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North Charleston, SC, United States
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It really stinks that your customer service is so bad because I love the food at Wendy's. Over the years I've endured the worst service from Wendy's than any other fast food establishment that I visit regularly. Several years ago, when I was pregnant, I ordered a chili from the Summerville SC Dorchester Rd Wendy's and asked for extra chili sauce at the window. Before the clerk could give me another packet, the manager yelled at her that I don't need more than one extra pack. After I explained that I asked for more, the manager then started yelling at me through the window about how I don't need more chili sauce. I was furious - obviously, for it to still irk me 10 years later. Yes, I reported that episode, along with several others over the years. This mistreatment of customers continues in the Charleston tri-county area. The latest most upsetting episode came after sitting with my father at Trident Medical Center in North Charleston. On the way home on June 5, looking for some comfort food, I placed my order at the Wendy's on Hwy 78 by the hospital, paid for it, and as I drove away, realized they didn't hand me my actual order. They just gave me what was convenient for them. I went back and the clerk acknowledged, "yes, that's what I entered", but couldn't understand that the order she entered wasn't the order I received. She became snotty, 6 or 7 other employees gathered around the window and began laughing at me trying to explain that I just wanted what I paid for. I finally got so angry at their behavior and disrespect that I just left and threw the whole order in the trash. As many times as I've complained, your customer service in the South Carolina low country area has only gotten worse. Further, now I don't even trust them not to spit in my food or something worse. Sadly, I refuse to give Wendy's any more of my money. I get better treatment from other restaurants. I hope you all can get your employees to treat their customers better. Nobody should be paying these people money for the way they treat others.

Jun 14, 2017

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