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Wendy's / poor service & food!

1 United States

Recently, my husband and I stopped in for a quick dinner. We both ordered single combo's. I should begin by saying... up until this point Wendy's was my favorite fast food restaurant. Well, we ordered and sat down. I looked at the fries and they looked horrid. And tasted the same. Kind of mushy and had some kind of crumbs all over them. Never had this before. So I opened my sandwich and discovered it to be cold and it looked like it had sat there since lunch. I took the meat off and looked at it and the middle was semi-warm... like it sat on a hot plate, but the edges were hard and dark. I sat trying to decide if I would just eat it and not complain, when my husband decided to take it back. He told them it was cold and old and could we get a fresh one. They took it back and a couple of minutes later gave him another. Well, it was hot, but something made me take it off the bun and I couldn't believe it. It was the same old burger... they just microwaved it to get it hot. And this made it even harder. I couldn't even eat it. So my dinner consisted of some yucky fries. We just left then, because I just didn't feel like getting the same rude and thoughtless kind of behavior... not to mention what I may have gotten in the next burger.

This was in Thomasville, NC on Juian Drive.

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