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Whirlpool - Built In Convection Oven / month past warranty oven quit working

1 Nova Scotia, Canada

January 26, 2008 we purchased a Whirlpool Built-in convection oven. Cost 1500.00. February 26, 2009 oven quit working. Have been trying to get assitance and/or answers from Whirlpool techs. But since my 1 year warranty has expired they don't even want to waste their time talking with me. Other than to tell me I should have purchased the extended warranty. Well maybe I should have, but after spending 15oo.oo for what I thought was a superior product I expected the oven to last longer than this. Especially since the Oven that was replaced was 30 yrs old (Fridgeaire) and was still working (never had a problem, didn't even replace the elements) - I just wanted to update. Bad mistake. Anyways what happened with this new oven (garbage) was the Thermal fuse failed. This is a tiny tiny part, made of aluminium and a coupla small wires (not complicated at all - probably cost 2 or 3 dollars in materials to make) so I go to Sears canada in Halifax (Parts store) and they sell me the replacement part for $85.oo) Here I am ripped off for the second time. "Fool me once - Shame on you Fool me twice - Shame on me" Good words to live by for sure. Anyways all that being said I am glad that I have had this happen when it did as I am now looking to purchase a new washer and dryer and had, up to this point, planned on purchasing the Whirlpool front loading W&D - But now I know better. You think you're spending big bucks to get a high quality product, but this is certainly not the case with whirlpool, all they have is the big price tag, and they forget the "high quality" part of the deal. One thing I hope comes out of this recession is that these manufacturers (who don't have any or very poor customer service) (take a look at GM and learn from their mistakes) won't be around for long, they are ripping off the very people they need in order to survivie. Please please reconsider before purchasing any Whirlpool product.

Signed a very very unhappy Whirlpool customer

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