Wendy's / horrible service

1101 US Hwy 231 N, Troy, AL, United States

It took almost a solid HOUR to get an order that cost less than $5! It took half an hour for them to bring the food out the first time (we were only the second people in line..), and when they brought it out, it was wrong. So it took yet another 30 minutes for them to correct the mistake they had made. Plus, they were very rude and unaplogetic for making us sit in the car (in the cold because it was drive-through) for SO LONG. Really...all I wanted was a stupid chicken wrap. If I knew the workers' names, I would complain about them to the manager, but I don't believe we got a receipt or anything with their names on it. And I've only ever made a formal complaint one other time in my life. It takes quite a bit for me to take the time to submit these things. But this service was absolutely horrible!!!


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