Costco Wholesale Corporationciti visa membership benefits

S Oct 10, 2019

One of the citi visa benefits are to cover accidental damage and theft for items you buy on their credit card. Guess what, it is Total Lies and I am very very disappointed - cause I could've used AMEX for same reasons and got covered with no questions asked. I bought a Scooter for my daughter about a month ago, and about a week ago, she parked it and went inside her dorm room to grab something. When she got back (less than a minute), she found the scooter on the ground and it slipped couple steps near which broke the throttle and couple other things on it. So I contacted Citi Bank to ask for coverage, he took all the information, the dates and what happened - he puts me on hold for about 3-5 min cause he has to talk/discuss with "someone" and then comes back with his answer. He said since this is negligence, it is not covered. I asked how is this negligence? he said I'm not sure sir but that what "they" are telling me, and underwriting will send you a letter with denial or approval of your claim. I said but you just said it's not covered, so what will Underwriting do, all he repeated was, underwriting will send you a letter in 2-3 weeks with their decision- which is a denial of course. So do yourselves a favor, and don't use that card for that or at all if possible. Also, I will be submitting this to the Better Business Bureau, but I can't seem to find the right link for that bank/card - Eventually I will :)

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