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+1 800 774 2678(Membership & Warehouse) 56 53
+1 800 955 2292(Online Orders) 210 107
+1 877 849 2730(Travel) 5 5
+1 855 258 3217(CostcoTickets) 2 3
+1 855 620 7579(Photo Center) 2 7
+1 800 607 6861(Pharmacy) 5 14
+1 866 861 0450(Concierge Services) 7 20
+1 800 788 9968(Business Center Orders) 1 4

Costco Wholesale Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Directv salesmen

K.Andie07 on May 25, 2017
Can we please do something about the annoying directv salesman who pitch/harass me every single time I come in to shop at the Glen Allen location in Richmond VA?? I can't even look at tv's without being harassed due to the simple fact that they hover over me while I'm browsing then proceed...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / crystal springs bottled water.

Eva Rivera on May 24, 2017
Had a very terrible experience over the phone with a supervisor. For the past 3 months I had to call customer service for dispute over my bill. After a long wait I was finally transfer to a supervisor and she was very rude and unprofessional and she even hang the phone on me and my bill...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / swanson chicken broth

Eva Tackett on May 23, 2017
Costco has discontinued Swanson Chicken broth. I use A couple of cases every month. This brand tastes good and the cans it comes in are recyclable. I might become accustomed to the Kirkland Organic Chicken Stock taste, but it and the only other chicken broth you carry now comes in tetra...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / wait to check out

SJP57 on May 23, 2017
I was in the Sandy Utah store 5/22/17 at 6pm. There were 4 check stands open and as many as 8 baskets in line at each one. The wait was unacceptable but what was even worse is when i mentioned to the clerk and supervisor that the lines were unreasonable. This is Costco and should have more...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / carlsbad warehouse shopping cart emptied by employee!

Geo Marcus on May 23, 2017
My shopping cart was emptied by an employee named Kelli, while shopping at Costco 5/22/2017, 8:10 pm at their warehouse located at 951 Palomar Airport Rd Carlsbad, CA 92011. At 8:08 pm, I parked my cart (full of fresh meats, chicken, vegetables, liquor, and jar items, to walk a round trip...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / the huge size of the new shopping cart

jflynn@phxgrpintl.com on May 22, 2017
I am 5'2" tall. Your shopping carts are now the size of a Smart Car! I recently shopped at Costco using the new cart. It is so tall - that it is virtually impossible for someone with my height to push this cart through the store. Every strength leverage point on my body was used...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / ks chicken tortilla soup

Cheryl Sorbo on May 22, 2017
Hello, A few weeks ago I purchased the 2 pack of the KS Chicken Tortilla soup, Best Used By 08/09/17, 59BP18235 2A2 04117 07:11, from the Riverpark Costco in Fresno. When I opened the cardboard package that holds the two containers together, I noticed that the top of one of the container...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / poor customer service

Tctrey1 on May 22, 2017
Today I went to Costco to take my passport picture. When it was my turn to take it I had to deal with a rude employer named Jamie Rae. She did not allow me to smile in my picture and when I asked why she ignored me and rolled her eyes. I repeatedly tried to get her attention but she...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / supervisor service I was provided with was horrible!

Ayang2508 on May 22, 2017
The supervisor here at the Costco located at 7100 n Abby North Fresno, CA 93720 alongside side one of the employee was terribly rude and not willing to help assist on a return. The supervisor name was Bethany and and the employee was name Danny. Both gave the customer rude looks and rude...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / costco citi visa

Bonnierennie on May 21, 2017
I'd like to know why you selected Citi Visa for your new credit card company. I am Deaf and my wife is hearing. I am the one who opened the account and added my wife. But they will not talk with her when we have a problem. We use the charge card like our ATM. We even charged our kitchen...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / diego from optometry in san francisco, ca

Jlkung on May 21, 2017
I have been a customer from Costco's optometry department for over 10 years. The employees are also very nice and actually listen to the type of contacts and degree I want. DIEGO was extremely pompous, rude, and horrible listener that continued to type in the wrong order after muitlple...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / the helper with the sales woman named gabrielle

SadafD on May 20, 2017
I am shopping from costco for many years and I love going there. But today I was very disappointed with the behavior of the helper standing on the register. Her name is gabrielle . She was helping Tatiana. My cart accidentally touched her and she got so rude. I even said sorry but she said...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / costco warehouse in north riverside, il

Tonypapa91 on May 20, 2017
I visited Costco warehouse store in North riverside on May 20 2017, Il, I am trying to find the coconut cookie(item 167434), which should be available based on the monthly coupon flyer, however, I couldn't find it in the store, I asked several costco employee, and one told me to check...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / terrible customer service

Katheryn Lee on May 20, 2017
I have been a patron of Costco for many years but this was the first time leaving Costco in a terrible mood. Cashier Rossmar at the Hawthorne location was very rude and degrading. One example of his rudeness was when I was trying to explain to him that I had two orders/items that needed to...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / food court

Jacqueline 111 on May 19, 2017
Ordered a combo pizza & three chicken bake.. after 40 minutes of waiting and watching everyone else get their food I went to ask if my order was ready. Turns out they never even prepared a combo pizza & wanted to give me half of the one that was sitting on the display. I asked for a refund...

Costco / samsung smartphone (cell phone & services)

Bryant Young on May 19, 2017
On Saturday, February 11, 2017, I went into Costco store to return a cell phone that I purchased from the cell phone department. I bought the cell phone as new at this Costco branch and was returning it because it was malfunctioning. I went to the cell phone department and they gave me a...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / sample lady

👊🏻👌🏻🙅🏻 on May 18, 2017
I went into the Turlock, ca Costco on Thursday afternoon (1:30)with my 3 kids just to get waters& milk. My daughters love coming to Costco they get excited...especially for the samples. We walked by the pretzel samples and the lady was really nice, talkative and really selling the...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / membership employee

Kimber1964 on May 17, 2017
The lady selling the membership told me if I bought the $100+ membership the next yr. I would receive a $70. CK to pay toward my new membership. I told her I didn't have time to read the fine lines, and she assured me she was telling the truth. Well, I received a check for $11. Cause I...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / optical dept.

Mogiassi on May 17, 2017
Today, I was picking up a pair of $400 frames which Costco optical had put lenses in. I noticed they had made a tilt of about 20 degrees in the frame. When I complained, the attendant took some big plyers to them to fix it, but after a lot of bending the wires back and forth, she made it...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / found a foreign object in butterball ground turkey

Joseph131 on May 17, 2017
On 5/1/17 I purchased a butterball ground turkey 4-pack at the Costco at 517 117th st Manhattan NY. The meat was frozen in my freezer chest. On 5/17/17 I thawed the a pack of ground turkey and while seasoning the meat for preparation I found a paperclip. I have never had any problems with ...

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