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To whom it concerns, I am a former resident of New Jersey and dined in a white castle restaurants since I was very young with my family. I am now 73 and no longer live in the north however I moved to Florida where there are no White Castle's. I meet many people from up north that now live here in Florida and we all agree we miss certain places from up north. One that comes up frequently is white castle. Many of us would love to dine at a white castle but none exists here in Florida. I am encouraging you to build one here in Florida as many of us would dine their at least one or two times a month. Most of the people I come in contact with live on the west coast but I'm sure the feeling of people from up north living on Florida's east coast feel the same. At present here in Cape Coral on Pine Island Road their is a lot of construction of new restaurants and we in this area wish you would consider building a White Castle here in southwest Florida. Hope you consider our request. Thank you and God bless.

Feb 5, 2019
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