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LuLu Hypermarket reviews & complaints

LuLu Hypermarket complaints 431

LuLu Hypermarket - Recharge voucher

Dear Concern,
I have purchased FRENDI recharge voucher for 100SAR from Lulu hypermarket, Yarmok (Riyadh). I had tried to recharge by voucher code, But its not valid.
Note; I have confirmed with FRENDI customer care that Recharge code is invalid, So please kindly do the refund and re-issue the voucher.

You can contact me on +966-[protected] or [protected]

LuLu Hypermarket - Product - lal sweets milk cake

Hi Team, I had purchased a food item named Lal sweets Milk cake from Lulu hypermarket outlet at capsquare. We had purchased it from the store on the 24th of December 2021 and had opened the package...

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LuLu Hypermarket - Payment

I ordered a delivery through the app and thus far have not received the usual confirmation email or the groceries. The amount (@95 OMR) is debited from my account.
I have tried many different customer services contact numbers, and none of them are in use.
Please can you help?
Many thanks.

Desired outcome: Groceries delivered asap please.


LuLu Hypermarket - Delivery is taking too long than normal

Order number0248527511 trade mill ordered on Wednesday 29th of December and not deliver till today although I called more than one time
7 days to deliver an trade mill in same city it is 5 minutes away from the hyper market is not normal it looks like the team is relactant to deliver
Even when I went to buy direct from the hyper market out off all cashiers desk only one desk was working?!

Desired outcome: To deliver immediately it is bad experience for me to deal with such service

Thanks waiting positive feedback

Dec 27, 2021

LuLu Hypermarket - Tapioca

This is to bring to your kind notice that the Srilankan Tapioca which we have purchased from Lulu Hypermarket, Al Nabba Sharjah Branch today (27.12.2021) was not being cooked properly even after repeated attempts to cook through the pressure cooker aswell. This is due to the poor quality of the product being supplied to the customers. Therefore you are requested to kindly look into the matter.

This is not the first time we are experiencing this type of issue on the same product. That is the reason for sending this feedback.

Expecting a reply from your side.

Thanking you,

Shaji Abraham


LuLu Hypermarket - Sony Bravia TV

Hi, I had purchased Sony Bravia TV from Luluhypermarket, Abudabi on 6th August 2021, Serail number -[protected] where it was mentioned to us the TV has warranty for 24 months in India as well and the Invoice states that the TV has warranty for 24 months however it doesnt states that the warranty is in India. There is no warranty card found inside the box nor was given to us. we need the warranty card to get the TV repaired as the motherboard of TV is already spiled within 3 months

Desired outcome: Need International Warranty Card

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LuLu Hypermarket - Online delivery

My wife had placed an order online through lulu hypermarket at 1222 on 21 Dec 21. The slot selected for delivery of item was between 1600 to 2000 on the same day. The delivery team failed to deliver...

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LuLu Hypermarket - No attention from a rude helper.

Today I visited lulu hypermarket jubail, I visited luggage and bags section and picked up 20 inch giordano luggage bag it was on offer 89SAR but I had doubt that it has some issue so I kept it down...

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LuLu Hypermarket - Casual pants

I bought Eten brand pants from lulu batha Riyadh and wash before's colour was spread all area and other my dress.they refused to replace it when I showed.i trusted this material because of it is their own brand.thatiswhy i didn't keep the invoice.
Please take the action against this complaint a.s.a.p




LuLu Hypermarket - Purchase of Chicken from Lulu Hypermarket Karama Dubai

Dear Sir

Today evening between 4 and 5pm dated 23/11/2021, I purchased 5 chicken, 4 chicken for grill and 1 for curry.

The chicken is cut like you are are watching in horror movies the shape and size of the cut, when I opened it at home, utterly disgusting and pathetic, unfortunately I live in Business Bay a I could not come and return it.

I am curious to know why do you keep non trained staff at the butchery, nor he is able to communicate with the customer, are you experimenting with peoples purchase and money.

Why does your Supervisor not ensure the same before someone is delegated to do a certain job

Please take liability and accountability for this disturbance to the customer I am seeking a response from LULU as to what corrective measures are put in place

Butcher - Nationality Nepal (Trainee)

Hubald Joseph
mob [protected]

Nov 10, 2021

LuLu Hypermarket - Order booked but not delivering Beko refrigerator in Sohar

Dear Team,
I booked my 5 items out of which Beko refrigerator was undelivered saying that it's out of stock. I had purchased same at offer period giving me 15% discount on RO 105.

It has been 12 days already of my order booking and I have been going LUlu sohar almost every day to know the outcome.

They say you buy other fridge that too at current price and pay the difference on the discounted price . I disagree on this as currently there are no offer and I should be paying difference on current price of undelivered item - new item purchase price.

I still want that Beko only and request to kindly do it urgently. I also have issue with iron that I purchase same day . Today when I opened there was no power coming in it.

To sum up my experience with Lulu is quite horrible.

LuLu Hypermarket - Service

دخلت فرع وادي دجلة شيراتون اليوم
و اخدت حاجات وانت عند الكاشير بقوله انا معايا اورنچ ڤاوتشر
قالي مفيش و بعدين لما قولتله اللولو موجودة عندي في الباراتنرز قالي اصلها مش مفعلة عندي
شيء في منتهى السوء كاني جاي اشحت منكم
أسوأ مكان دخلته


LuLu Hypermarket - Sore taste and bad smell bakery products

Dear sir,
I just purchased a creamy brioche cake from lulu hypermarket dibba, when i opened in my house and my kids took it so after sometime they started vomiting.. when i checked the products inside then it have a sore taste and bad smell inside .. when i opened all the bread cake then the cream inside become yellowish look like fungus and smell very bad ...

Really very disappointed from the product and affected my kids very bad for me ..

My receipt of the purchased items : 827047

Date and time: 17.10.2021 20:51

Store : 2410



LuLu Hypermarket - Complaint about sales

I purchased new Samsung zflip mobile,
Two months old, and got damage particularly for Samsung zflip there is an value added package called registration in Samsung care plus but no one from sales team in d ring road informed as about this package due to this as a customer we have to pay 2000 riyal amount instead of paying 400 riyal

I tried to register this complain no one in customer service and duty manager not responding properly

LuLu Hypermarket - Refrigerator

I bought a refrigerator from lulu in muhaisinah 4 three and half year ago and suddently it atopped working so I called the customer care service to come and check the peoduct and they told me to off the refrigerator for 24 hrs and then turn on the fridge and this issue is due to climate cheange and I did accoding to their instruction and it didnt work so I called them once again so they called me today saying that they cannot come and check the refrigerator it will make xtra charge. How badly they are speaking to customers.. This is the second time iam experiencing such rude behaviour from them... They are not at all bothered about the service... Very bad

Desired outcome: Do the work sinceirly

LuLu Hypermarket - Mobile

I went to Al khoud, Muscat, Oman branch for buying mobiles. After selecting the mobile, the sales person told that he will pack the display piece itself. I had seen that mobile on display even 6months back, so they are trying to sell the old displayed mobiles also. They was no discount also. Then I went to Nesto which is very close by and the same mobile price sealed piece was 6riyal less than the Lulu.

LuLu Hypermarket - Missing items from trolley

Yesterday lulla hypermart eqaila I purchased some electronics items and cosmetic items but your trolley boy did not keep all items in the trolley. I seen the video and found some missing items. But you staff is not agree to pay back full amount of missing items they agree to pay 50% of total amount which is not fair. Please take necessary action to resolve this issue. [protected] is my number. Please see attached photo of missing items

LuLu Hypermarket - Furniture

Dear lulu managers, i came yesterday on the 1st of October to sar branch bahrain to buy a shoe cabinet it was fully white, a guy there told me i can assumable it for u fully brown if u like i told him ok i will come later and the next day i went to dana mall branch i saw the same shoe cabinet with brown doors i asked him if he can change it into fully brown he said we can't u have to buy it as it is, so i have decided to go back to sar mall branch and get it from there apparently the managers spoke to each others and decided to give it to me all white color however in the website its brown and white, and the manager told me depends on your LUCK how the package will be when you purchase the iteam if its brown we will do it brown if its white we will do it white, , im so unsatisfied with the whole senrio.

For more information please contact me i will be happy to discuss it further


LuLu Hypermarket - Bluetooth delivery price 91 riyal 3 to 5 days u tell provide one 6 days finish what is this sir plz my give me my delivery

Plz give my delivery 0243353264Sir my request check my delivery no [protected] Bluetooth onlion or price 91 riyal tell home delivery with in 3 to 5 days today 6 days finish don't give my delivery plz u check my delivery except my request my mobile no [protected]

Desired outcome: Delevery

LuLu Hypermarket - Gouda cheese / minced meat / New Zealand butter / potatoes

Dear sirs, Kindly iam disappointed from lulu almaza branch. As I wasca regular customer of lulu Uae, qatar even here in egypt in 5th district But the new branch has a wide problem in the quality of...

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