Yahoo! / yahoo account recovery system difficulty

Hello, I am writing your company today to make a complaint and give my overall review about accessing my yahoo account. I think the new account recovery method is a very time consuming and horrible idea. The fact that we as users are having to receive a message in order to gain access to our accounts is beyond insane. Majority of the users who are utilize Yahoo for personal or business purposes would agree that the old method of just inputting our personalized password is easier and saves less time. For example, If I work in a office setting and I may need to gain access to my account to check my daily mail (and some jobs require that you donot power your phones on or utilize them on the job) ; I will not be able to do due to my job's policy. I am requesting that you all bring the old method of logging into My Yahoo Account back and make daily users of Yahoo lives much more easier, such as :mothers, business men/women, corporate america, and consumers all over the world.

Jul 31, 2018

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