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Resolved no email address and they lie

No email address. Just phone numbers and snailmail.

They lie.

They said they would not take out $30 for the charge of raising the credit.

They did anyway.

Don't deal wtih this bank. It's a headache.

  • Ka
    Kathleen Mar 25, 2009


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  • Uo
    uot254 May 07, 2009

    I got sick of paying the $6 fee to pay via EFT so decided to send a check. My bank's on-line bill pay showed it often takes 2 weeks for CreditOne to apply payments so I sent my payment due on the 5th of May on the 15th of April. The payment was received on the 20th and applied to my account. On the 5th CreditOne hit my account with a late fee of $29 because apparently I paid too early. So either I pay the $6 to ensure the payment is applied in time or risk my check being received too early or too late. I've sent a request in writing for the account to be closed. I refuse to do future business with this company.

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  • Pa
    Patricia1303 Aug 18, 2009

    Ive been fighting them sence Oct 2008 I finally found a website to file a complaint I urge all credit one bank card holders to file a complaint against them ASAP. www.helpwithmybank.com. maybe with enough complaint they will do something about this company like shut them down

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  • An
    any girl Dec 15, 2009

    This bank started harassing me when I was late for a $20 payment...they have since been making harassing phone calls at ALL HOURS...starting at about 4 am and going until midnight. They will not rest and are going to extreme measures to collect a very small amount of money. I have since asked to close my account, but was assured I would still be collecting interest and late fees until my acct was paid in full. This bank is guilty of predatory lending and harassment. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK.

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  • Ch
    Christopher.b Nov 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. Wish I would of searched out the name 'credit one bank' online cause harassing calls, for a zero dollar bill. I filed a complaint with the FTC and Attorney general and perhaps I'll file with others. Can't wait for the NEW consumer protection agency. In fact I'm soooo annoyed by this company and I have a bit of free time I'm just going to actively file reports everywhere I can. I will make waves!

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a pack of thieves

It is not worth my time to go into what a complete ripoff this company is. Furthermore I can't believe that all the scams they pull to soak consumers are legal. I got a COB credit card in an effort to rebuild my credit. It was most certainly not worth it as I am still paying for the card even though I canceled it over a year ago. They've probably written into the "Agreement" that they can charge me $12.95 a month (of course!) for registering a complaint on this website.

  • Ka
    kathy Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are a bunch of thieves. I cannot believe it is legal to actually charge you to make a payment!

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  • Jo
    john Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just off the phone with these ignorant low lives. I canceled my card after trying to work out a peyment agreement. They refused and now are charging me three extra dollars a month for canceling my account. I was willing work out a payment ageement. But, they said they do not do this. MY interest rate is 23.9 percent. monthly service fee is $5.95 and it's $7.95 to make a payment online. If your payment is one minute after the 24 hour before the due date deadline. It is a $29.0 dollars fee. These people are THIEVING BLOOD SUCK ING VERMIN. Do yourself a favor and avoid these people.

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  • Te
    Tee76 Dec 28, 2008

    I'm being ripped off by them as we speak.My account was sitting at +$47.00, i sent my minimum payment of $20 in a week before it was due, it was due on Dec 21st. Well they still claim to have not received it and today is the 28th, they have been known to sit on payments and wait to process them in order to charge us late fees.

    Now yesterday i called them and complained because i checked my account balance and it was -$17.00, they admitted it was there mistake and as a "courtesy" they would fix the balance and waive this late fee they charged me.Even with the $32.00 late fee, there's no way i should be in the hole that much.

    So today i checked my account balance and nothing has been fixed, actually im now sitting at -$27.00, where did the extra $10.00 come from? their customer service is rude and aggressive and cant comprehend what you are trying to tell them.They keep avoiding the questions at hand.

    If my account isn't fixed by tomorrow i will be contacting the Attorney General in my state as well as in Credit Ones.Also i will be filing a complaint with the FTC and F.B.I. these people have been investigated before and sued.

    They use to be known as the First National Bank Of Marin, but they were sued and forced to pay back millions of dollars to their customers that they wrongfully took from them or charged them, guess they thought by changing their name they would be in the clear. Not anymore.

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late charges and unable to cancel card

I had this credit card for over a year. I want to cancel the card but
unable to locate a number other than an automated service which directs you to another number. Also, every time I make a payment they charge me a over the credit fee. I like to stay below my credit limit each, but this fee is consistent. I can never reach a person to discuss this concern. I don't use this card anymore due to the fraudulent transaction and still get charged a late fee. This company should be investigated since a customer service representative is never available. I would like to cancel this card but don't know how. Please help!!!

  • Mo
    mojoman Feb 19, 2009

    I agree with you 100 percent. Every time that I make a payment they take out so many fees that Im over limit. It don't matter how many times I pay a month Im still charged an Annual Fee of $6.95, a finance charge of $17.00 and $37.00 Late charges and more. After all said and done It usually come's to what I paid and 47 Cents over limit. I paid $60.00 last time and I owe late charges again because the total of all fees came to, what do you know $60.47. Great Company And your right no one to talk too, and no one to e-mail.

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  • Fo
    Forward44 Jan 10, 2010

    This card is a racket. On top of the listed complaints of unnecessary late charges and a complete inability to cancel the card (the number provided on the card and on the website - when it'd not "being updated for better customer service" - ha! - do just loop you through a menu), someone in the organization started withdrawing money from my personal checking account. Luckily Bank of America is on top of these things and despite their attempt to steal $2, 000 over a weekend, I didn't lose any money.

    Stay FAR away from this card!

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charges on credit cards

On my Identity Theft protection plan it keeps showing that I have unpaid bills on a Credit One Bank Credit card. I do not or ever have own or applied for a Credit One Bank credit card.

  • Ru
    Russ Apr 17, 2009

    Im experiencing the same issue with these LOW LIFES They have called me numerous times I have responded in writing they seem to never get my responses or ever document the phone conversations when I tell them I never ordered or recieved or used their card. Every call has no record of the previous call when I tell them I did not use the card. They have sent a half a dozen collection companies after me and It is still going on 3 years late starting at $250.00 now its up to $650.00 Unbelievable isn't it.

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  • An
    angieh Oct 08, 2009

    The American people bailed them out when they were going down the tubes. Now, they found a way to charge us to pay for the payback. Not cool at all! How stupid do you think the consumers are and how long do you think they will let you get away with this. We should all file BANKRUPTCY and leave them stuck with the unpaid debts! This would put them back at square one, over a barrel like they think they have us. The wisdom of a 75 year old.

    Angie H

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poor service and accessibility

I have been trying to pay my credit card bill online and I can't find the correct site. You have got to have a site to do this from because I have paid this way before. I am extremely unsatisfied with your bank and will never use it again. I will also discourage all I come in contact with to also avoid using your services. I understand banks are having trouble at this time but I would also think that this would be a perfect time to try to keep existing customers. Poor accessibility and even worse customer service is probably adding to the BAD feeling people have already. Why don't you try to make it easier to pay online and actually have an option to talk to a real person who could steer us to the correct avenue without having to tie up your phone lines and wasting our time just to ask a quick question like " how can I pay my bill on line?". Please understand that you are the business and we are the customers who pay your bloated salaries.You should take care not to lose us or pretty soon you will be out of a job.

  • Ma
    Matthew Johnson CS Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will totally disagree with all the complaints that is online.You people use credit card companies to rebuilt your credit history so that YOU can have good life.Credit card companies also have right to earn.regarding making payment online, the website is www.creditonebank.com.you have to login with your username and password.if you are unable to do that, then call customer service at (877) 825-3242

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erroneous billing

I issued a payment from my checking account. Credit one charged me check fees and over the limit. I had ample money in my account and was able to get assitance over the phone. I mailed a letter to the general correspondence with a copy of my checking account that showed funds were in my bank and also a letter from my bank that stated they did not return any electronic payment as insuffience funds. Nothing happened. Let me tellyou this is not the first time something like this happened. As soon as I 'm able I am going to pay this card off. I have been billed for services I did not purchase and when I tried to dispute it I was talked to rudely and told to contact the merchant. I think it is a ploy to keep you in debt to them. In all I have paid over a five hundred in fees that were not valid and my limit was $250.00. It appears everytime I get my account balance 50% - there's something else to incurr new fees. I AM STILL WAITING FOR A RESPONSE FROM THEM BUT I BELEIVE IT IS VERY UNLIKELY ANYTHING WILL CHANGE. A WORD TO THE WISE DO NOT ACCEPT AN OFFER FROM THEM.

cannot cancel account

I have written cancel on my credit card bill, with payment, and they continue to bill me. I cannot find a tel...

won't verify payment

I was out of town last month and did not have my bills with me. SO in order to pay all my bills on time I went ahead and set up online accounts and paid online. I paid my minimum due for Credit One Bank and received a conf. #. Apparently it never went through which I realized this month on my statement. I checked my free credit report and they had already reported it as delinquent. When I called to dispute and tell them I had a conf. number, they told me it's my responsibility to make sure my payment goes through and the reason it didn't was because I typed in the wrong security code. Shouldn't it have alerted me that it was invalid instead of thanking me for my payment and giving a confirmation code. If I sit down to pay all my bills and have conf. codes, I'm not going to sit down every day until the next month to make sure it has gone through. I see I am not the first person this has happened to. If their online system is inefficient, they shouldn't have one b/c it is screwing people over.

fraudulent account

My Social Security number was stolen and used to open an account which was not mine. I was notified of this situation by the U.S. Postal Service who was handling the investigation. My credit history has been unfairly comprimised and I would like this situation to be cleared up as soon as possible. Please remove this fraudulent charge against me so my credit can be restored. If you have any questions you can contact the U.S. Postal Service as this situation is a matter of public record. You can also contact me at [protected] or [protected]. My home address is 37 Johns Drive, Warren, N.J. 07059. Sincerely, Peter Villani

bad credit card company

Whatever you do, do not open an account with them!
First of all they charge you for using their card, and its not one time fee thing, it’s about $ 5.00 every month. Then they charge you for paying your bill on line $7.00 dollars to be exact. First of all its 2008 EVERYONE pays their bills on line, apparently not this one though! Then they charge you about $5.00 for cash in advance, which I don’t ever use.
After I started paying close attention to my charges I realized I pay about $17.00 dollars a month for no apparent reason, $17.00 x 12 months is about $204.00 dollars a year. And just last week, they pulled this one on me: they charged me $37.00 because “my bank said that I have insufficient funds to approve my payment which was $20.00” I was stunned because I had more than enough funds to cover that payment. So I contacted Credit One again, and they told me just fax your bank statement and we’ll take care of it, our apologies! Two days ago I received a letter from their Customer Service stating that they are not going to take that charge off. At that point I said that I had enough with them. I’m going to report this credit card company to Better Business Bureau and Comptroller of the Currency.

  • Te
    Tee76 Aug 23, 2009

    Stay away from this company, they claim to help people rebuild their credit but instead they rape it and make it worse then it was.

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  • Pi
    Pitters111 Mar 28, 2010

    People need to listen tothis person!! I had several charge accounts involved with my 2003 bankruptcy--guess what--they decided to change companies..they did and gave me a bad bad rating on my credit. I challenged it for years but when I had to file bankruptcy again because I had been laid off at work their account was still showing up as open!! Criminals at their best!!!

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fees and interest

I called inquiring my card fees and my interest rate. I was basically harrassed into making another payment after they told me that they would take off a fee. My payment went thru on the date that i had scheduled my balance still doesnt reflect any kind of credit. When i asked about my interest rate and if i could get it lowered i was told that they dont do that, then i got a letter explaining that theydont do that. I am trying to build my credit and i believe this account is making it worse.

  • Do
    Donny Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I pay double the pmt amount each month, , but still get over the limit charges, i dont nor have not used the card in 6 months. This company is a rip off.

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  • Da
    DAVE77020 Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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why can't I speak to a real person?

I have been trying to contact the credit one bank since last Monday concerning my credit card but every...

opened account w/o my authorization

They opened up an account/credit card for me without my authorization/permission! I never would have accepted their offer - $75.00 just to to get their visa card? I never even received a card, and I don't want it! I will be writing to the attorney general's office.

  • De
    Deborah Cunningham Sep 30, 2008

    I would like to encourage everyone out there to report Credit One to the FBI. With the whole financial industry going up in smoke for the reasons that people who have been dealing with Credit One already knew about, the FBI is investigating companies right now. Here is a link:


    I have tried everything to get these people to work with me and they refuse. I reported them to the BBB, the Federal Government, and the Attorney General in their state. None of this helped. They have been screwing me over for three years. Please report them to the FBI.

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posting of payment - overcharge

We paid this credit card online a few days before the actual due date. They posted it after the due date and are charging us the fees for a late payment. I believe this is highly illegal and basically fraud. When my son contacted them, the person stated to pay the balance in full and then they would refund some of the fees but not before. Sorry guys - I think its time to discuss this with my attorney. Very nice scam - great card for college kids - R U KIDDING ME!!!

closed account fees never disclosed

This credit card company is the most deceitful I have ever seen! When I called to close my account, the...

I dont owe this bill

The only time i used this card was three years ago for a 200.oo cash advance. and i i paid it off, now i get...

lost card

I have called twice to report my card lost, well the first time your customer service person never entered...

poor customer svc

I received a credit card from credit one bank. I was not having any problems with them until I got married in...

fees after I closed account

I called and canceled my credit one card 4 months ago ..the operator told me the balance was paid in full... the next month I got a bill for $4.25 so I called them they said they would take it off. The next month collections called and I explained it to them... they checked notes and said they would take it off... the same thing happened 2 more months and today a man called from there and was very rude and wanted $98.56... he said he didn't know why they told me that but it was money I owed and had to pay it... well after fighting with him for a few minutes I asked him if I pay this will you stop calling me and he said you'll never hear from us again... so I paid it...

This company should be put out if business!!!

  • Al
    alberts Oct 01, 2008

    I keep trying to play catch up with this credit idot card company and they keep raising the minimum amount on me it has gone from 20.00 month to now 45.00 I am on a fixed income and can not pay this card off because they keep putting a 35.00 dollar late fee on me when i send it in on the first of the month and is not due until the 20th some of my payments they claim never got there. this credit one bank has liers working for them. if i find on the internet a class action law suit filed on them you bet i'm jumping in the ring...

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  • Ly
    Lynn Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THis company is ridiculous. They get you by claimng they can help improve your credit. THe card has a low limit ($200). But then, they get you: $5.95 a month in fees for the "priveledge"; $9.95 charge to pay by debit card; $7.95 to pay from checking. So, a 20.00 monthly payment nets you about $4.00. Unbelieveable!

    I will cancel ASAP, but according to this site, that seems to be impossible?

    If you get an offer from them, THROW IT AWAY!

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stealing from checking

they stole money from my checking account. I sent my payment in by check and they said it was returned so they charge me a late fee, a returned check fee and did a forced debit withdrawl from my checking. I went to my bank and got a letter stating that they never tried to cash my check and that i have overdraft protection so it would have been cover even if I didin't have the money in there. they stole my money and I am filing a complaint to the Attorney General Office of Nevada about this.
then they deleted my statement showing all this about the late fees and so on. How many other people are they doing this to?
Linda Weinberg