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Walmartmoneycard Visa Pre - Paid / walmart pre-paid debit cards

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I don't understand how they can add money to your card or even give you multipul cards, issue account safe guards, ect. Almost anything besides allow you to E-mail a customer service representitive to answer your concerns. Atleast before a month has elapsed. No instead you have to write a letter and wait over two weeks to get a response. I used a atm and agreed to the three dollars sur-charge ahead of time, then on top of that they threw some two-dollars charge defined as a [BP]. Thats not right.


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  3rd of Sep, 2008
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plus they say on the temporarity card that you can do direct desposit. But you can not direct desposit from your checking account. Not allowed. Only from you pay check or social security. Not mention the two dollar charge to talk to a service representative is bull. This card is worthless to me. And they charge $4.95 per month service charge. This card is basically a rip off. I would think the service charge would include talking to a service rep., and not $2 more for that each time. Stay away, get another card. Oh, and there are other charges but I am tired of typing.
  3rd of Sep, 2008
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they charge just talk to customer service that they made mistake.
I reload money and wasn't there insteed +$100.00 it was
-$100. and told me take 24hours fix it.I had to go back store get store jernal copy of recpite and fax them proof of purchase add fund. this is useless!! and charge they made mistakes!! awuful!!!
  8th of Sep, 2008
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Checking about my cards. I purchase my cards first part of August. Here Is my activiation code 16761223491736 and my home address. Lydina BigMan, P.O. Box 789, Crow Agency, Montana 59022. Living on the Crow Reservation about 58 miles south East of Billings, Montana. I purchased the cards at Walmart, Billings, Montana, 59105. contact number is 406-638-3838 (work).
  12th of Sep, 2008
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I'm mad because I put 20.00 on a card and the stupid card doesnt even work and now they have subtracted 4.95 from it and it still doesnt work. I know its a rip off
  12th of Sep, 2008
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i'm mad as heck about this card...i put 20.oo dollars on this card last evening at 7 p.m. and its 12 pm the next day and the money is still not on the card..this is nothing but a rip-off...went back to wal-mart and they told me to wait 24-48 hrs..and check the card again...but i put this money on there for a reason..to pay for somerthing i wanted to order...and now i can't order it because the dang money is not there...i will not use this card ever again...so in other words i was just ripped off from wal-mart for 24.84 dollars...and i think its a dang shame...
  12th of Sep, 2008
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just imagine how many thousands of people that this has happened to all around the country..they are probably making millions of dollars in clear profit from just this card alone...cause once you put the money on there, and its not there..it has to go to someones account, so it must go to there account...is this how wal-mart has made the millions that they have made, from hard working people that put their money on these cards and then they can't even use it...i think some type of government officials should be looking into this matter..and stopping this rip-off from the american customers
  18th of Sep, 2008
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i know this is a rip off card. I added $110 dollars to my card and i only had 98.24 available, called customer service and no answer. This is a bull $h$$ card. After i get through straighting out my bank situation, i will throw this rippy away.
  18th of Sep, 2008
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i can't remember my password and the card isn't helping...
  22nd of Sep, 2008
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i pulled 40.00 dollars off my card on sat they said my avalable balance was 102.17 since then i have made 77.17 dollars in purchases that leaves a balance of 25.00 but you say my balance is 0.00 where did my 25.00 dollars go please e mail me and let me know if not i will burn this card, i tryied to call you to straighten this out but you want to charge me to talk to you and charge me to load money on the card plus charge me every month for using your card thats kind of chessy if you ask me
  24th of Sep, 2008
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I realized too late that this is a ripoff. It will probably change my mind about dealing with Walmart in the future. I'm trying to cancel the card after putting money on the temp card to use to purchase gas at the station that will accept Walmart gift cards. I thought that the Visa could be used the same way at other locations as the Walmart (Smiley Face) card. Now I can't get thru to them to cancel the card. I have used up all the $ on the temp card, but how can I cancel the perm card? This problem needs to be addressed . THANK GOD I DID'T ACTIVATE THE PERMANENT CARD THEY SENT ME. I was told on the phone that it would cost a $2.00 fee. It's only $2.00 but -------try and get it WALMART!
  26th of Sep, 2008
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i went and paid 10.00 on gas and the card charged me 35.00 what the heck so now what do i do now about the 25.00 thats missing
  28th of Sep, 2008
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i paid 20.00$ in gas last week and my card charged me 35.00$ what the ...is going on with this crazy card..can anybody help me out there..
  28th of Sep, 2008
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i put $210.00 on my card when i called they say i have 201.00 im trying to pay a bill on line but it say check with your bank i would like to know whats going on.
  1st of Oct, 2008
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This is the biggest scam since government grants. Someone needs to do something about this. We all need to get together and file a class action law suit against WalMart and affiliates. I too got suckered into this card AND TO DATE CAN NOT USE IT. 300.00 to pay for my ebay purchases and now they still arent paid for. My 100% positive feed back just went to hell. This isnt the kind of company I want to purchase anything from. WalMart you just lost a very good customer. I'm serious about the suit. Any takers?
  8th of Oct, 2008
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this is a scam by big corp they know what there doing and thats to make money this is the reason our economy is in the shape that its in right now cause of these type of companies that are runing our country in the ground its time to bring them down the peaple of united states have more power then these corp greedy dogs boycotte walmart it worked in the 60's it will work now and sue there ### they are criminals that just havn't been caught yet just like mci snl leaman bros we can bring these corps who think there to big to touch down to there knees and jailed for curuption and fraud their all the same just have diffrent names yes email me im with you lets bring walmart and any other big corp thats stealing from us down to there knees and send there dirty ### to jail big corp deal with numbers the only thing they care about is numbers not peaple they live off how much they can steal from peaple cause the numbers are right thats why walmart cover every little town in every state super walmarts in little towns they are covering there basesis makeing sure know othere little company make a penny but they never been charge for monopaliezing they are paying off politician all this will come out later just like the rest of them and their politician buddies will sell them out to save there own skin sam walton is a theif im ashame to share the same last name as him walmart the corp and their curupt ceo will pay a heavy price for defrauding the american peaple just like there othere big corp friends we will see there ceo on cnn and fox trying to lie there way out of it but as time prove they are not very good liers in court when the whole country is watching we will be seing you walmart ceo so have fun now cause it wont be fun later country and economy first thats the power of the peaple of our great country
  11th of Oct, 2008
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I to is having problems with the card. It is very misleading. I wish I would have followed my first mind, I have a netspend card and just needed to add money to it, but didn't want to drive far to load money onto the netspend card, instead I stopped at walmart and brought a walmart prepaid card. I added $80.00 to the card come home to activate it online and have yet to find the website. When I went to www.walmartmoneycard.com they give me several sites and I believe only one of them was the website in the pull down menu it says activate but nothing comes up. What am I doing wrong or is this an attempt for them to get me to call and activate so that they can charge me $2.00. I don't understand the website they tell you to go on to activate the temporary card www.walmartprepaid.com. There is not a site for this, why on earth are there so many ripoffs and of all the places walmart a franchise that is very large and everyone usually loves walmart, but something as simple as a visa debit card can truly make you change your mind about the store in general because people normally spend a tremendous amount of money at this store. You would think they would treat their customers better then this, what a shame.
  13th of Oct, 2008
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Walmart moneycard is a well planed robbery, with the assistance of Walmart and AT&T. They are stealing me everyday and I have no way of stopping them! They have no phone # that I could talk to a live person, no address on the card and no e-mail address to contact. They are constantly texmessaging me everyday, with a cahrge and AT&T refuse to stop them. Walmart managers off of 635 W, in Dallas, Texas, said that they will continue to sell the card and what happends to the public is not their problemm.
  22nd of Oct, 2008
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I am very upset I have my reciept that shows on 9/27/08 I placed $65.00 on my account and I am going to loose my phone internet and cable Because you didnt place it on my account and i cant get ahold of a person to take care of this matter unless I pay $2.00 to talk to a real person I should not have to pay for real person if I am paying a monthly fee...
  23rd of Oct, 2008
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I purchased a 50.oo walmart money visa card to use to subscribe to a trial free ancestry site, I got an email the day after stating that I had 49.98 left on my card which was fine with me, but then today(two days after activation)I got an email stating i had zero dollars in my account, what the heck?, I have not even used my card at all and the money all disappered, where did it go?..this is definatly a ripoff and something needs to be done...50.00 loss two days later..nothing to show for it at all, but a headache!!!... mary
  25th of Oct, 2008
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I just bought my first walmart visa cause my son said it works for him. So I paid the fee and added the minimum $20.00 on it. When I got home to activate it, I first tried on line. I sat there 15 minutes after I clicked on the activate tab and NOTHING . I stayed at the home page, so I figured they were having difficulties with the site, so I called the number on the card. Everything was going fine until I got the human person to verify my identity. Three d@#%&* times she asked me my name, to spell it and my social security number, she kept telling me she could not verify my identity. So now I have to fax a copy of my social, utility bill and my activation number on my receipt, after they verify they will notify me by email in 48 hrs if I was approved.That is bulls@%&*, I was told no credit check, anyone can get one, well I am proving not anyone. So now what, I use the $20.00 and get screwed out of the $8.94 AND the $1.06 tax I was charged. This does sound like a scam, they pick and choose who to screw over.

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