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hello, My name is Tyshiera Hendon and I visited your 2928 woodridge dr Houston tx location on Saturday 3/18/17. ticket number 10035 My 2 sons went in to place a order because the drive thru was filled with about 10 cars and only about 4 customers inside. We arrived about 1:30 pm they went in place the order at 1:35 at 2pm they still had not come out so I went in to see what the hold up was. I preceeded to ask the young lady why was it taking so long and she then went to another worker to ask where the order was, who then looked and threw his hands in the air and stated he didn't have time for this, with a attitude. Never in life when I spend my hard earned money to I feel I should be treated with such disrespect especially when they are not doing their job. He then call the manager Juan over and said that I wanted a refund, which is not what I asked at all, my children wanted there order. Juan then proceeded to tell me it was coming up. Another 10mins we waited for 2 4 for 4 meals, to get in the car and the meat smelled uncooked on the burgers and it was cold. I am completely disgusted with the food and service at this location. Im not from that side of town but I can tell you my children love wendys and we have never had this problem. My goal is to see how this can be corrected?

Mar 20, 2017

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