Yahoofixing my unsecure page complaint

on the 12th of april 2017 i contancted yahoo by phone complaining about my unsecure page warning .it was mac brown whom tryed for 3 hours and charged me 220 dollars and used 20% of my 3gigs data. 220 was for instaling a norton anti viris pack which is only 64 dollars.well after letting yahoo know it wasnt fixed. and asking for a refund.they said they need a tecknition to try again . i said no as ive paid the money and not wanting them to use any more of my data. mac brown kept harrassing me i said not to call me again as he is an idiot and was pissing me off i wanted to talk to an australian which didnt happen. and havent heard a thing from them about a refund and have tried 3/4 times. i have also lodged a complaint to fair trading also.and asked yahoo if this is common policy to rip off people who ask for help !! is there anything you can do?

May 03, 2017

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