Yahoo!yahoo email [protected]

My account was taken over by Yahoo a couple of years back

I have been receiving my e-mail in Outlook 2013 from 2 different email addresses with NO problems until yesterday
My email address is [protected]

Now Yahoo let the security certificate for expire and I can send emails but can NOT receive them from the POP server. If I go to the Web access I still can receive e-mails and I can still receive emails from my other e-mail corporate address ...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FLso
Is not Outlook problem
Is not an internet connection problem
is not a password problem

I called ATT-Uverse for technical support(to who I pay $300 a month for various services) who them narrowed the problem to Yahoo and gave me Yahoo technical Support
I called [protected]. First responder somehow got disconnected, 2nd told me I had to pay $100 for them to come in my computer to reconfigure my e-mail
The problem is narrowed down to changes implemented in the POP server without my knowledge. When I ask the Indian technical support to help with this issue CAUSED by Yahoo, without explaining the solution and what he is to do, he first ask for money.
I expect a resolution to this problem. I refuse to believe Yahoo implemented network changes to extort money from users.

Feb 02, 2017

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