Walmart TV bait and switch / bait and switch

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On June 1st 2015 I stopped by Walmart and decided to check out the TV department. I liked a 50" Hisense TV with chrome edges and lit up brand name. I decided to buy such TV for a total of $525.37 Tax and warranty included. I was driving my car and could not fit the recently purchased TV because I had my family with me, I dropped off my family at home and drove back to the store to pick up the TV. When I get to the store I had them open the box so we check for any dents and make sure it turns on, but when we opened the box we noticed it was not the same TV on display. NO chrome edges NO lit up brand, I had seen this same tv elsewhere and was considering buying it and only purchased the one at Walmart because of the extra details that made it look more appealing to the eye. Anyway I spoke to the store clerk and asked him to please find me the one on display because this isn't it. The clerk spent a few minutes in the back warehouse but couldn't find it. I asked if it is legal to put a TV in your display but to sell another one that looked similar? and he answered yes, this is legal. I asked the assistant manager working that night and she said this was normal and ok. I asked for a discount for the one they had sold me since it does not have the extra details that made it look more appealing and she said NO, "we don't do that" I took pictures of both TV's and uploaded them to my Instagram account here.

Walmart TV bait and switch

Jun 7, 2015

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