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Wendy's / bad food & service

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Even though wendy's calls dublin, ohio, home and does a lot of corporate waste in the metro-columbus, ohio area??? This was the last time I go to wendy's! And, I have no qualms what so ever about telling friends, family and co-workers to save their money and go any where but wendy's!! And I live less than a mile from where today's fun adventure started!

My "experience" started with me pulling my car to the order speaker, (There was one car ahead of me and one behind me and maybe 2 or 3 cars in the parking lot — hardly what i'd consider busy at 1:26:07 pm!) knowing what I wanted and the order taker's ever so polite and warm greeting of "so, you gonna order or what?" next, when I went to pay and had the same "gentleman" yell, "I don't do dishes!" rather than thank me as he handed me my change. At the next window, I was handed a small bag, and as I peered in I noticed no straw, and then turned back to the window where the young "lady" was shoving my drink into my car. I took the drink, opened the lid and noticed that this was not what I had ordered. (I've learned to check when ordering ice tea and asking for lemon!) I handed the drink back and said that not only wasn't there any lemon, there was barely any ice. Her response was they were "out" of lemon?? And then I watched her try and shovel a scoop of ice into a full drink. (Doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that all this was going to do was displace some liquid.) she handed me back a dripping and dribbling cup, and I shook my head in amazement as she then wanted to debate the point why I needed extra napkins??? (Oh, I also had to show her the bag to convince her that I didn't have a straw! Thanks cynthia!)

When I got home?? My single with just onions and ketchup? If you guessed this wasn't what I got? You'd win the prize! I got a sandwich dripping with mayo, mustard, pickles, a small piece of lettuce, a tomato and yes, there was an onion and a gallon of ketchup! The fried were ice cold in what hardly constituted a full container!

You bet I called! I was told at first, call back the manager was too busy to take a call?? I stuck to my guns and ended up with a woman who was going to "tell me" about "my" experience? Shock and surprise when she told me to stop yelling, even though I maintained a very neutral tone in a normal speaking voice through out our "conversation" and when this was pointed out to her?? Her response was that she could "now" understand me?? And her response to my "great experience"? She offered me the free meal, and then hung up on me! So I suppose. Anyone can go to this store and say that they'd called in about a meal that was screwed up on sunday august 31, 2008 around 1pm, and get a free meal???

Guess I try and get a hold of the hudson street columbus ohio gm (Who according to my sales slip is tim schoondard from store #112) and give him a chance to explain his staff's less than stellar customer service and why on a long weekend, his produce order did not anticipate customers ordering ice tea and asking for lemon with their tea?? And then there's the issue of the slop on a bun. One would think that if the customer doesn't want the tomato and other goop, that there would be this policy somewhere that would connect the dots from less stuff translates to saving the company a penny or two here and there will add up and reduce waste?? I guess that is another one of the contributing factors on why wendy's has slipped in sales and why they were just bought out! (We won't even factor in how poor customer service has contributed to their fall!)

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  • Fb
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I don't eat at Wendy's, or work at Wendy's, or know anyone that does work at Wendy's.. But everybody makes mistakes. It's not good that they messed up your order, but I could imagine working at a public service for a few hours. Can't you? Think about it:

    You have been working at Wendy's since 8 a.m. this morning. You're working at the drive-through speaker; you've had to deal with people that had quiet voices; or people that keep changing their minds on their orders; or just rude people in general. You really have to go to the bathroom, but you haven't had your break quite yet, you still have to wait an hour or two. You think about how you just want to be with your family or friends, but you know you have to get paid for something. The heat coming from the kitchen is making you sweaty and impaitent. You make a few mistakes on ONE order; and you're completely blamed.

    Everyone can get a temper, everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect.
    They try their hardest, and try to make Wendy's enjoyable for you, so you'll eat there again. Is it so hard just to forgive and forget?

  • On
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    I hate these happy people that allow businesses to continue to offer poor products and services by just forgiving. Good job for sticking to your guns and demanding to be treated with respect, as well as your right to a quality product in exchange for your hard earned money. I had a similar experience with Wendy's today and I applaud you.

  • On
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    Also I have worked at Burger King and just because I am tired or have to go to the bathroom or miss my family doesnt give me an excuse to suck at life.

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