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I ordered from Walmart twice and every my experience with this website was terrible. I wasted tons of money on my last order! My items arrived in a horrible condition, some items very damaged and some were missing.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Bruno, CA This is a complete failure! These people are ridiculous! When I contacted their support I was told that there was nothing they could do simply because when items were shipped everything was fine. They suggested me to contact the shipping company. And when I asked them why there were some products missing they just stopped replying to my emails at all! Worst website ever!

Mar 02, 2016
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  • Di
      Jun 21, 2016
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    Fix your darn website! Your company should be making enough money by now to hire a half decent IT department, instead the Flintstones format you currently use.

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  • Lo
      Mar 04, 2017

    I spent a lot of time trying to order. The website is a joke. Very badly thought out and impossible to use. What a farce. Never could get the order to go thru. They in no way are going to take any of Amazons online business.

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  • Ch
      Jun 20, 2017

    Walmart has the worst website I ever tried to use. It has been this way forever. It's slow, it lags, it won't load properly, etc. You would think a company of Walmart's size, reputation, etc would do everything possible to make sure the customer has the best shopping experience they can have, and yet, they do nothing to fix their awful website. I do everything in my power to order elsewhere simply because I hate dealing with this website that barely works.

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  • Mr
      Dec 22, 2017

    Worst web-site ever, and let's not forget the service! Ordered my Christmas cards for at least the third year in a row - had to have them delivered to the store, because the website won't accept my order of one-hour photos. Of course, they never arrive when they are supposed to - even though the website and order tracking say they are at the store. Have gone to the store 3 days in a row and they don't have the photos. They told me to reorder for one-hour, and of course, like every other year, that doesn't work. is 12/22 and I've got nothing! Oh - and when I try to chat on-line, that doesn't seem to be working either. Walmart will NEVER reach Amazon status with their website or their service. They better set more realistic goals - maybe start with clean stores and workers that smile.

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