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Windstream DSL Internet / poor service provided!

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This letter is in regard to the subpar service that we are receiving from Windstream for internet service. I pay for the top-of-the-line service, which is 3.0. However, I have not been receiving what I’m paying for for nearly a month, now. Online broadband tests often show me at half the speed I am supposed to be getting (or slightly more or less), or the DSL connection is dropped completely. I have called to complain to Windstream numerous times, and it seems that they are incapable of fixing the problem. To start with, their phone techs tend to try to blame the problem on something we’ve added to the computer, like a router or anti-viral software, instead of seeing if it’s something on their end. We’ve had two techs come out to our home, and they do system checks and various tests that they repeat over and over, and can’t seem to find a problem, other than the sometimes mentioned “packet loss”. This packet loss would be an issue on their end, which one tech has admitted to us. However, they don’t seem to be able to fix the issue of this packet loss. My wife has recently started working from home, and is highly dependent on Windstream to provide the high speed internet service that they claim to have. She must have consistent internet service, including the speed that they claim to offer (and that we are paying for). Ironically, the third time a tech came out (Friday, Jan. 26—the day after we complained again), the internet was working as it should with no problems. This is one day out of three weeks, mind you. He said that no one had done anything differently to it. Not very reassuring, since we had just complained again the night before about this, and to find out that they didn’t make an effort to address the problem, and didn’t even send him out until later in the afternoon, given our stream of complaints for a week. Since on this particular day the tech found no problems, he told us just to monitor it for a few days and let them know if we have more problems. The very next day, our DSL was running the same subpar speed, sometimes less than half of what we are paying for. This makes me suspicious that perhaps they tweaked the system since they knew that a tech was coming out again. However, as we figured, we continue to have inadequate DSL service. Apparently, if they can have the DSL running as it should one day, they should be able to do so on a consistent basis. There are no other options for internet DSL service in our particular area. Windstream needs to provide us with the service they claim to have, or they need to step aside and let companies who can provide consistent, reliable internet service come into the area. As a matter-of-fact, I would like to find out if this is possible. Perhaps if Windstream had competition, they would be more inclined to ensure that their customers are getting the service they are paying for. Regardless, it is now that my wife needs reliable internet service, and whether this was personal or business, they need to provide what they advertise. We have neighbors that are also disgusted with the lack of service Windstream is providing. They are extremely upset about this, as well, as they have a home business that also relies on internet access. As it stands, Windstream’s service is unacceptable, and cannot continue in this manner. I don’t see how legally they can get away with charging customers top dollar for service, and then not fixing problems that are brought to their attention. Either they are incapable of fixing the problem, or they don’t really care. My wife must have consistent, fast DSL service in order to do her job. And if Windstream cannot-- or will not-- provide this service and do everything they can to ensure that we are getting it, then we will do what we have to in order to ensure that they do. This is my wife’s career that Windstream is affecting, and we will pursue this relentlessly, until they provide the type of service they are supposed to. Any assistance that you would give us in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Thomas E. Fontaine

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  • Re
      16th of Mar, 2007
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    I have had this service for about a month and a half. I cannot believe the terrible service that I am receiving, I've called Windstream on numerous occasions and have had techs out four times. The techs say "we only had a two-day class on this stuff", they really do not know how to fix their own equipment but the company is quick to send a bill in the mail. I am paying for 3.0 also, I usually get 1.0-2.0 during the day but I only get 300-500kbps in the afternoon. I am no expert at this but it seems to me that the problem is where the connections from the area meet or not enough repeaters or amplifiers in the fiber optic cable every so many miles which is required for fiber-optics that travel great distances. If another company comes through my area like cable, I am dropping Windstream altogether. This company is complete garbage, it shows in their customer service and in their techs. I have been waiting for them to come by again for two day's now, when I called last night they said that my ticket was closed, WHAT? They say that it must have been closed by accident. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  • An
      20th of Mar, 2007
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    Three days out of the last month, Windstream DSL has been down. My computer is not the problem, as I will test the connection with a desktop and a laptop. Two were Sundays and last evening, March 19th. Don't they have a 24/7 service commitment?

    Interestingly, I can get dialup service still, although last night it was at 14.4 kbs.

    Is anyone else experiencing such trouble?

  • Sc
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    18882923827 is their 24/7 number... Repeaters and Amplifiers really aren't that common in the DSL you have the Central office equipment that connects to the Dsl Pin then connects to a cable... Normally that runs into a Cross box that the service can go different directions... So if the CO equip is bad or you have a faulty pin or a bad cable it could cause slower speeds.. also it depends on the distance you are away from your remote or CO... One thing you may try is typing in and reset your isp... That should help with the packet loss...

  • De
      25th of May, 2007
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    I just want to say "I HAVE HAD POOR QUALITY/SLOW DSL SPEED" from Windstream DSL service since the cold day in Dec. 05 when I signed up for the service... Thanks, I wanted to get that off my chest and now I know I am not the only one out there with this $#%*&!!! problem...

  • Dw
      10th of Oct, 2007
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    I have had the same experience with Windstream. It has escalated over the past three years to the point where the company has begun to "cram" our bills. We were over billed almost $200 last month. The number of months we have had service for the entire month I can count on one hand. I work from home some days and my significant other relies heavily on our Internet service for her work as a designer. When we moved to this location (about 40 mins. outside of Atlanta, one of the largest cities in the U.S.) the company was Alltel. The service was so poor we actually canceled the account and tried to use VOIP and DirecWay for phone/Internet service. This didn't work so, because there isn't another provider in the area (40 mins outside of a large U.S. major city), we were forced to resume our sentence with Alltel/Windstream. When we asked the company to repair our service they sent out a surly, elderly man who left all of his spare cable, tape, etc in the yard when he left (like 50' of coiled cable and the rest just laying in the grass waiting for my lawnmower). Every service call I have had over the past three years have resulted in the same kind of unaccountable finger-pointing you previously described. My most recent mistake with Windstream was bundling my Dish service with my Windstream service. Though the charges are handled by Dish the actual billing is handled by Windstream. So, if you somehow had some clarification as to what your monthly bill from Dish was actually supposed to be, you couldn't pay them directly anymore. You would have to pay Windstream the amount they think you should pay, not the amount Dish thinks you should pay.


  • Je
      13th of Oct, 2007
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    Windstream used to be Alltel until some yahoo decided that the two should somehow find each other in a pool of primordial ooze and merge. All the while that I had Alltel I never experienced any problems whatsoever. They ran a tight DSL. Now Windstream comes hopping along. I was graciously allowed to keep my Alltel e-mail inbox, but was not allowed to enjoy the same trouble free service I got with Alltel. About every 7 days, almost like clockwork, my Windstream DSL connection is trashed. I lose everything. No mail. No browsing. No nothing but a flashing green light on the modem reminding me the modem is no longer communicating with the outside world. And it stays this way. Rebooting does not help at all. The only way I can get my DSL connection back is by completely uninstalling and reinstalling the Speedstream modem and network mojo. Only then does everything work again. Don't even try contacting Windstream. If you try posting a problem on their site, when your connection is working, you will be told to first create an account. This is stupid because you're suppose to ALREADY HAVE A FREAKING ACCOUNT! If you e-mail them directly you will be told to call technical support. If you call you will be handed to someone who speaks only Romulan. If another DSL provider hits your area don't hesitate in changing over to them!

  • Sh
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    Man we pay for 3.o service, and all I get is ~250kb/s, Thats on a good day too!!!

  • Lo
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    It is funny that They can make it work for a few days after spending 3 and one half hours on the phone with a tech, who mutters enough English to cause you to have to have them repeat every sentence over and over until you teach them another few words of English. This is slower than Dial Up Stupid AOL and I hate that outfit.

    I agree with the other postings they are 100% right. You can also note that their service is worse at PEAK TIME PERIODS when the Kids are in from school. They should have ENOUGH Equipment to handle the High Volume periods. CAN ANYONE DO ANY THING to HELP?


  • Da
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    Windstream sucks BIG TIME!! Not only their broadband which took me 3 days to get fixed after talking to Indians(on weekends). They tried blaming it on MY computer..when it ended up being a software issue on their end.

    NNow my phone line is laying on the middle of the I call and they can't come for a WEEK! I kid you not. I tried explaining it has almost caused an accident several times but they don't care.


  • Gr
      25th of Nov, 2007
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    I am both glad and saddened to see that I am not alone when dealing with the blight that is Windstream.

    I have been using Windstream's "broadband" for just under a month now, and while it was a great when it was first installed, the DSL signal that allows high-speed connections simply disappeared - like we never had the service in the first place. I have called their "support" offices, and after acting like I cared about what the person on the other end of the line was saying, they said they will be sending another technician to fix our problem, saying that we would be charged if said technician had to "enter our premIses" (he pronounced it prem-eye-sis, showing how well-trained the technical support is). I had to politely remind him my account was under the coverage of their Protection Package.

    When I said another, I did not make a typo. I have had to deal with Windstream's "service" ever since my Alltel landline-based services was renamed to Windstream. My phone line has been filled with static ever since the beginning, and nothing has been done over the ENTIRE YEAR that we have been paying them.

    As such, I have come to this conclusion about Windstream: If I ever end up in another area where Windstream is the only service provider, I will very likely abandon the means of landline-based telecommunication, use satellite internet, and just use a cellphone to call people.

    I have been raised to say at least one good thing about bad people/companies/stuff, so here it is:

    The technician that gets sent out here for our troubles is very likable, and seems to know what he's doing.

  • Do
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    I also have wind stream dsl and have only had a top speed of 1.73 out of 3.0 in 1 1/2 years. My net service also cuts out every night at 3am. As soon as my contract is up I'm going back to cable. I'm tired of the non-English speaking tech. Help, welcome to America, speak the language or get out.

  • Ti
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    We have had Windstream DSL since Friday. It is now Monday. I have run a speed test using various websites and have only once gotten over the 2000 KBPS. The usual is about 900 KBPS. I have called tech support and they put a ticket in on Sunday and said a service person would be out Monday morning SHARP! I called Monday afternoon at 2 pm ( this afternoon) because no tech yet. They said the ticket had been resolved on their end, they check the switch room etc. and no problem. I said no way, I have been speed testing all day and I have gotten consistently low numbers. They said OK and escalated the ticket and said someone would be out tomorrow. I have had low numbers and the service has completely shut down at least three times a day since getting it Friday. I hope they can fix this and SOON. My father is a phone man for Iowa TElecom and he said it is DEFINITELY on the hardware side, as in the cable pair that runs between my house and the closest box and then onto the Local switch room.

    No who, I'll update when I get some answers...

  • Ly
      7th of Dec, 2007
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    I am curious where in the country all of you are located. We are in north central New Mexico. I often get less than 1/10th of the maximum rate. Does anyone know if there is a MINIMUM kbps they promise. I notice on the speed tests it says "SPEEDS UP TO" 1500 or 3000 kbps. Does this mean they have permission to deliver speeds of.. (I am not kidding here guys, this is their own speed test) 33kbps?

    Using there speed test program, I get 33kbps while there are teling me it looks "Just fine." ... and don;t get me started on teh tech support in India. Arghh!!

    Anybody had any luck talking to the PUC.

  • La
      17th of Dec, 2007
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    I recently got DSL (2 1/2 months ago) and had numerous problems with getting the service hooked up and then they overbilled me and have added other aditional charges that I was never informed of in the first place. I have had to call them every month when I get my bill to dispute the charges and incorrect billing. I never had any problems until my provider changed from Alltel to Windstream. I am also tired of talking to overseas operators who can't speak english nor can understand english or they want to sell me a service I don't want or they say teh problem is on my end and everytime it was proven to be an issue with their crap. I was so fed up that I just filed a complaint with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office because I feel many others are being scammed as well.

  • No
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    I work in infosec so I have to write a lot of policies and agreement contracts. You should really all look at your service agreements you signed and see if they list a minimum service requirement of some kind. It should be some kind of minimum speed that they insure you will get. If they aren't including that in the contract then it is likely that they knew from the start they couldn't provide what they promised.

    If this is the case you should look into canceling your internet and resubscribing to get a new service agreement, and don't just sign whatever they ask if you don't like it mark through stuff and correct it but make sure to initial your corrections. That way you aren't agreeing to pay a premium price for a low grade product.

    I work for a major company that provides internet services and this is my best recommendation, also tell them to send you to a higher tier of tech support until you get to someone that knows whats going on, those indian guys you talk to are just reading a standard troubleshooting manual.

  • Do
      30th of Dec, 2007
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    Ever hear about the( PSC )Public Service Commission give them a call the phone companies with jump through hoops to statisfya complanint logged with the PSC.

    I at one time use to work for Alltel before they became Windstream. We have several problems that exisit with this company. Years ago they use to preform mantenance on the outside plant fixing bad spots in the underground and aerial cables. They stopped this practice to save on cost. You as a customer are paying for this with bad service. Many of the customers have hum's and static on the line they have learned to live with. Then you have the light trouble on the lines you can't hear but will effect the signal for your DSL. I found that over 50 percent of the trouble for DSL is in the cable. When you get a tech that really doesn't know what the problem is, its easier to blame it on the customers equipment.

    The other issue is Alltel and Windstream do not train all of there people in the use of the test equipment for running the trouble. They will train a few then have them pass on information to others. This saves them money in training. What you get is a lack of training and the techs struggle.

    Windstream came out and told all of its people we are about the sells first customers last. Ever wonder why you get hit so hard on sells? Customer service has become a thing of the past with them. They want the sells to help keep up the stocks. Keeping the stock holders happy

    As a customer the only recourse you have to get the job done is to complain to the PSC with governs the Utilitiy companies every state has one. Phone companies do not want you to know this info it can stop them from getting rate increases if compaint are not resolved.

  • Mi
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    I got Alltel dsl 3 yrs ago and my 1.5 speed was just fine. Then wind stream came in the picture and the speed started getting slower and slower, then I upgraded to 3.0 and had a lot faster dsl line for 3 months. Then it started allover again the ping time started getting slower. I call the tech rep many of time waiting hour at a time just to talk to someone that could speak proper English not India. They said the ping would get better on the 26 Jan 08 but as you can see ping time below that was a lie.( I live in Florida ) As a customer the only recourse you have to get the job done is to complain to the PSC with governs the Utility companies.

    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=531ms TTL=55
    Reply from bytes=32 time=605ms TTL=55
    Reply from bytes=32 time=620ms TTL=55
    Reply from bytes=32 time=774ms TTL=55

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 531ms, Maximum = 774ms, Average = 632ms

  • Mi
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    All these comments are making me consider the higher cost Satellite Internet Providers rather than wait for Windstream DSL to become available in my area.

    Hughes Satellite Internet -

    WildBlue Internet - (my current preference from what I have read)

    These are not recommended if you are a big online gamer due to heavy bandwidth. You are limited due to Fair Access Policy that I found told by Wildblue but not found told by Hughesnet:

    From their website:
    Since WildBlue is a shared network, we have a Fair Access Policy to ensure that extraordinary usage by a few customers doesn't negatively affect the normal usage of other customers. For the vast majority of users, the Fair Access Policy has no effect on their usage. For a few very heavy bandwidth users, the system may restrict their bandwidth and therefore their speed. See WildBlue's Fair Access Policy.

    I could not find this information advertised on the Hughesnet Website like I did on the WildBlue website, hmmmmmm, wonder why?

    Windstream DSL is still not available in my area so I am still stuck with Dial-up and cannot provide feedback on thier service. I am considering Satellite Service.

    Hope this helps with options.

  • Mi
      21st of Mar, 2008
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    Don't do Satellite Service, you'll be sorry, before you decide, read the many users who are complaining about both Hughes and WildBlue, aslo read the contract, it is insane, they want access to your bank account.

    Most Satellite Service subscribers are upset because there service is not much faster than dial up, that is if it works at all. If you have a decent dial up speed, stick with it, if you need to, do your homework, , ,
    I too was about to sign up for a Satellite Service and I talked to a friend that had it, he told me it was the worst possible thing he has ever spent money on and that they were ripping his checking account off every month.

  • Ne
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I ran across this as I was searching for answers to my own dsl issues. I too am in Windstream area with no other alternatives. Same as original complaint, service is terrible. I certainly don't get what I pay for. My speedtest are rarely over the Lite service and I pay for Ultra. At least once a week I have no service and have to reboot the modem. God only help me if it rains. I can definitely count on having no service. When I call tech support now, they are from another country, literally in another country. What's up with that. Often I am told they are not familiar but their supervisor will call me back to resolve this issue within an hour. Never get call backs, can never get back in touch with same tech. Unbelievable. I have another residence with Bellsouth/AT&T(now) dsl service and never have I had these issues with that service. I am totally frustrated with not having another option. I long for the day of the opportunity to have another ISP. Just to let you know I feel your pain!

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