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Complaints & Reviews

dishonest practices

On April 24 I had just finished a stressful session with this organization. I first talk to a customer service rep and after going no where with her I asked for a supervisor. I got a reply that the supervisors were all 'taking calls". I told her I'd gladly wait. She also could find no record of a payment I had made on April 2nd which was sent to them electronically and verified with my bank. I never got a supervisor but this person removed the late fee.

A few days later, April 30, I received another statement from Credit One slapping me with another late fee. I called again and demanded to speak to a supervisor immediately. Again I was given the run around reply that they were 'all busy taking calls". I again said I'd wait and finally spoke to one. This time the "supervisor" said my record showed a payments received on April 17. This is 15 days after my bank had sent it to them. I asked her why the customer rep had no record of this payment on April 24 and she said she had no idea.

An investigation with my bank showed that the payments was sent to Credit One on April 2nd for the April 10th due date. My bank said that Credit One received the transaction electronically the same day but refused to do anything with it. Credit One, my bank says, sat on it until the 17th thus causing me to be eligible for another $30 late fee.

So bascically Credit One received the payment in plenty of time but hung onto it so they could tack on more fees !!!

  • Rb
    RB Wright Jul 02, 2008

    How do you get around paying them all that money. 'Would credit counseling work. They have attached so many fees on me. Give me an alternative ...I want to pay what I owe and that is it.

    Thank you!!!

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  • Jw
    jwright26 Aug 05, 2008

    They're rude, annoying and I'm sick and tired of them. Yes, I'm behind, but my other credit companies are willing to work with me. All credit one does is call me every day, 5 times a day. Maybe if they get some people in there who speak english? I told one rep that I wanted to speak to someone who spoke english and who could understand me and he replied, "I speak the queen's english." Ok... Umm.. Whatever. They kept demanding to know when I would pay them even after I told them when rent is paid. So, I told them I'd pay them on October 5, 2910 and slammed the phone down. They haven't called back yet and it's been 3 weeks. They're dumb enough to not call back until then. I recevied a letter from them stating because I was behind they were suspending my account and weren't going to add late fees to my bill so I could get it paid off. Guess what? Yep, late fees appeared on my bill. Called and they told me I was to disregard the letter and pay the late fees. Ha! I don't think so. Hello Better Business Bureau.

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outrageous charges, fraudulent billing

Does anybody know where I should have this disgusting bank served? A point of service for Credit One Bank is what I need. I am going to sue them in small claims court for the $840 (and rising) in FEES they have charged me because I sent back one of their cards..never signed for. .never used!! After it arrived, I saw that it had a $200 credit limit (a $200 credit limit!!!) and a $75 yearly fee. I called them immediately and told them I did not want it.. I sent it back. Months went by and I started to get phone calls demanding payment. Then the bills started! Fees upon fees upon fees! All compounded from the $75 yearly fee I did not pay!!

please let me know where I can sue them. I already know how to file a small claims lawsuit. Thanks!

  • Ja
    Janice E. Smit Jun 09, 2008

    I am a bankruptcy attorney and this company ignores a bankruptcy filing and continues to call and harass debtor who have filed bankruptcy in violation of the automatic stay. When you call they apologize and then continue to call. They refuse to provide information on how to stop the problem.

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  • Je
    jennifer Jun 11, 2008

    Credit One Bank is the worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. They claim not to have gotten online payments when made on time and then begin the process of charging late fees and harassing their customers by phone. The worst part is you talk with a rep in America and then get harassed by someone in India. I strongly encourage anyone who recieves a credit card offer from this bank to burn it!!!

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  • Gc
    gc Jun 13, 2008

    well sir if you return the card and did not activate it it will automaticaly unwind, meaning to say all of the charges on the account will be credited back to it and you dont need to pay anything at all. and it is not a $75.00 yearly fee. its $69.00

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  • Be
    betty lighty Sep 09, 2008

    went it off my cred card september 9 2008

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  • Bi
    Bill Desoe Sep 19, 2008

    Back in 2003 I recieved a call from a rep of First National Bank of Marin now Credit One Bank.
    He promised that for a small fee $79 charged to my bank account I would recieve a credit card with $600 credit.
    I made the payment of $79 and recieved the card. It had very little credit on it $50 and on the card it had a sticker telling me to use it to activate the card or I would lose it. So I used it to buy a coffee and a candy bar about $2.00 the most. Soon after I recieved a statement demanding a payment of $50 and that I had no more avaible credit and owed the bank over $2oo. I sent in the some more payments and three more after that. I called them and asked them why I had to pay over $200 cause I only spent $2.00. They said it was a charge against the card for a savings deposit.
    When they first called they never said anything about a savings deposit. Why would I need a savings account when I already had a Bank account with Citizens Bank. Plus I recently got three credit cards One from Capital One and two from First Premeir Bank with $300 credit on each of them with no savings deposit.
    I brought this to my States attorney offices and they told me not to send any more money and cancel the card and I did. This I did back in 2004.
    But shortly after I started to get more bills from First National Bank of Marin this time it was for $400 - $600. I called them and asked them why so much and they said they extra charges are late fees and interest fees.
    I ignored them cause why should I pay $600 bucks for a card I really did not use except for a $1 coffee and a $1 candy bar. If I knew from the start they were going to charge me $200 for a deposit I would of told them no cause I could put $200 into my own account at Citizens Bank.
    So I ignored them again but Now a month ago I recieve a letter from a attorney in the Boston area threating to sue me for almost $694.62
    When I got this I google First National Bank of Marin and found that they had number of lawsuits and complaints against them. Back in Dec 3, 2001 The OCC settled a case with them for useing the very same decietful tactics they used with me on 100s of people. The [OCC] Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has a consent oreder and a OCC Marin Fact Sheet on them The Bank was told to make restitution. But it seems they did not heed to the complaint cause after wards back in 2003 they decieved me and many others the same way. Now they have changed their name to Credit One Bank and are still doing the same thing. I have just filed a complaint against them with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency[OCC]Thus being said because these people The First National Bank of Marin of Las Vegas, Nev was deceitful about their credit card not just with me but to many others and have been ordered by the [OCC] to stop their deceitful practices but did not. Promising $600 credit that I never received $600 credit only $50 in which I only used $2 and made several payments after I do not owe them anything. The $694 is nothing nothing but interest charges for a card I only spent $2 on and paid back.

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  • Eb
    EbelMunkey Sep 15, 2009

    I called to cancel my card today (they did not ask why) because I think its ridiculous that they charge me to accept payment from me. Both payment from online checking or debit cards result in a fee. Not sure how I missed that, but a fee for accepting a fee? Are they serious?

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  • Cl
    Clint Gray Mar 20, 2011

    Yep. That's Credit One, alright. ':-(

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identity theft!

I am a victim of identity theft. Credit One Bank left a message about an acct of which I had no knowledge on March 19. I called the fraud dept but was only able to leave a message. Days later no one had returned my call. I called customer service and again reported that the acct was opened fraudulently. I was told an affidavit would be sent within 10 days. It never arrived. I called twice again before someone returned my calls.

This man refused to listen to me. He talked over me, raised his voice, cut me off. I told him I had a police report... he said he didn't care about the police. I requested all records pertaining to the account, my right as a victim of identity theft - he cut me off. I asked to speak with his supervisor, he refused. I asked for his telephone extension, he refused. He then said he'd get back with me and hung up on me!

He called back about 20 minutes later, more conciliatory, saying he had emailed his supervisor that I wanted to speak with her. Then he proceeded on a line of hostile questioning and badgering, implying I or my husband made the charges despite the fact that the acct was opened using an address and phone different from mine, that I had a security alert with the credit bureaus and had placed a dispute with the credit bureau about this account and the address associated with it! He made thinly veiled threats that WalMart cameras would have an image of who made the charges there and that this is a felony. It was a very disturbing exchange that has me still shaking mad days later. I am the victim and this man with Credit One Bank was victimizing me again!

This man also failed to identity me adequately on either call and could have been talking with anyone. Interestingly, this is an account with a $300 limit that was apparently charged up to $1800, a sure indicator this bank's security efforts are minimal at best!

  • Vi
    Victim two Jun 11, 2008

    this just happened to me too. they were pretty helpful over the phone and said they would send me the affadavit papers in the mail within 30 days after their investigation. i'll update the post if they don't

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  • Ga
    Garth Wayne Jul 17, 2016

    I am having the same issue with Credit One Bank. They keep telling me that there is not a fraud department contact and that they investigated my account and found it was not due to ID Theft yet they have never once initiated contact with me or sent me an affidavit nor offered to. I have mailed them a Signed and Notarized ID Theft affidavit from the FTC and even letters from the company they sold the account to that say it is not my debt.

    I have ended up contacting the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at helpwithmybank.gov and filed a complaint against them but have yet to hear back from Credit One.

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  • Et
    Ethan W. James Sep 14, 2017

    I find this extremely helpful. This company has the worst security I have ever seen. I was trying to pre-qualify for a card at this bank and learned that somehow, magically, I already had an account with them. Curious, I called them up, to discover that they had an account open for some man by the last name of Gonzalez, under my social security number. After arguing for what seemed like ten minutes. I requested to speak with the responder's supervisor. Somewhat more helpful, although the entire company has something screwy with them. Especially since you can't reach the fraud department by phone. So I sent in the documentation they requested to prove my identity and eventually, after two months, they shut down the account. But they left it under my social security number, so I still have to fight with them over clearing away the records of the account.

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rip off!

I lost my card and they charged me $25 to replace it. They did not tell me there was a charge for lost card...

credit card charges!

This bank is the biggest rip-off in the world!! To pay your bill ON LINE they NOW charge you $7.95 which was increased from $5.95. They are constantly looking for ways to steal from you.

  • Ch
    Christy Mar 13, 2008

    I totally agree with you. This company SUCKS! I called them to close my credit card account today & to get the payoff. The rude customer service rep asked why I wanted to close it. I told her because there are too many fees. She said that the fees are what make it a good card to have because it looks good on my credit, but if I close it, then my credit score will drop. WTF?! Are they smokin crack?! No matter how much I pay, the balance just keeps going up due to the fees! THERE IS EVEN A $3.00 CLOSING FEE!! She said that I should seriously think twice next time before I order something I don't really want because when I pay it off & close it, it will drop my credit score. I just wanted it to buy Christmas presents with & now I don't need it anymore. These credit card companies are evil & I am paying with cash from now on! I sent the payoff today, but I'm expecting more fees on my last statement. What a freaking RIPOFF!!

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  • Re
    Renee Aug 28, 2008

    I agree with you as well. When I saw the fees they charge just to pay on line.. my jaw hit the floor. My other two cards, Discover and Capital One do theirs for free. Well to circumvent the fees from Credit One. I just do online bill pay. No fees for me. Maybe you could try that. it is just a suggestion.

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  • Re
    Reppig Jul 30, 2009

    They redefine ###s! As a matter of fact, they're an insult to some ###s I've dealt with before.

    You can't ever get a Supervisor or Manager. Do you know why...I finally figured it out...THEY DON'T HAVE ANY!!!

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no return calls regarding stolen card!

I contacted them back in November when I discovered, upon reviewing my online statement, that someone had...

terrible experience!

They call three or four times a day. I pay what I can when I can. I know I am the one who got into debt. I can not bring my debt down if I keep on getting more fees to a card I canceled. They said they sent the bill to a collection agency. I thought that meant I should not be getting any more extra fees on my bill each month.

  • Ch
    Charlie Payne Feb 11, 2008

    These idiots are such a complete hassle. They are hitting me with substantial late charges and when i don't pay on time they will call 14 to 16 times per day from 9a-8:30p. They also called me twice on Sunday. I HATE CREDIT ONE BANK.. BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!

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  • Jw
    jwright26 Aug 05, 2008

    They've called me starting at 8:30am. Even after I have told them I work nights and to not call me that early. They still do.

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can't reach any cancellation dept!

I was trying to find a cancellation dept. or at least a 1 800 number to call them but couldn't find any...

bad business practices!

I requested via phone line a final payoff. That means the TOTAL amount to close the account. No problem...

fraudulent billing, hidden charges, predatory lending, pyramyd charges, poor customer service

Credit One Bank's unfair billing practices as described by many patrons throughout this website and...

terrible service!

This credit card company still refuses to work with clients to resolve their debts. I have written to every regulating body available to me, contacted the company countless times and pay them $17 per month every month on time. Every month I get a bill adding 23.9% interest and a $39 late fee. The balance goes up every month. Nothing can stop it. All of my other debts are going down, on a Consumer Credit Counseling plan. Not Credit One Bank, however.

There is no regulation by the government to stop them. Congressman Levin Dropped the Ball.

  • Lo
    lori Mar 06, 2008

    I am having the same probem<i signed up with careone credit program, and credit one is the only who would not budge, they are hacking on charges, late charges, over the limit charges... I have called them numerious times, no one speaks english, I have tried to ask for a manager, the rep will not transfer me to a manger... its hopeless, so i am sending a payment in each month, while they add on charges...!!!

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credit card scam!

This is one of the very worst scam credit cards ever. The charges are through the roof ($69 enrollment fee...

credit card rip off

On 12/1/07 I received a bill from CreditOne Bank for a Visa credit card I applied for. I never received the...

unable to verify payment!

I have had an account with Credit One Bank for years. They issued a credit card to me soon after I declared...

charges before you activate the card!

I received an invitation for the credit one card. Took them over 10 days from the date they said the card had been mailed. I activated the account by phone. Then I went online to set up the account. I noticed that they had already had sent a bill for charges before the account was even activated. Called the 800 number that they have and they tell me the account is not activated until they say so. Told them that was fine cancel the effective immediately and that I was notifying a lawyer about this. Please do not do business with this company. I am also going to notify the attorney general for the State of Nevada and the BBB about this company.

  • An
    Anastasia Roaman Dec 02, 2007

    Credit One Bank is incredible when it comes to scamming you. A few days ago I received a pre-approved letter with a card that looks like a real one. I completely ignored it until today when I received a bank statement from them stating my activation fees and other. Should I believe them? I did not activate a thing and they're already charging me. This' got to be a scam or a case of identity theft.

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  • Do
    DON'T GO TO ASHFORD Dec 20, 2007

    all you have it all wrong, credit one bank is not a scam, when you get the card or what ever, the paper that says "terms and conditions" yea your suppose to read that, obviously many of you just discard it, like if you read the terms and conditions in the first place you wouldent have a problem, As for the charges before actv the card AGAIN if you read the terms and conditions you would understand that if you dont actv your card YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY A FLIPPIN CENT! the fees are a one time only enrollment fee of eather $69 or $39 and also an anual fee of $69 that is broken down to $5,75 per month, ALSO you dont have to pay the full amnt at once, you only have to pay $20 minimun per month, and it prob sounds like i work for them but i dont.. just to clear that up! im just sick of all these complaints of credit one bank ITS NOT THERE FAULT ITS YOURS FOR NOT READING THE DAMN PAPERS!!! Goodbye!

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fraudulent credit purchases

I have NEVER had a credit card from this company... i have NEVER applied for credit with this company and have recently been made aware of this company transferring balances from other credit cards I've NEVER had or EVER applied for.

  • Ca
    Cara Cush Mar 17, 2008

    I have had the dis pleasure of dealing with this credit card company that does NOT try to work with you for anything!!! They said I charged a card I received in the mail back in april of last year well over 700 dollars when the credit limit was only 200 dollars! And may I remind you I did not charge more then half of the charges---I had called and reported it stolen -they said dont worry about it we will handle it-WELL GUESS WHAT THEY DIDNT HANDLE IT !!! And they still are doing nothing about it! It is really starting to piss me off--- I have never received a bill for this amount but yet it is on my credit report! I am still trying find out if they even intend on doing anything about it...or if they are expecting me to pay for charges i didnt do?!!! And on top of it--- I had the fraud protection plan!I thought that is suppose to work if you have it and the card gets stolen and used!

    I wish somone would help me figure this ### out!!! So it comes off my credit report!!!

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processing payments on time!

I sent two payments 8 days ago from Columbus, OH to Credit One's payment address and another to another bank with the same zip code. This being both banks should of gotten their payments the same day. The other bank did get the payment and posted it on time 4 days after I mailed it. As of today 8 days later Credit One Bank has not posted my payment and even added a late charge to my account the same day the payment is due. Something funny is going on with this company because when I call them they are rude and talk to you like you are trash. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and he was some kid that treated you the same way. Customer service is very poor and they act like they don't even care about your business and concerns. They are more concerned about their money. I have been rebuilding my credit for years and never been late to anything and now this comes up. I refuse to be taken down by this FRAUDULENT bank and their practices. I have decided to contact an attorney and pursue legal action against Credit One Bank. I will keep this posted as information becomes available.

  • Sh
    Sharron Dees Oct 29, 2007

    Thank you for those that posted comments. I was interested in getting this card, so I went online to fill out my application. I put in the website address and a search engine popped up. Well, I thought I typed something wrong, so I put in the address again... Same search engine popped... I don't know alot about computers, but that just didn't seem right to me. I went to google and put in Credit One and this is what I came to. Thank you for saving me from getting p*ssed off down the line... I have very SERIOUS anger management issues, so reading your comments let me know that if I did business with these people I might one day be on the news.

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  • Me
    Melissa Morrison Nov 08, 2007

    I pay my bills through bill pay an online banking feature linked to my checking account. For about 6 straight months I received numerous late fees and couldn't figure out what was going on because I pay everything on time. Well I finally decided to pay off the balance on my credit card and after 18 days of nothing being posted to my account, I contacted my bank who informed me that they changed their mailing address. They changed the mailing address so that any payments being mailed to them would have to be rerouted, forwarded or returned to sender justifying a late fee! I am actually on hold right now with Credit One Bank to see what BS they are going to tell me now!

    However, I did cancel my account last week.

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  • Sc
    Scammed by credit one Dec 21, 2007

    The same thing happened to me. I've only had the card for a few months and everything was going fine until I tried to make an online payment a few days before the due date. I was given a confirmation number which I printed out. After the due date, I noticed that the payment was never processed and they charged me a late fee and an over the limit fee. When i called Credit One they told me that I entered my debit card number incorrectly. I told them that the number is automatically stored in their system and that I had not changed it since I opened the account which had always worked. He then put me on hold for about ten minutes and when he got back on the phone he told me that he was mistaken. It wasn't my debit number, but the security code on the back. However, there is NO where to enter that information in their system. Liars! They deliberately do not process your payment until after the due date so that they can charge you astronomical fees.

    These guys are crooks!

    When I finally spoke with a representative on the phone, I immediately paid the entire balance and demanded that they close my account. I want absolutely nothing to do with this credit card company. They will continue to scam and charge you fees that are not warranted.

    If you have this card, do anything you can to pay it off and close it immediately.

    Good luck!

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  • An
    Anonymous Jan 05, 2008

    Oh my god! I recently accepted my offer online yesterday! I wonder if it will happen to me. Do you guys have any suggestions when the time comes that I will pay my bills?? Is it better to pay in check??????........I think credit one cardholders should file a Class Lawsuit against this fraudulent Credit card company!!!!!! thanks to all of your feedback about this stupid company!

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  • Te
    Teyah Jan 11, 2008

    I am so sorry that everyone here is having problems with Credit One bank. I must be one of the lucky ones because I have had the card since June 2007 and they have increased my credit limit twice already (a customer now for 7 mos). I pay my bills through my bank bill pay (my bank pays them via EFT) and I haven't had a problem at all. Perhaps its because I pay the C1 bills through my online bill pay, and I dont mail them a check.

    Good luck to everyone - I hope that everything gets resolved.

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payment problems on website

I have a Credit One credit card and I am very glad it has a very low balance and I will be paying them off...

overdue bill

Credit one bank has always sent me an envelope (Bill) as a reminder to make a payment and given me ample time...

fraudulent billing practices!

This company is another one of those credit card companies that thinks that they can squeeze blood from a...