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[Resolved] customer service

Windstream is an awful company! I first switched to Windstream when I moved. I called all the companies in town to find out the best deals on cable, internet and phone and Windstream had an excellent bundle deal, $70 a month for the first year, $89 a month after that. It would include Dish network and wireless internet. Well, of course it was too good to be true. My first bill was over $350.00. All the set up costs and a bunch of crap added to the bill that I never agreed to!! For an entire month I called windstream to fix the bill. They had outrageous charges that I never agreed to sign up for and after multiple calls they took the charges off, but that still didn't equal the amount that I originally heard from the company when I first signed up. So here I am with my second bill, and what do you know. I have a $136.00 bill, far from the $70 a month service that I signed up for. As for customer service they have not been helpful one bit!
How can a company be allowed to tell customers one price, but then completely change it was they have you locked. When I asked them why the amount is different to what I originally signed up for I got two answers. 1. I'm not sure who told you that you can get service for that's too low, we would never agree to that and 2. well, the bill is only slightly higher than what you signed up for, so what's the big deal.
totally ridiculous!!!

  • Windstream Communications's response · Feb 23, 2010

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. We take matters like yours seriously and want to resolve your issues. Please contact our Complaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST. You may also email us at [email protected]

  • Cr
    crystal4134 Apr 01, 2011

    This company is rude and apparantly mentally challenged! I pay my bill through a bank draft but it seems like every oter month they charge me a fee saying they are unable to locate the account. After double checking at bank and I find they never submitted anything for payment, I call windstream and after a good 45 minute hold I am told they will retry. Well guess what they find the account that they couldnt find 3 days earlier. But they still charge me even though it isn't my fault. Then after going through bills, I see where 5 months ago they added an internet security pack which i didnt need or ask for, I was told it was a free trial and i refused at the time but it was still added, but I can not get it removed or credited. This company is a rip off so much that I have decided enough is enough and canceling service!!

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  • Ex
    ex_man Jun 10, 2011

    Winsdtream has to be the worst customer service company ever... you have to call them multiple times...keep getting transfered to the wrong department or in to the black hole, only to have to hang up and call back to be put on hold for 20 min, then trandfered to steady busy... and when you get to the right person... good luck...

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[Resolved] misleading sales

Through a phone call solicitation from a Buffalo area office, I agreed to the $49.99 internet/phone lock-in...

[Resolved] keep passing the problem from 1 person to another

We have reported our internet/dsl problems everyday for a week and half. They keep passing the problem from 1...

[Resolved] stay away from them

Windstream promised broadband in our area three years ago before I decided to build here in rural Kentucky. They have not come one foot closer to me and refuse to deal with the issue. My wife is disabled and I have a heart condition and we depend on the internet. The dial up service is essentially worthless. I cannot even pull up a news story let alone any kind of internet research. The simple fact is that rural customers are treated like trash. Daily I see Winstream ads for $49 service for local, long distance and broadband. We are limited to having to have two lines (one for internet) at the cost of $100 a month. On a fixed income that is tough.

  • Windstream Communications's response · Feb 04, 2010

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. We take matters like yours seriously. Please contact our Complaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST so we can check the availability of Broadband service in your area. You may also email us at [email protected]
    Thank you,
    Windstream Customer Support

  • Su
    suzie1949 Nov 16, 2010

    This must be an every day occurrence with Windstream service. I have been trying to help a hearing impaired individual in Olive Hill KY since July 2010, and Windstream has the worst customer service that I've ever encountered. I even made a special trip to his home on November 8, 2010, in order to try to get him better internet service with Windstream, as it took 20 minutes to download a picture. He agreed to pay an additional $5.00/month to upgrade his service. Windstream representative informed me that his new service would be effective at 7:00 PM on November 8. To this date, with many phone calls and email messages, Windstream has not done anything about this gentleman's internet service, and he has had NO internet service since November 8. I spoke with an ombudisman on November 12, 2010, and he assured me that a technician would be arriving at this gentleman's residence on Saturday, November 13, 2010. I even had a neighbor watching for a Windstream truck. No Windstream technician showed up, not even a phone call from Windstream, yet this gentleman stayed home from 9-12:00 noon, awaiting their arrival. I'm assuming that Windstream has a monopoly of service in this area, but there is something that customers can do, I'm sure. Contacts need to be made to the FCC and the Attorney General's office in KY. I believe an advocacy group needs to be formed in order to get Windstream to quit taking advantage of customers and upgrade their lines, for better internet service. To this date, November 16, 2010, this gentleman has NO internet service, and NO assistance from Windstream. Nobody should have to endure this type of customer service, from anyone. Since he's hearing impaired and not computer literate, this has been the most frustrating situation that I've ever encountered. Hello "" as their service has to be better than Windstream.

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[Resolved] forced to have a landline - unfair

If you live in Dawsonville, Georgia, and want DSL in your home, Windstream Communications is your only...

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bad dsl service

After numerous complaints to windstream for constantly loosing DSL service and almost daily visits by their techs I am still experiencing DSL interuptions and speeds down as low as .14 downloads while I am paying $90 per month for 3mbs service. After contacting them tonight, after their tech was here this morning and said everything was ok, about my being knocked off and speed being slow their support tech wanted me to breack down my computer and move it to another phone jack in another part of my home to which I told her no and she replied that I was being uncooperative at which time I asked to speak to a supervisor and she would not allow it and told me they would have a tech out again in the morning. This has been an ongoing problem for almost 3 months now with no answer to my complaints so maybe someone will read this and help me out !

  • Su
    Sucker Bait Dec 25, 2011

    Can't help you with solving this problem, because I am in the same boat. My 2-wire DSL (which was working fine) went out on me about 2 months ago and they came the next day and replaced it, but the speed dropped from 2.5 down to .39, so they came out the next day and was going to replace the Sagem 1704 with another one, but after testing it, decided it was't the modem, but the line conditions. Not mine but theirs. The last time I called them and told them I still had a problem, they said that it was just this area and that I would have to wait until after the first of the year before they would be able to upgrade their equipment. I am stuck with DSL at Dial up speed. It is hard to run a business online with this problem.

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yes i had proplems with windstream first my internet work but not the phone and they said office proplem and chaege me for a service call next when i paid fore my phone n inernet and paid my cable bill early and ask for get more channels thye charge for the extende basic n said i will have in 5pm that day well its 3 day later n i still have not got to extended cable i paid for and once again they said office proplem but i over it windstream lies and takes the custermers mony for the proplems in the office. iso i think windstream need to get there ck toghtere before they loss more clients like they just lost me

[Resolved] scam and cheating

Telecommunication Company Windstream--has billed me for over 1 1/2 years for a telephone service, they don't own and is billed by another provider, Time Warner Cable.

Windstream acknowledge the error but refuse to fix it; in addition, decline to answer a BBB Complaint. The Account is a phantom account for a telephone number that is already in service under Time Warner whom has contacted Winstream but receive no answers.

In the meantime, I have had about 4 broken promises to fix issue but to no avail. Winstream has now credit the phantom account and moving funds within and demands payment for the correct account in which they have already receive payments, but continue to credit to the phantom account.

This story is so unreal...I can't make this up, and they kicker is they don't know how to fix it, and threaten to ruin my credit for account they already received full payment, but due to their billing system, they don't know how to correct, so I need to make additional payments. Can so one explain this to me...

  • Windstream Communications's response · Oct 13, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult time with your Windstream billing. Please contact our office at 1-877-316-4077 or email us at [email protected] and we will get you the help that you need.

repeat calls and failing to remove my number

8 calls in last 30 days from the number listed above. Last call this evening from them and again they hang up...

sevice loss during the rain

everytime that it rains we've lost internet connection or it gives us about a few minutes of service...


Ever time you call nothing is done, only later to find out that you have been lied to to just get rid of you. My computor takes no less than 15 seconds at the very best to change pages, with 50% of the time never at all. Is there not a no way something can be done. I pay for extra fast and it is not at even extra slow speed. I am being told that it is being worked on, it will be a certain time I should see a difference, and when you call back in a week they denie having ever recieved a call, and ask what are you talking about, no one ever called and we never recieved a complaint. no one here by that name, you must have complained to some one that wasn't even related to windstream as if I was so stupid that I called Kentucky fried chicken and complained to them not us, when they answer as windstream? This is the most crazy out fit I have ever dealt with. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP! PLEASE!!!

[Resolved] poor service

Windstream service is getting worse by the day. Can not seem to get any service or help from anyone. People i do get to talk to can't speek english. Why do i have to talk to someone in India to get proplems solved?

  • Windstream Communications's response · Mar 16, 2010

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. All of our Customer Service Centers are located in the United States. We take matters like yours seriously and want to resolve your issues. Please contact our Complaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST. You may also email us at [email protected]

  • Ma
    Marilyn Watkins Oct 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My friend signed up for windstream Sept.5th and has had no service. She need help. She cannot get on Internet. She is still being Billed.

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  • Ma
    maria garcia Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Windstream is the absolute worst and Alltel isnt far behind. I had the same problmeas others have mentioned here. I was billed after my services were disconnecte. I was billed when I had NO service. I called customer service and was bullied and threatened there.

    Now, I make a concerted effort to tell everyone I can that they will be robbed by Windstream. I filled out a complaint form against them with the FCC and havent heard from them. Recently, AOL was fined millions for ripping off their customers the same way. There has to be a way to stop them from this. it is fraud and theft. Ordinary people like us would have been arrested and charged with a crime for similar actions. Spread the word, cost them customers, then they might shape up.

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  • Vi
    Victoria Lacy Jun 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have spent three days trying to get my e-mail fixed. This is absurd, and Windstream needs to be dealt with harshly. I am not the only one, I have spoken to several individuals that are totally disgusted with the unacceptable or lack their of service and resolution to internet problems.

    I am sick of speaking or trying to speak to individuals with broken English speaking skills in India. I am demanding satisfaction and will deduct daily charges for service I am not getting.

    Disgusted and Mad,
    Victoria L. Lacy.

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  • So
    Sourpuss Aug 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Windstream should make no claims about good or even acceptable customer service. I have reached this opinion based on how Windstream has treated me over the past 8 days.

    <b>Contact with Windstream on 7-25-08</b>
    I called my local Windstream office to see about telephone and internet service. I gave the lady my information (name, address, cell phone number, etc) She read back the information with the wrong street name. I corrected her saying it was South not West. She told me that someone would call me on 7-28-08 with my new phone number and scheduled installation date and time. As I work via the Internet, I will have to delay working for one week and take a loss of $1000 wages.

    I did not receive a phone call from Windstream.

    I went into the local Windstream office. The lady couldn't find my information in the computer. Finally she found the handwritten form in a cupboard. She wrote my phone number and installation date (8-1-08) on a blue post-a-note and gave it to me. I asked what time on the 1st would the technician be out. She said "Oh, they will call you before they come out". Then she verified my cell phone number.

    Ok I have planned my whole day to be home and available for the Windstream service technician. At 2pm, I call the office wondering if the tech is coming or not. The lady tells me that they work until 7pm and yes the tech will be out. She doesn't verify any information like name, address or contact number.

    <b>8pm on 8-1-08</b>
    No technician, no phone call from the technician or the Windstream office. I contact the repair department as they are the only ones available. The lady there informs me that I am not in the system and would have to contact the business office on Saturday morning between 8 and 5 EST.

    <b>8:15am EST 8-2-08</b>
    I call the phone number I was given by the repair representative and get a recording that tells me I need to call back during business hours. So I call repair again. The lady there tells me I have to wait until 8am my time (MT) to reach the business office. So I go to There it says that the business office is open from 8:30 to 5 Eastern. By now it is 8:40 Eastern. So I call the business office number again. I still get the recording that I need to call back during business hours.

    So I call repair again. I ask to speak with a supervisor. I explain to the supervisor that I am very upset and I really need to contact the business office. She places me on hold while she gets someone from the business office on the line. The person from business finally finds my installation information. He is upset with me because I don't have the work order number. I was never given a work order number.

    Finally he finds my information and tells me that I gave them the wrong address so my installation was placed on hold until I contacted them. He informed me that it was my fault that the tech was sent to West instead of South and that I would just have to wait until the next available time for installed. I asked him why the technician had not called me when there was a problem; he said "We don't do that. We wait for the customer to call us when we don't show up."

    I went to where I had Internet access to look up the corporate information for Windstream. I find 501-748-7000 is the main office number. I call it and as I expected, got a recording. The male voice said to leave a message and someone would return my call during the next business day. Then a female voice says "This number does not accept messages".

    So the poor communication and customer service starts right at Windstream corp headquarters.

    So here I sit waiting until 8-8-08 sometime between 8 am and noon to maybe, possibly, have a technician appear to install my phone/internet service. I wonder if Windstream will reimburse me for the second week of lost wages or even apologize to me for the physical and emotional stress their poor customer service has caused me.

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  • Ge
    Gennie mae Smith Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My bill has been more then was explain to me it would be. The bill was suppose to be 67.00 for six months then go up ten more dollars afterward. However I have been paying from 85.00 for six month since the purchase. This month it is 103.06 and I can't figure out why. Since I have been paying already more then what was stated I am sending only the 67.00 the original quote.

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  • JGraceyStinson Jul 30, 2009

    I don't know anything about windstream, but service is pretty much the same with many companies now. Outsourced to a place whose people speak english so badly most people can't make heads or tails of it. I feel your aggravation.

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  • Do
    Doris Franklin Dec 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Called In September to turn off caller ID, etc. on regular phone line. It was finally turned off in December. Ordered wireless router last week, called yesterday they have no record of my order. I am fed up with this company!! The foolish people I have talked with have no IQ more than a worm!! I have been a customer for six years, never been late on payment of a bill which always too high ! I I am very upset!

    Doris Franklin
    1299 Washington Dr.
    Moody, AL 35004

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  • Da
    DaleMitchell Aug 06, 2015

    I have had Windstream for about a year. First off I was paying for 16 meg service and was only get speeds around 400kb max for downloads. About a month ago they upgraded the lines to fiber optics when actually got my speeds up the 16 megs. HOWEVER, my internet has been down at least4 times in the past 4 weeks. The service technician for the first call came 3 days after the promised time. Every time I called I was told he should be there today and he never showed up. I took off work at least 2 of those days thinking they would be there. Since then I have lost my connection 3 more times and each time the person on the phones says its the line and they have to send someone out 3 or 4 days from that day. This is completely frustrating. I keep having the same issue over and over and apparently no one knows how to fix it where it will not continue to happen. They are lucky because I don't have cable as an option where I live or I would have jumped ship a long time ago...

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[Resolved] non published number

For three years I have been paying for a non published phone number. But to my surprise, it is published in the AT&T phone book, which 9 out of 10 people use here. So whats the point! I am paying for nothing. I called windstream. They told me it is not published in their phone book. OK. But most people don't use their phone book. I was always under the impression it was not to be published in any phone book! I wanted credit back for the 3 years. They said no of course. I called AT& T. They told me Windstream is reponsible for letting them know what phone numbers are non published ones so they would not print them! Windstream on the other hand tells me they are not responsible! So who is right?? I will get to the bottom of this! SO if you think you have a non published phone number, dont count on it!!

  • Windstream Communications's response · Jul 15, 2009

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. We take matters like yours seriously and want to resolve your issueconcerning directory listings. Please contact our Complaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EDT. You may also email us at [email protected]

transfer phone number

I wanted to transfer my phone number to T-Mobile Home phone service through my ISP. I stopped using...

dsl disconnects every friday-sunday

I am located in South Western Pennsylvania, southern Washington county. I bought Windstream DSL, 1.5 MB in December 2006. It worked fine till the end of 2007 and I started getting lots of disconnects.

From March 2008 every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the DSL is down. I get sporadic success on Friday, sometime up sometimes down but EVERY Saturday starting around 10:00 - 10:30 AM the DSL would go down. It would reconnect but drop the connection every 2-5 minutes and it would take 3-10 minutes to reconnect. Usually it was fine by 8PM in the evening. Though the past 2 months I noted the problem still occurring after 11:00 PM.

I have the Speedstream 4200 modem. The connection is nothing unusual, its as simple as it gets. The DLS modem is connected to one computer via a Ethernet cable. The DSL plugs into the DLS side of the filer. One phone plugs into the phone side of the filter. The filter plugs into the phone jack.

Rebooting the modem did nothing. I have replaced the filters, 3 so far. I have tried the modem plugged directly into the wall jack. I have changed the phone cable four times. I have replaced the ethernet cable 4 times. None of this solved the problem.

Some techs have mentioned maybe it the electrical wiring in the house. well I have a UPS on my system. On Saturday morning at 9:45 I unplugged the UPS from the wall and ran it on battery. Sure enough at 10:15 the DSL dropped. Hmm maybe there is a problem with the battery?

When finally, after about a year of complaining they sent a tech out and he discovered that the modem was an “A12” version and the current one was the “A25” ok maybe this was the reason. The tech out confirmed that there was a strong signal and the cables and filter were fine or at least he was seeing a good signal when he was here. And the modem was relatively close for a good signal. I set up the modem on a Saturday morning but, as usual on the weekends, the authentication server was down. On Sunday afternoon I was able to finally authenticate the modem. Ok Sunday night it was fine. In fact I was thinking the old firmware was the real problem. The modem worked fine till Friday when it started going down again. So I suppose it wasn’t the modem at all. The new modem would at least display a message saying “We have detected that you do not have DSL connectivity to your Home Networking Modem. After configuration wait a while for DNS to refresh.” Or “Your Internet login needs to be verified before continuing. After configuration wait a while for DNS to refresh.” Either that or it would go into the Authenticate screen. Which is strange because I have already ran the authenticate procedure. It will not complete the authentication, however, it will freeze or the DSL will disconnect preventing anything from happening.

Its difficult for me to imagine replacing all the hardware and I still have the problem but ONLY Friday-Sunday. Windstream techs seem to think its my DSL filter that only works consistently Monday-Thursday then fails Friday-Sunday. Hmm I need to read the packaging more carefully to buy the filter that works the full week LOL.

WHAT is going on here? I think the problem is on Windstream’s end and doesn’t have anything to do with my equipment. One tech DID tell me they usually did maintenance on the weekends to not interrupt business users. Other ISPs do maintenance around 1AM to prevent interruptions so its most likely that SOMETHING is being done at Windsteam on the weekends

  • Ru
    rural54 Nov 15, 2010

    We have also had windstream for several years. We live in a rural area, and it is our only option. We have had many of the same complaints that everone else has commented on . One of the most annoying ones currently is that the dsl service drops out frequently, often several times daily without any warning . If this happens when we are using Netflix, it may have to reload. We have contacted them about this many times, and they always claim that it is a problem with our computer. this is in spite that it occurs on more than one of our computers at the same time. And it also happens on the computers at my office at the same time. they have also out sourced to India.
    We have given up calling them, and if we had any other dsl service available, we would switch over in a heartbeat.

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modem downloads at 10 kbs should be 6mb disconnect constant

ok so my computer has never been stable since day 1. Techs have come out and started looking at youtube on my computer but didnt fix it. Im schizophrenic bi polar. They breached thier contract with slow speeds and disconnects, but still kept me in it. I dont know how to convey the mental anguish they put me through. Every day every 30 minutes a disconnect, every day 10kb download speeds. years

constant calls from telemarketers

We are constantly receiving telemarketer calls during the day and night. I put my name on the not to call...

[Resolved] no rebate

I have a bundle with Windstream communication which is phone, enternet, cable
at the time I had the enternet service added I was given a form to send in for a $50.00 rebate, still waiting I have reiceved 3 bills which have been paid But I'm still waiting.

Ginger Foxworth

Thank you

  • Windstream Communications's response · Apr 10, 2009

    We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. We take matters like yours seriously and want to resolve your issue concerning your modem rebate. Please contact our Comlaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EDT. You may also email us at [email protected]

  • Un
    unsatisfied Apr 22, 2009

    i have phone and internet service from windstream was promised a 50.00 rebate and its been over 6months and i still haven't received it...

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  • Be
    belljenny31 Aug 13, 2009

    i have windstream internet and i sent in the 50 dollar rebate and the 2 50 dollar gift card for sending 2 people to u all the modem rebate i sent it a while back i should had got it by now and the gift cards i should had already recived already but i havnt could you please get back in touch with me my email address is [email protected] thanks mrs coffman

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  • Di
    dianelasvegas Nov 01, 2009

    try these phone numbers to call. WINDSTREAM ACTION LINE UNRESOLVED COMPLAINTS 1-800-336-4699. 1-800-843-9214. the managers name is BRAD HEDRICK. ITS IN THE FIRST COUPLE PAGES OF THE NEW PHONE BOOK that is now in such tiny print. They refused to give me a regular phone number about my complaints on not being told my modem is $100.00 so that my bill is (was) $223.00 not the $49.99 . THE FCC YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT> good luck diane

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  • Bd
    bds1977 Jun 10, 2010

    I send my rebate 11-19-09 I call and they said I was to late to get my rebate . It is not over date if windstream would send it out like they said they would I been waiting for some money on my rebate .I a agree to pay my bills So why don"t windstream keep their side of their agree and pay the rebate I want to know something


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  • Wi
    Windstream Customer 09 Mar 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "We are sorry to hear of your recent Windstream experience. We take matters like yours seriously and want to resolve your issue. Please contact our Complaint Resolution Team at 877-316-4077 Monday - Friday 8:00am-5:00pm EST. You may also email us at [email protected]"

    Damn, why don't you send people to 1-877-316-4077 first whenever they have a complaint or problem dealing with the regular, beyond-poor, Windstream Customer Service numbers. Luckily, this 1-877-316-4077 exists. It's just too bad that it takes hours on end to get something actually rectified when it comes to over billing and poor service on Windstream's part. It's just a miracle that there are a few decent people working in the Windstream complaint department and sad that the front line is so devoid of them. Call 1-877-316-4077 if you have a complaint against Windstream. Hopefully, they can help you like they did for me; even thought it took several calls over a couple of months to get Windstream to admit to their mistakes of trying to charge me 59.99 for a service that is advertised at 39.99 by claiming that I live in an area that calls for the higher price. It helps that I called back and recorded the agent quoting the 39.99 price for service in "my" area and neighborhood. Call 1-877-316-4077 if you have a complaint against Winstream for poor service or blatant flash advertising. Again, the number is 877-316-4077. Maybe, this will help others like it finally helped me. 877-316-4077

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Recently I called 'Windstream' to fix my 'Dish Network' connection. I was told there...

[Resolved] 8:55 p. m. door-to-door sales

Last nite, 3/17/09, I received a knock at my door at 8:55 p.m. 8:55 p.m.!!! It was a Windstream sales person...

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