SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / fraudulent charge for a purchase that came out of my checking account.

On Saturday, March 12, 2016 I received an e-mail thanking me for a recent purchase at I had neither been to there site nor had made a purchase so I opened e-mail. Walmart claims I made a purchase from there site for an Unlimited 30 day talk plan for $45.00 plus tax and that it was deducted from my checking account via a debit card on file with my account. I immediately called customer service to question the purchase and to cancel it out immediately. I was told that it was an E-Delivery item and they couldn't do anything about it. They said to save it my e-mail and not to use it but they couldn't refund my money. They marked it as fraudulent but I would have to contact my bank to file a claim. I did so but had to cancel my debit card (I won't receive another for about two weeks and had to change my payment options for accounts that withdraw money on a monthly basis. I was so upset I called and my Walmart credit card and cancelled both. I will never shop at again. This isn't the first unpleasant experience I had but in the past I gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not this time. I have heard of others who have had the same thing happen and plays dumb about it. The order # is [protected] and the amount was for $45.00 plus $4.17 tax for a total of $49.17. I would like this to be refunded ASAP. I had no reason to order such a thing. I have an unlimited talk and text through ATT. I don't even know what I would do with such a thing.

Mar 14, 2016

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