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I'd say I arrived at Wendy's (5560 Central Ave, Toledo, OH 43615) at about 10:54pm. When I pulled up to the speaker, I ordered a chicken sandwich with 3 pieces of bacon and fry. After my order was placed I was asked to pull up to the window. The girl at the window, who was not friendly, didn't greet me in anyways besides telling me my total. I had gave her my money, and she gave me my change back without a receipt (which I didn't find a big deal until my food came out the way that it did). When I received my order, my chicken was rock hard, so hard that if someone were to bite into it, they would have had to literally yank the sandwich from their mouth, and not only was is rock hard and unable to it, but it was also cold, as well as my french fries. If I wasn't on my way to work, and had to be there by 11:05, I would have turned around and received my money back. Though, being I had to be to work, I wasted my money and now have to go through an eleven hour shift hungry because I forgot my meal at home. The worst part of it all is that this was my first time in about 8 years that I've had Wendy's and with a situation like that? I will never return to another Wendy's again.

Nov 22, 2017

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