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Spectrum driver was driving crazy. over speed limit, tailgating, cutting off vehicles. Today July 27 2020. He was traveling south from san Bernardino, California to moreno valley, California on reche canyon road. Entered Reche Canyon at 509pm. I hope you can figure out who it was because he will probably kill someone.

You can call me [protected] for details.

Customer service. Representative named chad

New to the Florida, Upon trying to understand my Billing charges/cycle just "confused" of charges I called Customer Serv. An Rep (Man) By Name Chad Boldly & unprofessionally made a Comment to me."Whats The Matter You Dont like Paying Your Bills?" Absolutely INAPPROPRIATE & unprofessional! Doesnt know me or my situation in life Absolutely Hurtful!

outside pole cable

just bought a new house, 6752 Gracely Dr, 45233. there is a big tree in the front yard with big branches weighing down cable line. almost looks like branch is starting to grow around the cable. This looks like a very serious problem that could get some on injured, Or even be snagged by a truck going
by. Could you please send someone to look at this and trim back the branches?
Thank you ~ Bobbi Pace

loss of shows I enjoy

Well, since the very first comment I saw when I signed on to contact you was asking you to take the show I MISS off. I guess I'm out of luck. BUT I'll go ahead and ask anyway. I enjoyed three shows/FOUR shows that I can no longer watch... Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Bonanza and The Waltons. Please consider putting them SOMEWHERE in your daily line up!

over charges

I was overcharged apparently fromn day 1 with charter I was also advised they can charge any amount and told only new customer's can get the lower rate my bill went from 97.00 monthly to 197 and the service was disconnected due to over charged and unable to pay the larger amount which I attempted to get reduced on several occasions the service has been off since November 2019 and not they tell me I owe over 1000.00 this is unfair business practice and fraud, and regulation violations because I was never givien any disclourse reagrding payment changes to the account.

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customer service employees in danville ky

On December 2 [protected]@2:37p.m. I came to the Danville service center with my brother in law, who has internet service thru spectrum, and there were 2 employees working one male and one female, name tags were not visible. But there was a line of about 15 people and the female was the only employee doing any work, the extremely large gentleman behind the counter was doing nothing besides telling customers that they would be with them shortly. It makes no sense that this gentleman gets paid God knows what to do nothing other than direct customers to the end of the line. We stood there for almost 20 minutes before being waited on!! RIDICULOUS!! He very well could have been waiting on customers, thereby getting them out sooner and avoiding this complaint!!

phone & internet service billing

Re: Account #[protected]

On May 31, 2019, business (removed) receiving Spectrum/Time Warner Phone & Internet Service was sold and the operations were moved to a new location (removed), effective July 15, 2019. All Spectrum/Time Warner equipment were moved to the new location by the new owner. New owner contacted Spectrum/Time Warner about transferring services but services were not activated at the new location.

Nonetheless, a Spectrum/Time Warner invoice was received at the new [removed] address, with an Invoice Date of 9/1/19. The invoice showed a previous balance of $511.19 and a current $511.03, for a total of $1022.22. New owner stated that he never received the "previous balance" invoice.

I, [name removed] (previous [removed] owner) contacted Spectrum/Time Warner about the situation on 9/13/19 and was told nothing could be done about bill since it showed that service was still active at the [removed] location even though I explained what had transpired. He said that service would be terminated, effective 9/13/19.

New owner received a "Disconnection Notice" on 10/2/19 with a new balance of $1, 534.23. I contacted Spectrum/Time Warner and was told that the 9/13/19 termination had not been processed.

Desired Resolution: Remove the charges from 7/15/19 -on since Spectrum/Time Warner services were not and could not be delivered to the[removed] location after all the Spectrum/Time Warner equipment had been removed from that location.

[name removed]

intermittent signal cutoff, will not finish repair

I had been having signal cutoff, bad picture, poor signal. I called and they sent out a rep to the house, had to stay home and they came in and checked out the house equipment and hook ups. All was good inside. He checked the box on the street and the signal coming into there was the problem, plus we have 17 year old cable run up to the house from the box by the street. He suggested we get that changed too, so he put in a order for it to get done. They did the work on the area boxes and service improved but I am still getting intermittent problems. I called to check the status of the cable replacement and there is no order. He will not send anyone to check out the problem because none shows up on his end right now. A big run around, they do not want to finish the job so I can get a dependable signal to my house. Plus if when I call again it shows up as a bad signal, then I have to stay home again for the repair window, and waste mine and there time sending someone to check the same stuff as before. I have been with this company for 25 to 30 years and have paid them plenty, I ask for decent customer service and equipment. Replace my old cable as offered by the last service rep that came here, unacceptable phone customer service run around.

mobile service

September 7, 2019

To Whom It May Concern,

This is my response to your message of August 29, 2019.  We were charter customers for Spectrum cell phones.  At that time we were told we had to buy new phones, of which we did not need.  But in order to comply we did buy new phones.  The payment was to be added to our mothly statement which was to be $69.60 monthly.  The cell phone you replied about had been my husband's phone.  He used it ONLY to call & answer calls, he did not know how to do anything else on it & didn't care to learn.  He only did that for 6 months before passing away. Feb. 11, 2019. That cell phone sat on his chair side table always. We purchased a cover to protect it.  It was NEVER anywhere NEAR water or any kind of moisture.  I waited for months for Spectrum to tell me if I should return the phone or what I should do.  If it was late returning it was Spectrum employee fault.  I called several times trying to clear this all up.  I had requested for his name & phone to be removed from my account.  And a removal of the charges for the above from my monthly bill. The letter I recieved Aug 29, 2019 was in error, & I am Very dissappointed in Spectrum for allowing this letter stating definate untrue statements regarding this barely used phone.  I still see his name has not been removed from the account, even though I have called several times asking about it, and getting the runaround about they are still verifying the information regarding Charles, my late husband.  My grief has been intensified by Spectrum, regarding the way this has been handeled, & apparently is still pending. I will seek further administrative personnel to further discuss this matter.
Respectfully, Peggy Resz                     Dunedin, Florida 34698                      Acct# 141779

tv commercial

They have a commercial that a guest rings the door bell. Every time this comes on my dog attacks the front door and barks for 10 minutes. They play the commercial 6 to 8 times per hour. I wish they would change this knowing most dog go crazy when the door bell rings. They need to change the sound of the door bell to a different tone.

Please consider animals when making TV commercials.

unethical billing practice

I was a customer in good standing with Spectrum for two years. I decided to end my service when my new billing arrived. My billing cycle I've been told started on the 17th of July, I received my bill on the 19th of July. I returned all of my equipment on that day. I asked the Customer Service representative if I should pay the new billing, he said wait for the adjusted billing . My billing for the next month starting on the 17th was for $227.93. I received a final bill for 07/20/2019 through 08/19/2019 for $227.93. I called Customer Service and was told they no longer adjust billing. I am being charged a full month for two days of service. This certainly can't be the way a company expects people to refer business to them. I feel like I've been robbed and when told it was a new procedure, if not paid the amount would go to collections. This company wants to exact funds they're not entitled to, then threaten to destroy your credit standing if you don't comply. I will no longer do business with Spectrum, recommend them to anyone and will research to find out who else Spectrum is involved with and not do business with them as well.

Kevin A. O'Banyoun
6714 Old Square Drive
Corpus Christi TX 78414

internet... going in and out for about a year.


We started having issues with our internet going in and out about a year ago. We called, and a technician came out and attempted to fix the problem. But unfortunately our internet continued to go in and out. We put up with it for many months and finally called again.
Once again a technician was sent out...he ran a couple test and said the problem was on the outside line...He ran a new cable line from the pole to the house.

That same day we continued to have the internet drop in and out. Yes we should have called then, but to rule out the possibility that it was our modem or router I decided to wait until we bought a new router and modem and just maybe the problem would go away.

A few months later we bought a new router modem combo and nothing changed.
This is our issue...
Our internet sometimes drops for only a couple minutes and comes back on and sometimes it goes out for hours, but it happens all the time in the amount of 2-10+ times every day.

By now we are getting frustrated and just want this issue fixed.
So I called once again and they are sending a technician to attempt to fix the issue.

Now let me explain what really makes me upset.
After talking to technical support I asked to be transferred to billing.
I've been a customer of cable for over 20 years...I pay my bill in full, early, every month, but I receive partial internet. (my service is for high speed internet only)
I have never asked for a refund or discount in the past but decided this time I was owed something for not getting full service for almost a year.

After talking with billing they said they would give me a $10 credit on my bill...Since I did not call every time the internet went out they have no way of proving my service has been going in and out for all those months.

I don't agree...because every time I did call they could see that my internet had been dropping and knew I was having issues...just this last call the technician said it had gone out 5 times just that day, and the day was only about half over.

Anyhow...a $10 credit for all that I have been putting up with was an absolute insult.
I wanted to say "keep your $10 and cancel my service".

I don't want to leave Time Warner...Please make this right.

sewer line damage by spectrum contractor

My house's sewer pipe line was cut broken by spectrum's construction, caused sewer back up in my...


So I have just wrapped up my one year service with Charter Spectrum here in Durham, NC and as it ended my...

my bill is too high and keeps going up!!!

I'm a Senior on a fixed income and with the recent Spectrum / TWC rate increases I can not afford my cable...

internet speed

There are often no internet connection. Specific dates are on file. The latest dates are 12/24/18, 12/25/18, 12/26/18
We have complained to customer service many times. Immediately after the complain the speed is fine - around 80 mbps - meaning equipment is working. But then the speed goes down.
The connection speed is 10 times less than promised and often even less
And I pay $86 per month for that awful service.
Account # 10303-[protected]-0001

bill increase

I wanted to complain about the $1 increase in service without notification on the dec billing. I am suppose to be getting 200gb of internet and most days im lucky to get 75gb and you want to increase the rate??? Sucky service if you ask me. If I call to get help its good for a day then reverts back to same old slow internet.

Kay renfroe
Indian trail nc


We keep getting charged from someone else's account from our bank account it's been reoccurring problem and has not been fixed. It's happened 2 months in a row and it's a big chunk of money. Your supposed to secure our information apparently it's not safe when someone in a different state is able to link to our account and I've made several complaints to fix issue and it's costed us.


My internet slows down tremendously for late payment but not disconnected. For 5 days I had little to no internet. However, Time Warner/Spectrum still charges me for internet even though it's not at the speed I paid for in my agreement. This practice is fraudulent. They have found a way to collect money from you without providing a service. I contacted customer service and was told by the representative that the mistakenly didn't remove the mechanism that slows down my internet even though I had already paid. I spoke to 2 departments who refused to provide any credit for this fraudulent practice because "they" have not seen any outages in my area and that I didn't call earlier. This is why I will never use Time Warner again. They are sneaky and unhelpful even when they are the ones to cause the issue. Sincerely, an unhappy and regrettable customer of Time Warner/Spectrum.

installation debacle

Original order date was July 3rd with an install date of August 20th. I'm a "planner" so I ordered service...