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double charged for transaction

I used this card to pay a surcharge for my son. They took out the money twice. I immediately informed them of this and asked to be refunded for the problem, I was told I had to wait for this to post. When it posted then they told me that it was the merechants fault and I would have to take it up with them. I bought this card and have my entire paycheck direct deposited and I wa s told that if money was lost or stolen it would be replaced. This is not what happpened. No one will return my mmoney and I am left with NO MONEY FOR GAS AND WILL HAVE TO MISS WORK, I m the only income and this is horrible!!! Can't anyone be trusted and believed anymore?

  • Wa
    Wanda Rigdon Oct 18, 2009

    i made transaction of $10:00 on facebook, it gave me what i needed and i should have $10:00 left, today it sent me a text message on my phone that my balance is 0. Please explain.

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  • Mo
    Moquete4 Apr 19, 2010

    I have had the moneycard for about 1 year, , I can always reach customer service when I call, the only thing I dislike is the fact that to dispute a charge you have to write a letter to them, I had an unauthorized charge from an online merchant, there was a trial period, if you don't cancel during the trial period, you get charged the full amount for the product. I had cancelled before the trial period ended, the merchant still charged me, I was told bywalmart moneycard I had to write a letter to dispute the charge, I wrote the letter, they wrote me back saying that I needed to specify what the merchant said to me about the charge, there was no phone number listed with the charge, also, the company name was different then the one I cancelled with, I looked them up on line, and it was the same company using a different name. How am I to dispute with the merchant if there is no phone number listed for me to call?

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my child treated unfairly

I will start this letter off saying I am not happy with my daughter has done, nore do I endorse it. However...

release of security photos

I recently received an email of a number of security photos of Walmart customers. There were condecending captions beneath each, making fun of the customers.
It is quite obvious that Walmart employees are copying these "security" photos and releasing them at the expense of their customers.
If anyone looks odd you can plan on these photos being published on the world wide web. Makes you feel good that Walmart is protecting you. As a customer I can expect to be exploited and ridiculed and Walmart obviously needs to have the cameras turned on their employees. Bad business. Reason not to shop there. I feel sorry for the victims of this email whose families are seeing this and embarrassed by the cruel comments.

  • Al
    AlwaysSpecial44 Dec 02, 2009

    Are you sure it's not from the site which is a site where a bunch of people post up random people shopping at walmart which is usually mostly posted by other customers.

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not accepting bottle return slips

I recently did some bottle returns at the Utica Walmart and forgot to use the slips their when I shopped. I...

the new packaging

First off I LOVE Walmart and this is more of a suggestion than a complaint. When I first saw all the white cans, boxes and containers with the navy writing I said what is this???

Everything looks so low budget and generic. Taking the color from the products is kind of confusing for instance green beans, the whole had a orange background, the no-salt had blue, the cut had green and the french style purple. Now they are all in white cans with navy writing.

Don't get me wrong I am not to lazy to read the contents of the product, which takes time, it's just that it looks better overall.

I have spoken to many family and friends and they agree. I don't know whose idea this was or if it saves a lot money, but please reconsider. I love the Great Vaule Products. Thank You!

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poor customer service

I recently went to this WalMart to get an oil change. Being a wise consumer I called ahead due to it being a holiday weekend and asked what time they closed. I was told by the person who answered the phone 6 p.m. I proceeded about 2:30 to go the service center, walked in and was greeted by satan herself. I stated I was there to get an oil change and she said "NOT TODAY YOU WON"T WE ARE CLOSING" I didn't say another word because it I had and she responded inapproperiately I was not responsible for my actions. I know these people are not paid much and have limited social skills, but i Feel that WalMart belives it is the only place in town, and there for not responsible for good customer relations or service. I am sick and tired of WalMart and the I want then to know they are not the only game in town. I will forever take my business else where even if it cost me more money. If people don't take stand this will only get worse.

SICK and Tired of the foolishness

  • To
    total anol Nov 16, 2009

    the walmart at clearfield Pa. sucks . i went there to try and find some boots for my boys and wouldn't you know it all they had was a lot of shoes for girls and woman, witch averaged about 85% of their shoe department. for men and boys all they had was cheap sneakers and work boots. no winter or hiking boots. then i went to their sporting goods department witch is another joke, most of the stuff they carry is junk or stuff people don't use. it is bad enough we only have 2 other sporting goods stores in clearfield, witch are overpriced as is. needless to say, they carry what they want, but not much of what we need. if you ask someone to try and find something in back all they do is go have a smoke. but some of the people that work there are really nice, but they are the ones that are left go.

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unfair treatment

i have been a cashier at walmart for almost two years. i am qualified to be a CSM and have passed the test...

did not want to exchange

Well my local walmart store did not want to replace my battery, that it's still under the three year...

meat dept.

i have shopped wal-mart for years, i can no longer stay silent about this part of wal-mart, i have purchased meat that has been consistently bad, just last week and this week i have had to take back meat items, within the last year i have had to take back meat items at least once once a month maybe more, i like shopping at wal-mart but i will be purchasing my meat elsewhere. julie shaffer

  • Re
    Retired55 Sep 05, 2009

    We live in Palm Desert Ca and the Super Wal-Mart on highway 111 in La Quinta has always had bad meat. Even their Walmart branded cans of vegetables are short weighted. We have since switched to WinCo and we love it. Prices are better and the staff SPEAK ENGLISH whereas at Wal-mart your lucky to find someone who can answer a simple question.

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On Friday August 21, 2009 shortly before 9 PM, my daughter and grandchildren visited the Enid, Oklahoma...


I was sold a pair of glasses containing "Digamax" that was supposed to enhance the peripheral vision. When the glasses arrived, I wore them as instructed and had difficulty driving because of the "fuzziness" in my vision. After attempting to adjust for 2-3 weeks, I had my vision retested and the glasses checked. One lense was defective and was replaced. However the vision problem continued. I was told by the centers employee that if I was unable to use the glasses, they would remake them without the Digamax and remove the $300 charge from my credit card. I tried for another 2 weeks and had the glasses remade. New glasses were fine but the charge has never been returned and the employee has left the company. New employee will not do anything about the situation.

bad business, bad service and racism

I worked at East Capitol Walmart from June 2003 to October 2003 as a cart pusher, The white managers are Ryan...

busted tail light

On August 21st at the Wal-Mart on411 in Rome, Ga I was shopping and during that time a storm came up.When I returned to me vehicle a lose Wal-Mart buggy hit my tail light.I went right in and filed a complaint the manager took pictures.Then the guy from claims said they were not responseable but he all so said the pulled the buggy guy off leaving buggys everywhere to hit peoples cars, I could understand if someone pushed it into my van but it was a Wal-Mart buggy that did. All I wanted was a tail light for my vehicle.

bad store manager

I just recently got fired for speaking the truth. I had been with wal-mart in wharton texas for several years. They just recently got a new store manager and he has brought the moral down even more. He has a habit of yelling at associates in front of customers and he has the assistant store managers working 16+ hours a day and one assistant was on vacation and made her work. He would always tell me that he would fire me at any chance he got. Forget the open door policy it sucks you are opening yourself for retaliation so nobody says nothing. Employees are leaving the store crying and it is sad. I finally spoke up and look at me. I went and complained about him and of course it got back to him and that was the end of the story. I feel for the good employees who are trying but they are the ones who are getting yelled at. Beware of the Wharton Walmart!!!

  • Fs
    fsttjvg09 Aug 30, 2009

    If I was you I would take action forget that.

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  • Kb
    kb3204 Dec 12, 2012

    I worked there also and had a male employee as I am a female start harrassing me sexuall. So in result I told the assistant store manager and they did nothing. Their solution was putting me working the same hours as him where I had to go back and forth from his department. Finally I spoke up and told him he needs to figure out where to place me because I do not want to work with this employee and his answer...well stockers work everywhere he won't bother you. So I did the next best thing and decided it was time to leave. Mind you I only worked there for maybe 3 weeks.

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do not work at east capitol walmart as a cart pusher

I am an ex-employee of East Capitol Walmart in Milwaukee, My job was cart pusher, When I was pushing carts at...

product care plan

I purchased a 42" Vizio from Walmart along with the care plan on Feb 15, July of 2009 my tv went...

ridiculous practices/deceit/lies/wont pay or stand behind their pay. protection like they said they would after 7 months still have not paid

I filed for payment protection due to losing my job back in FEB 2009 and todate (8/26/09) NOTHING has still been done. I have called and called and called and yet GE BANK who I had been paying payment protection insurance on my Walmart Credit Card will not do what they promised to do and that is PAYMENT PROTECTION. I was told at jump street that if I take out the insurance on the credit card (which I said no to first then actually said yes as the Walmart Credit Card Rep told me that if I lost my job or got sick etc it would be paid off) THAT IS THE ONLY REASON I EVEN TOOK IT OUT. I was paying for it on every cc statement and when I actually did need it and filed for benefits, its now been 7 months and all I am getting and have been getting is a runaround!!! They have asked over and over and over for document this and that then will ask for the very same thing again and again then lie and say they did not get this or that. I am sick of them they claim they did not get paperwork when they did and it was confirmed. One rep will tell you one thing and another rep will tell you something totally and completely different. One will give you certain dates, notes, etc and then they get amnesia. The supervisors defend their reps and make excuses after excuses and even go as far to say that they dont have the same notes that a rep had just a day or so ago. They give me the VERY VERY STRONG impression that they are trying to NOT pay off my cc balance. Just a few days ago one rep told me that on the 21st that they sent (SNAIL MAIL) to Walmart to request the amount they needed to pay and today (8/26) they are telling me that they are still waiting for me to fax certain documentation when this was faxed already 2 weeks ago and I confirmed it with them then bt now they dont show notes of any of that. I am going to find anyone, anywhere, any organization, agency, or what ever I need to to report this and get to the bottom of this unfair, crazy, deceitful, and very strange questionable practice of doing business. Come ON NOW 7 months???????????

  • Am
    amyhernandez Sep 03, 2009

    Ok now today I find out that Walmart has lowered my credit line from 500.00 to a measley 100.00 and I am damn mad. Anyone had this same problem? They are chastizing me for using what I paid for and that is payment protection. I spoke with customer service today and the first guy lied to me and told me that no manager was there to speak with me, until I finally hung up and called back and spoke with Micheal who is a manager who said that one thing had nothing to do with the other, YEAH RIGHT!!! Take my word for it, take out the payment protection, God forbid you have to use it, then they walk all over you and cancel your credit line. ###!!! WalMart takes your money for the payment protection and then they take almost a year to actually pay off your balance then punish you by making you send in one document after another after another after another and you get so damn frustrated and often they loose your paperwork (I believe conveniently) and make you resend the same paperwork in again and you keep on waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, then after 8 months they do pay off your balance as of the date you lost your job but what they LIE TO YOU ABOUT IS THEY PUNISH YOU FOR IT!!! THEY ARE a liar, and a JOKE!!! I am going to scream until someone hears me!!! How can they say they reviewed my file and decided to lower my credit line and lie and say it has nothing to do with me filing (and complaining to BBB/consumer affairs) and even said that it was just coinencidence that they cut my credit line now that I have used what was my right to start with (and plus I had been paying for----PAYMENT PROTECTION). I had tried many times to get an increase in my line just before this all happened and kept getting turned down. WHY DIDN'T THEY LOWER MY CREDIT LIMIT THEN?????????????

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  • C4
    C4RLO Sep 04, 2009

    Where can you find the details about what is and what is not covered under this plan? They sure make it difficult to find this info on the web!

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bad managers

I went to wal-mart today to pick up my insulin which I do on a regualr basis from this particular wal-mart. After standing in line for 10 minutes and listening to the lady behind the counter tell the pharmacist that she was assisting that one of their co-workers had "no clue as to what she was doing." And "needed to find a different job if she kept screwing up." I finally made it to the front of the line. When I got there, she told me for the 4th time that they were yet again out of insulin. I asked her to call the other wal-marts in the area to see if they had any. This apparently annoyed her. As she huffed and got on the phone she told me to "move out of the way so she could help the person behind me first." Well, I am sorry, but I had to wait in line so she could assist two other people and didn't get attention when one of the ladies in front of me had to go get something off the shelf that she wanted to add to her purchase. Why should the people behind me be treated any different? This was a 30 second phone call.. that was it. Thats all it took... So I tell the woman that I will just wait on her to get done. Her response to this is telling the pharmacist that "some people are so rude." I kindly told her that if she were going to speak badly of customers that she should wait until they are at least out of hearing range. She huffed again, got the information I needed and I said bye. As I am walking off, I stop and think, "this lady is rude to me EVERY time I see her." So I decided to speak to a manager. When the manager gets there he says "Oh my, she did what??" He was truly concerned that his employee had acted so rudely. So then he says "I need to speak to her, which one is she?" Well, he is an african american/black/colored man and so was the lady in questions. Now, I never point people out and say "thats them.. that (BLANK) person right there." I prefer to mention a person in other ways, such as "the lady behind the counter that isn't the pharmacist." OR "The lady thats not in a lab coat." And even "the only person back there besides the pharmacist." I guess that he had no clue how to deduce who is might be back there without a name or better description. 2 people. 1pharmacist + 1 person that is obviously NOT the pharmacist. Its not rocket science here. After the 4th time he asked me who the person was I stated, "the colored lady." Okay.. so forgive me. I felt cornered with the question. I said the first thing that came to mind. I remember thinking, what should a person say in this situation. I chose, and apparently I chose wrong. However, I said I was sorry to him. (And I was.) I didn't mean dissrespect. He quickly filled me in that I should have said "black lady." Well okay. I told him I was sorry and that I didn't know. Perhaps if I had been older I would have known the reasoning behind why it bothered him. However, I am not, so I didn't have a clue. At this point, the man looks down at me, calls me ignorant (which I admit I was, but having never been in that position, would 100% of people known just what to say?) Anyway, he calls me ignorant, and then proceeds to tell me that I need to get the hell out of his store and never come back. Ok, so that shocked me. I said I was sorry. I stayed calm. I never raised my voice. Never said anything to make it seem like I had malicious intent, and yet there I was getting escorted out of the store by a man who had just cursed at me and called me names (while meaning to do so.) When I got home I called the 1800 wal-mart number and asked them to send me a letter stating why exactly I was banned from the store. They asked for my name and number and within 2 hours the SAME man called me to tell me that he "stood by his decision" and that every statement I made was false. I do not think that he should have been given my number. I personally think that he took what should have been a simple complaint and a silly faux pas that was appologised for and turned it into a race war. I was completely shocked.
After I called the number again to ask them why this man was bothering me over the telephone I was told that the complaint would be sent to his manager. I hate complaining. I hate that I even have to. I hate that this man could potentially get in trouble or even fired over this. But what I hate the most is that he acted as if I had done it on purpose. I didn't mean any harm. --And now I am apparently banned from Wal-mart because he got offended. Blah.

walmart employee

I was in Moses Lake, Wa walmart at 1:00 pm today and marjori on till 1 was realy rude so I fo und the floor...


When i went in to Walmart in Angelton, TX i was going to buy school suplies. I went to were they keep the list and could not find the school that i needed so i ask a lady and she walks over goes through the list and says guess we dont have it i said is there any way you can get me a copy and she says very rude NO this is all we have and all we are going to put out. I would never talk to a customer that way. So then i decided to check out the backpacks and well there was no selection at all!! I go to Walmart a couple of times a week untill they started the remodel. I like change but when you stop carring things like watershoes and when you ask some one and they are rude to you again and you let the manager know and he blows it off. When i had made a complaint in June about how rude the employe was he just looked at me and said ok not ok thank you i will take care of it but ok!! I mean come on he should care a little more about his job doent you think?? I really think that you should have some one go in to that walmart and try to buy something and see how rude they are. There are plenty of people out there that need and want jobs that i am sure would do a better job then most of the employes that you have in the Angelton Walmart. Please feel free to contact me! Because i will not spend another dime of my money in that store untill something is done about this. And i will be telling anyone who will listen.

  • Ca
    calcita Mar 15, 2010

    I have my daughter prescription glass from walmart their advice to return on the 14th happpened to be closed because its sunday, so i went the next day monday i spoke to this lady is on the phone and asked us to wait we had our dinner at the store and finally went back to asked about the eyeglass, her response is she dont know when the eyeglass is going to come and she dont have idea when its going to come an atitude thats better said than telling us when to call or advise. this type of services is really poor and walmart should designate someone who is educated to handle costumer service. this lady at the visoin center in san leandro should undergo a costumer service seminar. poor attitude and manner towards costumer.

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