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My son rarely gets any breaks at all and has to beg for the fifteen minute breaks he does get for 8 hours of work. He goes without a break at all roughly 2 out of three shifts he works. Indiana does not mandate breaks, so they don't bother. They constantly under schedule to save money, and then tell my son they don't have anyone to cover his job so he can eat. He works in the dish room carrying giant stacks of plates and performing other deputies that are physically very strenuous. He was already skinny when he started there and has lost weight since then. He is a high functioning autistic, so he doesn't stand up for himself. With a little common decency, they would just give the poor guy a lunch break!


  • Al
    Albuquerque Resident Jan 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Cracker Barrel needs a class action employment lawsuit. The Attirney Geberal's Office and Labor Boards need to be notified. Employees need to collect and retain their time stubs to corroborate the abuses. This needs national media attention as well which will happen if the AG offices in multiple states are contacted. And these are just the labor issues including 12 hour shifts with no breaks, no overtime, falsifying payroll records to distribute to make it seem that overtime didn't occur. Then jump into the credit card payroll scheme (Skylight) where you experience multiple illegal deductions and charges. The Sttirney Generals and individual state Labir Biards would have a field day with these unethical discriminatory practices.

    Then get into their kit hens with photos of the environmental code violations showing the exposed food and improper handling and storage of food. And not to be rude to anyone, but photograph the cook and prep lines showing the extremely overworked and overweight employees standing in filth, reaching for food in the drawers below blocking the ingress and egress of the busses, dishwashers and each other. It's unsanitary, it lacks dignity, it's discriminatory, and the people don't speak out because they are fearful, sometimes illegal aliens, and Cracker Barrel has "systems" in place to avoid detection.

    Document your workplace, your hours, your time click stubs, your credit card pay records, and start sending in individual reporters to your reflective states Attirney General's Office and Labir Boards. Sooner or later the media will catch on, the public will catch on, and a class action suit will get them to act in accordance with the law and stop earning profits for the few. I'm only one man and all I can do is refuse to eat there, share my experiences, and give sound legal advice. Stand up to CB.

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  • On
    Onegoodgirl Dec 31, 2015

    My question is how in the world is this company getting by with all this .it is true i work their also. But in nc. Says they not require breaks. Well after 8 9 10 12 hours? If u complain about something. They threatened to send you home. If u stand up for yourself. They treat u like your a door policy i thought was their. If you think something is unfair. They treat as though they will fire you. Make u the problem.tell you I'm your evaluator. What i say goes. I. Other words we could do what we want say what we want..keep your mouth shut. They do have favoritism. Let other employees bully employees. If u go to office. Your the problem.They harass you badger you. I know I've been there. And had to go home. They said your not the victim. So yeah I can go on further. But what would any o me suggest. Because I feel like there breaking too many laws

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  • Ka
    Kathy Rick Draper Dec 25, 2018
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    @Onegoodgirl Sadly they are following state and federal laws. There is no required breaks in my state or from the federal government until you reach an 8 hour shift.

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  • Cb
    CBcook Oct 03, 2014

    Hi. IIm a 27 year old whos been with a Cracker Barrel store in florida as a grill cook for 3years now. I agree with alot of the comments made about Cracker Barrel being a legal sweatshop. First, I advise any and all people seeking jobs to steer clear of this place. The only reason i still work there is because jobs are hard to come by in a 5 college town.

    The particular store i work in is a 30 year old building with just about everything falling apart, a/c doesnt work on the cramped grill line, floor tiles are uneven and the grout has needed fixing the whole time ive worked there, the roof is constantly leaking, slight drizzle in the dining room while pouring in the kitchen, tons of leaky faucets and disfunctional power outlets. im not going to go into all the food and safety health code violations in the place as well, all due to the total ignorance and idiocy of our store managers.

    Now lets talk about "the friendly and fair management" at my store. i will start by saying the general manager is THE MOST immature and unprofessional Person i have ever wOrked for and it happens to rub off on his other managers. They are so wrapped up in making numbers and labor look good for the store so they can all receive their several thousand dollar bonuses at the end of the year, that they overlook the important factors in running a restaurant; like for example, properly staffing the BOH fOr busy days, overseeing any kind of prep work or required cleaning duties, taking the correct amount of time to take inventory and order supplies and food, and the number one priority of taking care of the employees who make all the money for the companY.
    Then of course there is the tiny issue of the unnecessarily large menu, not even including the additional promotional menus we launch every Quarter year on top of it. AlOng with the most unhealthy food for the body, second only to fast food giants. the company expects 2 or 3 cooks to operate under all these horrible conditions and keep all Checks under ten minutes, keep in mind this a large restaurant that manages to cram close to 220 people in the dining room at one time. with that many people you can imagine there is quite a bit of waste, especially all the leftover food at the end of the night that we are required to throw away instead of donating to " second harvest" for the hungry.
    Now to put the icing on this cake... The company has a, "pleasing people" attitude. When isay this i mean the managers are required to make their cooks cook just about anything the guest wants, on top of giving out insane amount of complimentary biscuits to greedy gluttons who seem to think the biscuits come ayce and are included aS appetizers and can take them home for future meals. to add to this insane motto, it is widely known to the public that you can complain about the most ridiculous things and cause a scene to get your meal for free, 1/3 guests do this on a regular basis. It is also widely known that
    IT is not difficult at all to walk out without paying a bill, AND come back! THe managent isnot allowed to pursue the guest into the parking lot and cannot prevent them from Returning as it is "discrimination", so im sure you can imagine how often this happens.
    THese are only a handful of issues we face at store #44. oops did i let that sPill out there... :-)
    In conclusion cracker barrel exploits all hard workers and overworks them to the point of absolute exhaustion and dehydration.

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  • El
    EL11 Aug 24, 2017

    @CBcook EXACTLY! I worked there 8.5 years. & NEVER had a break! If you asked they'd say you can have a break...GO HOME
    Go in between 3 & 4 work (I was a "closer")until 10:30-12(depending on the day) with NO BREAKS & NOTHING TO EAT. If you even touched a biscuit - FIRED for THEFT. Sae a girl get fired over a 1/4" piece of turkey skin that was being THROWN AWAY!
    They THROW AWAY hundreds of dollars of food every night while hungry employees stop for fast food on their way home.
    Constant intimidation, screaming & yelling, berating employees so loudly customers called in & complained. Literally ran my butt off, many times not allowed to go to bathroom(by intimidation) & managers would shut off all lights in breakroom & patrol it, not even letting you get a sip of water. I could go on & on...
    FORCED to sign binding arbitration agreement...told if not signed by Saturday you don't have a job on Monday!
    Cracker Barrel has become a legalized sweatshop!
    I have lists of former employees who can attest to ALL if this.
    The BEST thing I ever did was QUIT!

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  • Cb
    CBworker Aug 06, 2014

    I'm a 45 year old Gulf War vet and I have been working for cracker barrel for about 2 1/2 yrs. I have never in my life worked for a company that works you like a dog for hours on end and never offer a break. I work as a back-up cook and a grill cook. I stand in one area for up to 7 hours straight making everything from biscuits to pinto beans and everything else they serve as a side before I get pissed enough to go and tell them I want a break. This makes me the bad guy to even dare ask for a break so they make me work another 20 mins to an hour to stock up on food so the managers dont have to cover your area. My state does have labor laws that are being broke by this company and after a conversation with my District manager yesterday I feel its time for me to report them. I asked for a break yesterday because my hip and leg was hurting and needed to sit down for a few minutes. He then looks at his watch and says" You only been here for 4 hrs and 15 min". I told him by our state laws I should have had one 10 min break already and you should be offering me a lunch at this time since our state labor laws require employers to give you a lunch by your 5th hr. He did go get the store manager and they sent someone to relieve me for only the second time in 2 1/2 yrs for a break. This company is horrible to their employees. BTW most of my shifts are 10 and 12 hours long.

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  • Ge
    george hamas Jun 22, 2013

    Okemos Mi. Cracker barrel has a waitress that attack her husband with a base ball bat. her boss Tom changes his work reports to cover up waitress's bad behavior .This waitress Heidi used racial slurs and Tom let her keep her job. Heidi hangs a rebel flag in support of her racial hate. Tom also make racial jokes when in the right company. the Okemos Cracker barrel new management along with a new work team.

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  • Ca
    cacitybird May 25, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Report them to the labor board

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  • St
    steveshouse16 Dec 21, 2019
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    @cacitybird This option only works if breaks are mandated by law. If they are not then the company has no legal obligation to give anyone a break.

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  • Why The Long Faces May 25, 2013

    Tell your son to find another job.

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