Yahoo! / unethical behavior by yahoo mail

United States

you have blocked me from getting into my acct and keeping prompting me to enter a code that seems to be getting sent to a phone number that I no longer have. This is so ridiculous!!! You are costing me a job now! My job uses that email. How can you get away with this? This is UWANTED and UNECESSARY security. How do you get away with blocking someone from their own emails and making life so difficult for them?? This is a great way to lose business!
Please help me with this issue. I NEED TO GET INTO MY EMAILS..I am me and can prove it..this is just so ridiculous. Please let me worry about my own security, I store no personal info on there..and that is not something i need you to concern yourself with!! please help! I am willing to pay..i just need to get in.

Sep 17, 2017

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