Costco Wholesale Corporationsample attendant.

Today October 7th 2019 at approximately 4:15 my children and I were shopping at Costco in Farragut TN and saw a sample of some sort of chocolate flavored snack out. It was very busy around the table so I went over myself to grab a sample for myself and my children. The lady who was working the sample stand was very rude and embarrassed me in front of other customers by saying "oh well, wow! Do you need a bag to carry those in" because I got 4 samples to give to my children who were standing 5ft away. The older woman had her name badge inside her apron so I couldn't get her name but this wasn't the first time she has been rude and I feel she needs some additional customer service training so she doesn't talk to customers in this way.

Oct 07, 2019

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