Walmartfalsely arrest

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I was shopping in walmart with my family in May 2009.I paid for all of things I had in my cart.One of the items I purchased was a plastic bottle of Arizona Tea.I noticed that it was only half in the bottle .The cashier told me to get another bottle and I did.I returned with the item and she gave me a bag.I was stopped at the front by a female grabbing my arm yelling come with me.I saw that they had done the same to my mom.I was taken to the back of the store and accused of stealing.I was then arrested in front of my child and held for hours.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Valley Stream, NYI had a five month old baby on my chest screaming to be fed and I could'nt do anything while my child screamed mommy we paid for our things.While I was arrested I was constantly being told to shut up or you'll get more charges and loose your kid.They kept changing the story from one thing to another and all I wanted to do was get home with my children.My child is always remembering that day because they had to stay with me during the whole time until my husband got there.I was finger printed and took mug shots in front of my 7 year old child.We cried the whole time because it just was'nt true .I cant stand to even see a Walmart add.

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