Wendys Hazard Black Gold 104 Black Gold Court Hazard, KY 41701 / the manager needs to learn how to respect his employees, especially in front of paying customers.

We stopped into the wendys, on the hwy 15 bypass in hazard. (104 black gold court hazard, ky 41701) we were there just for the day, due to a funeral. Anyway there was probably 10 cars in the drive thru. So we walked in, keep in mind due to food allergies my kids always choose wendys. Anyway we were number 3 in line. And I had a fairly large order, gentleman named austin took our order. While I was standing there waiting, the manager (Black hair younger gentleman) humiliated the cashier in front of us. Not once, but 3 times. First time the lady running the drive thru asked him to get her a bucket of ice. He did, manger screamed screamed at him. Then the manger walks over and I didn't hear it all, last sentence was this isn't your first day. Then finally he yelled again, over something else. I know he was maybe stressed due to the drive thru. But come on there is a right way to handle things, you do not humiliate your employee in front of a lobby of customers. I felt horrible for him, felt horrible for my large order. I even apologized to the employee, for the managers behavior. This complaint may be brushed under the rug, but I this is my first ever complaint to any company. But I will never be back in the wendys, at 14 black gold court. We eat at our local wendys at least 3 days a week, hazard was a one time thing due to traveling for a funeral. Someone needs to train that current manager on how to handle situations, and he owes poor austin an apology.

Mar 09, 2017

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