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Costco Wholesale Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Costco Wholesale Corporation / staff member and bagging my purchases

JoyceAlisonKay on Sep 20, 2017
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 @4:53 p.m. St. Albert Costco "Bob" was finishing bagging my items - I had 2 bags total. He sneezed right into the one bag (holding a blu ray and Tex Mex Cheese) .. he wiped his nose then sneezed again this time into his hand. This is not sanitary at all. I was so...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service

Madisontraill on Sep 19, 2017
As me and my partner were getting my spouse member card, we were greeted by a very unwelcoming face. The employee "Davide" did not look at us once, nor did he say anymore to us then "what do you need?". Once he verified that we were co-habitatirs, he said "you need a picture" a proceeded...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / employee

Doyle Vasquez on Sep 19, 2017
9/19/17 at Hawthorne Costco in California #564. 1107am A customer was purchasing a deep freezer that was not in the box and was a head of me, member #111863528700. Jesus who was the cashier asked the manager to get the sky number so he can ring the customer up. The manager told Jesus to push...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / item #431391 60" lifetime tables and cart combo

Tracey Winger on Sep 19, 2017
I ordered this product in July 26th, 2017 along with another cart. I am still waiting to get the table and cart combo. In the meantime I have received 4 carts and no tables. I have had the total ($3, 966.28)put on my card twice on and off all summer. I have been calling weekly since August. I...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service / discrimination at aurora co. store

paulinag on Sep 19, 2017
The incident happened On 08/25/2017 17:59 my son went into the Costco store located on 1471 S. Havana St. Aurora, Co 80012 to purchase his medications. He was refused entry to the store . He was told that Costco store policy does not allow backpacks. However the policy states that you have...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / kirkland organic hard boiled eggs

Tess Moylan on Sep 18, 2017
Hi I've been purchasing the Wilcox brand of organic hard-boiled eggs for quite some time and I have sold them to so many people that I know who were also using them. A few of them told me lately that you guys replaced it with your own brand and they were horrible and threw them out or had...

Costco / microsoft surface pro 4

DougSpoon57 on Sep 18, 2017
Computer Surface pro 4 wont start up and keyboard blinks on/off every 10 seconds on 9/6/17 I have a 2 year extended warranty and purchased it on 1/18/16 from Costco Oxnard. Item 1021154 I contacted costco for info and what to do They told me to contact the concierge @ 1-866-861-0450 for...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / warehouse customer service

Cheryl Cardinal on Sep 17, 2017
Was at your 12350 Carmel Mountain Rd location and almost ran into one of your female employees outside with our cart. Please tell me when is it ever a good idea to use your [censor] to direct traffic? Whatever happened to using your words to let customers know to stop as carts are coming...

Costco Wholesale / roast chicken

Shiliang Liu on Sep 17, 2017
I bought the roast chicken yesterday, and when I opened the box, I found out some weird small white granular stuff on the chicken. So I went online and did some research to see what exactly it is. I found out that these are flies eggs. I don't know how the eggs appear on the chicken...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / kirkland pistachio

Laurie Lemay on Sep 17, 2017
Hi I have a complaint on your bags of kirkland pistachio, I bought a 20 dollar bag from cosco in moncton this is the second bag I purchased in the past 2 months with rotten ones in it, I do not like putting a rooten nut in my mouth I have a very week stomache, and trust me the taste i...

Costco / ice cream bar

Rock Music on Sep 16, 2017
You guys took away the chocolate dipped ice cream bar with almonds. Im not sure why you stopped selling it but it was so good. I want you to bring it back. Please. It was so cheap and affordable. I love ice creams bar like that and i have never been anywhere else where that type of...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service/cashier

Sauto on Sep 16, 2017
I just left my favorite Costco in garden grove. I'm used to the traffic in the parking lot and even inside, as a family of 6 we visit every week to restock. Typically when we're checking out the cashiers are friendly and engaging, unfortunately today was different. Dustin was our cashier...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / taylor farms organic spring mix

Jeannette Beck on Sep 14, 2017
I made a salad with these greens, took a bite and found myself chewing A PIECE OF LEAF SHAPED GREEN T SHIRT MATERIAL!!! I almost threw up since I was just shy of swallowing this disgusting item. I have no idea what this material has come into contact with or where it came from. Listen, I added a...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / drinks

Nick Ruffing on Sep 14, 2017
I am highly disappointed in costcos decision to stop selling the Kirkland 1 liter water bottles. I dont see why they stopped carrying them and would like an explanation. I like to count my water consumption very closely and the next best thing at costco is 700ml bottles which are not...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / complain about an employee

rose chandra on Sep 13, 2017
Hi I went to guelph costco today(sep 11, 2017). Employee name Lorena. She is giving food samples. I go to the table already 2 seniors there, they got it already but their talking. So I try to go and get it she said stay in line. Ok other person already came there so I m waiting next to...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / rack of lamb

Eric Bischoff on Sep 13, 2017
I purchased 2 racks of lamb week of 9/8. Expiration dates were 9/23 & 9/22. On 9/13 the packages were taken from refrigerator and opened. Both packages were rancid/spoiled. I purchase 2 or 3 packages almost every week and have never registered a complaint but these were well prior to...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / pharmacy dept auburn hills mi #376

Debi Ryan on Sep 12, 2017
I came to the pharmacy with a refill they took the info and told me 30 minutes. After checking back 2 times at 30 min then 40 min nothing the pharmacist needed to look at it that was it. But she was not there as far as I could see so at 50 minutes I walked up and told them to cancel my...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service

Kayla Veraldi on Sep 12, 2017
I came to costco today as I did yesterday with my step-mother and I was her guest. In previous purchase I used debit at the subtotal With no issue. Today I was refused my items due to having debit and the owner having cash. I was then asked if I was interested in a membership. I am beyond...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / eggs and chickens

ziddy on Sep 12, 2017
It has recently come to my attention that you guys have supposedly went "cage-free" which sounded good at first until I did some further digging and then found out that these eggs were in fact raised in a factory farm with unbearable living conditions and a complete lack of any regard for...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / "unauthorized credit-card charges"

H Grinshpan on Sep 10, 2017
You might want to look into what happened at my local Costco #384. I checked out with op #30 on 9/7/17, and another associate was helping her bag the items. When I got home I decided to check my bill which I had considered high at the time but in my rush did not check immediately. On the...

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