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K May 26, 2019 Review updated:

My daughter and 3 year old grand daughter, and I got to Cracker Barrel in Mt Holly, NJ at 8:41 p.m. this evening (25 May 2019). Our server took our orders. Mean while people to our right, left and in back of us came in the restaurant after us.
Everyone around us got their food except us. The server constantly walked passed us and never offered to replenish our drinks. I order ed the biggest stake they had. My daughter ordered chicken and dumplings and for the granddaughter bacon and eggs. The gentleman behind me was served steak and he sent it back and was served another not long after he sent the first one back. We sat there for just under an hour at 9:37 p.m. i asked to speak with the manager. She came out and I asked why hadnt we been served our food, and explained that we were there before everyone surrounding our area and that it has been almost an hour. The manager said she was going to speak to our server. The server came out and said that the steak i ordered was being prepared. I could not believe the poor treatment we were given. The manager never came back out to speak with us. So we asked for the bill for the one time drinks we got. The server said she had to check with the manager, the server came back to tell us, the manager said we didn't have to pay for the drinks. We left the restaurant. Although, we are African Americans, and the tables of the people who were served before us were all Caucasians. I am not saying that we were being shut out because of the color of our skin, however, I believe when we weren't served and it became an issue, The neighboring tables seemed a bit uncomfortable after we spoke with the manager.
My name is Karen Dalton Williams I can be reached at [protected] or my cell phone number is [protected]. My address is 35 Dahlia street Browns Mills, NJ 08015. Your manager could use some training, and so can the server. I am baffled because the server kept walking pass us, and she never offered an excuse for the reason our meals had not been prepared, the entire time we were there. She never said anything or asked to replenish our drinks. My granddaughter never ate this evening because she fell asleep on the way home and we couldnt wake her, so we put her to bed.


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    basefistrotten May 26, 2019

    Maybe they other tables were uncomfortable with your temper tantrum. You imply that you are not playing the race card, but the fact that YOU brought up skin color shows that you in fact are.

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    TheManager May 26, 2019

    Oh look... the race card. 🙄

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    Mike Evst. May 26, 2019

    Your suggestion that race played an issue is absurd. People use the race card when they can't form a logical argument. The cooks is the back (who could very likely have been black) don't know or care what what your race is, the waitress isn't going to deliberately make your food take longer to cook because then you won't tip her and you will also be tying up a table that could be flipped so more paying customers could be served. Flipping tables in a timely manner equals more tips for the servers. You stated a customer around you sent back their steak, so it sounds like there were issues in the kitchen. If the customers around you were uncomfortable, that makes me wonder if you made a scene. I do agree there could have been better communication, if what you say is true about the manager and server.

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  • Um is not an answer! May 26, 2019

    FVK you for keeping that child up this late.

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