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Whirlpool Water Heater / flame lock coupling

1 KS, United States

In 2003 we bought a water heater from Whirlpool. It was a 50 gallon LP water heater. We wanted a 40 gallon but the store didn't have any in stock. Two years later the thremal coupling went out on it so I had to go 35 miles one way and get a part for it, send the reciept in and get a refund from Whirlpool. Now the same part has gone again. It has been a real circus trying to get anything out of them and several phone calls to our Lowe's and Whirlpool. Every time you get a person that does not speak good english and you can half understand them. We will have to pay shipping for the part because it is a rebuild kit for the same part that went 2 years ago. Now they knew this and told us of a part we could get from Lowe's but our Lowe's has told us that they have ordered this part several times from Whirlpool and can' t get it in. Now I have ordered the part which I think is unfair since it is faulty workmen ship on the part of Whirlpool. How many times am I going to have to go through all of this. I don't recommend any one ever buy a water heater from Whirlpool nor will I ever buy one again. You can't get any customer satisfaction from them. Not only do I have to pay 15 dollars and something for overnight shipping but it takes 2 days to get it so I am without hot water again for 2 days. Why did I pay almost 300 dollars for a water heater that I have to keep sinking money into. I am so disgusted with these companies that are like this. Why are they like that and why can't we the hard workers in America ever get any that is deacent these days?


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