $366.00

    Be aware!! Credit One has been known to sit on payments just so they can charge people late fees and other ridiculous charges. Example the first month i had this card, they didn't process my monthly payment until 2 weeks after the due date, funny thing is i sent it a week and a half before it was even due and i have bank receipts to prove...stay away and just file a complaint.

    These people have been sued before by the government, they were ordered to pay back millions in money they took from unsuspecting customers, however they just changed their name to credit One bank in hopes to avoid paying any money. They were known as First National Bank Of Marin.

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Resolved no email address and they lie

No email address. Just phone numbers and snailmail.

They lie.

They said they would not take out $30 for the charge of raising the credit.

They did anyway.

Don't deal wtih this bank. It's a headache.

  • Ka
    Kathleen Mar 25, 2009


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  • Uo
    uot254 May 07, 2009

    I got sick of paying the $6 fee to pay via EFT so decided to send a check. My bank's on-line bill pay showed it often takes 2 weeks for CreditOne to apply payments so I sent my payment due on the 5th of May on the 15th of April. The payment was received on the 20th and applied to my account. On the 5th CreditOne hit my account with a late fee of $29 because apparently I paid too early. So either I pay the $6 to ensure the payment is applied in time or risk my check being received too early or too late. I've sent a request in writing for the account to be closed. I refuse to do future business with this company.

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  • Pa
    Patricia1303 Aug 18, 2009

    Ive been fighting them sence Oct 2008 I finally found a website to file a complaint I urge all credit one bank card holders to file a complaint against them ASAP. www.helpwithmybank.com. maybe with enough complaint they will do something about this company like shut them down

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  • An
    any girl Dec 15, 2009

    This bank started harassing me when I was late for a $20 payment...they have since been making harassing phone calls at ALL HOURS...starting at about 4 am and going until midnight. They will not rest and are going to extreme measures to collect a very small amount of money. I have since asked to close my account, but was assured I would still be collecting interest and late fees until my acct was paid in full. This bank is guilty of predatory lending and harassment. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK.

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  • Ch
    Christopher.b Nov 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. Wish I would of searched out the name 'credit one bank' online cause harassing calls, for a zero dollar bill. I filed a complaint with the FTC and Attorney general and perhaps I'll file with others. Can't wait for the NEW consumer protection agency. In fact I'm soooo annoyed by this company and I have a bit of free time I'm just going to actively file reports everywhere I can. I will make waves!

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