Woolworths South Africanon-issuing of my store card on two occasions

I applied for my woolworths store card online early in December 2016 and I immediately got a reply that my store card application is still being processed and I was surprised. Then I realised that I once applied for the Woolworths store card early in 2016 if my memory serves me right at the Woolworths Store at Wonderpark branch but did not go through with it as I forgot about submitting the required documentation (i.e. my salary advice and my bank statements). So I followed it up at the Woolworths Store on the 16 December 2016. They checked me on their system with my I. D Book and they even printed for me a temporary store card so that I can shop on that day and the consultant at the call centre promised me that my Woolworths Store Card will be delivered in two weeks but it was not issued and delivered as promised. I again went back to the Woolworths Store at Wonderpark branch and we contacted the Call centre again and I spoke to the Consultant and she promised me that they will issue me another store card, and deliver it in the branch, as it was delivered but to date I never received any letter with a store card from Woolworths, except only my Woolworths estatements. And I went and checked it again early in January 2017 and I still have not found it and I could not wait again for the shop assistants to call the Call Centre again for me. And I don't even know my account number as on my estatement is not complete. And this is hampering me to pay my account with ease, especially online payment, because Wonderpark is too far from where I stay.

Jan 30, 2017

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