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WalMart Tire & Lube / a routine oil change & fuel injection cleaning!

Briarcrest DriveBryan, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 979-776-6441

Just a huge warning to all of you out there to never take your vehicles in to wal-mart tire & lube anywhere in the usa!!!
Please look @ the huge consumer complaints & take extra caution before you get stuck will a huge loss!!!

I took my vehicle in two days ago to the wal-mart tire & lube in bryan, texas usa & was getting my normal usual 3000 mile routine oil change. Well, the girl that handles the intakes on the vehicles coming in highly recommended the fule injection cleaning. Mind you, our van was running just fine before we took it in, okay!!! Well, we reluctantly said yes. We got a couple miles down the road & called them to ask if it was normal for it to run rough after this was done & they told us yes it is & to let it idle & to run it. Well, that we did but only for another two miles & then it dies on us. Well, we then called wal-mart automotive & they sent out one of their employees to check out the problem. He didn't know what the problem was but said it could've been that the stuff they put in the fuel injectors loosened up all the debris & such to cause the problem. They were gonna make us pay the tow to have it towed to the shop they told us to have it towed to aggieland automotive, they by the way suck as well. We told him no way, our van ran fine until we took it off their premisis!!! We were refusing to pay the towing.

Anyway, we find out the all six fuel injectors need replace thus costing us from $1400-$1800. They sent it to their claims office in the meantime they wont return any of our calls we had to demand a response today, the second day. My husband had to walk 3.5 miles to work & depend on his brother & had get a rental car costing us $265.00 thus far. Not to mention the cost that we weren't reimbursed for the work they did & caused this trouble. The towing & to release the vehicle in almost $140 as of today. Not to mention paying others for transportation.

Well, our claim was denied after I finally got a hold of the person handling the claim station our vehicle was a used vehicle & that they weren't negligent in the work they did & that they did do their job!!! We then kept calling the wal-mart manager to demand that they pay the tow fee & the fee that was incured to get our van out, after all that is where we were told it was getting towed to to check out if the problem was their fault or our fault. Please everybody go to consumer complaints about this company & see the thousands of complaints & litigants going to court over wal-mart tire & lube & before you make the same mistake we did, save yourself & go elsewhere & check closely on the business to see if complaints have ever been made on them before forking out thousands of dollars!!! Pass the word along to everybody you know & take it from me it isn't worth the headache & damage to your wallet!!!

They are money hungry thieves to will rule against you in all cases!!! You will never win & the only way you will as did numerous other consumers won in a court of law.

Mind you this is a costly penalty but they must be stopped immediately. Just look at all the complaints!!! See for yourself if you don't believe me. I didn't listen to anybody that warned me about wal-mart tire & lube now I am severely paying.
We cannot even pay to get it fixed not all at once $[protected] is a lot to come up with in one lump sum. Now that we no reliable transportation only this rental until monday we are screwed!!! Yes, we plan to hire a lawyer & fight them but that takes $ as well & it could take years to go to court!!! What needs to happen is everybody that has been screwed by them needs to get in a huge class action lawsuit to make these people pay. Don't let them get away with this. Fight fight fight to the very end!!! I will be happy to sign any petition against these losers!!! I am also putting a huge sign on our van to warn everybody about these losers so nobody else will have to go through what we went through. I am so stressed out about all of this it makes me sick!!!

So please put the word out okay!!!

Repost this, copy & paste it do whatever you need to do to get this message heard. Email this to everybody you know even people you don't know, just get it out, please. They took the food off our plate & from our children & don't care so do you want the same thing to happen to your loved ones & people you care for??? We will have a $2000 bill before this is all over with.
We aren't letting aggieland automotive do the work because not only are they are affiliated with wal-mart & sided with them as they always do since that is who wal-mart sends all of their claims to they wanted to charge us almost $1000 just for labor alone!!! It takes less than four hours to complete the work!!! I am not stupid, okay!!! I feel as if I at least deserve to be reimbursed the cost of the tow & release of the vehicle, the cost of the rental & the refund of our ticket for all the trouble they have caused us in this matter!!! After all the money I have spent shopping at wal-mart they have just lost a dedicated shopper that give them a fourth of their income every month & then some at other times!!! Feel free to comment as you like. Please don't comment if you work for those losers though unless you agree, I don't need negativity!!!

Thanks a lot wal-mart tire & lube!!!


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  30th of Nov, 2007
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Given the damage involved and the strong likelihood of the business's culpability, I think your next step is to immediately file complaints your local BBB and consumer protection division of your attorney general's office. Assuming that goes nowhere within thirty days (unlikely unless you're not being entirely forthright above), then avoid the lawyer and file a small claims suit. The business is likely to make a settlement offer quickly, perhaps in full, just to avoid the hassle.
  30th of Nov, 2007
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How did pouring something in your gas tank cause so much trouble. It is a two step process that includes putting two different fluids in your vehicle they sell it off the shelf also any idiot can do it!!! Maybe you should sue the company that makes it.
  3rd of Dec, 2007
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Several years ago my wife took her Mazada 323 into Walmart at HWY 7 and Jane in Woodbridge, Ontario for an oil change and filter. A few weeks later when I was checking my wifes car I asked her if she got the oil changed. She said 'yes' at Walmart. The only reason I know this is because they never changed the filter. Of course they denied any wrong doing until we told them that the current oil filter had white car paint on it from when it was repainted prior to bring it in. The reason they never changed the filter was because it was stuck and they could not take it off. The service person never mentioned anything, just gave back the car and charged us. They still denied doing anything wrong. The store gave my wife her next oil change free. To this day we have redeemed that coupon. Will never do any repairs or simple oil changes there... ever.
  9th of Jan, 2008
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The thing that is bugging me is that I took my car to Wal-Mart to get and oil change and they left the oil cap off of my engine causing the engine to lock.

When they sent the claim to their risk management people they refuse to pay for the car claiming that they had a signed statement from me releasing them from any liability. This statement is completely false.

When you take your car to the tire and lube of Wal-Mart you authorize them to do the work by signing a hand held computer. After the work is complete they print a full sheet of paper that has information and clauses to which you never agreed. Then they take you signature from this computer and print it on the paper work. It gives the appearance that you agreed to things that you have never even seen. On the printed documents they even inform the customer that they have complete work that has not been done.

The Wal-Mart that I went to is Store #1248. The Address is 7525 Winchester Road , Memphis , TN 38125 . The phone number is (901)757-1442. The Lower Bay Technician was Bryant 8725. The Courtesy Technician is Alexander 8733, The Upper Bay Technician is Alexander 8733, and the Greeter was Terrell 8744.
  16th of Jan, 2008
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I realize that having a vehicle breakdown is never convenient and is almost always frustrating. I believe that is human nature to lash out or vent to other people when you feel you have been treated unfairly. I also believe that is very important to tell the truth and not make false statements to get your point across. Aggieland Automotive is an independent repair facility and is not affiliated with Wal-Mart. “As stated by owner of vehicle”. And when ask to do so, we will have a vehicle towed in and perform a diagnostic service to determine the failed part or needed service to correct the customers complaint. We always provide the customer with an estimate for repairs and always gain the customers approval before repairing the vehicle. Wal-Mart had asked Aggieland Automotive to tow and diagnosis this vehicle for a no start condition. Wal-Mart was given an estimate to make the needed repairs to vehicle. Replace all 6 fuel injectors and fuel filter due to completely clogged with sludge and clean sludge build up from fuel tank. Wal-Mart chose not to approve the repairs due to did not find fault in there service. The owner of this vehicle was then offered the estimate for needed repairs and the owner then declined the repair work. Wal-Mart paid for the tow and diagnostic service and vehicle was removed by customer. The Labor estimate to replace the fuel injectors was $216.00. Not “a thousand as stated by owner of vehicle”. The labor cost to clean all the sludge build up in the fuel tank was $144.00 and the labor estimate to replace the fuel filter was $28.00 for a total of $388.80. The owner was given an estimate for dealer and aftermarket parts and both were declined. We do not control another company’s decision to make payment for repair work to another person’s vehicle. Wal-Mart has referred other customers to us, other local repair facilities and dealers for service. Every time that we have serviced a vehicle for Wal-Mart they have always covered the needed repairs and taken care of the customers needs. I do not know what led to there decision not to cover the repair cost in this case. It is my belief that it has to due with the amount of sludge build up present in the fuel tank and the vehicle mileage being over 221,000. I hope that the owner’s vehicle was able to be repaired so that they have transportation.
  6th of Feb, 2008
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It is common knowledge among automotive professionals that it is very risky to use those cleaners on a car that has lots of kilometers on it and never cleaned before on a regular basis. Those cleaners are meant to be used from before the build-up starts to get too bad and then used on a regular basis as preventative maintenance. The Walmart technician is at fault because they should have asked if this car has its injectors previously cleaned and warned you about this known problem before service was enacted. If you are putting those solvents in a high mileage and most likely gummed up engine, you are taking a major gamble. Unfortunately, the you lost the gamble and exactly what is known to commonly happen, happened. Failure of the trained Walmart auto technician to alert you to this common issue is on their hands. The problem is solely related to misadvisement of the use of the cleaners. Cheers.
  25th of Mar, 2008
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walmarts got deep pockets. Why pay to fix your car when you can try to get walmart to pay for it. Next time fall in their store and try to sue. Everyone claims walmart messed up thier car because they want a free ride. I bet when this is all said and done it turns out walmart was not to blame as usual.
  9th of Jul, 2008
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I have my car serviced to walmart today for oil change and they said after one hour wait that they did not perfrom the oil change because my oil drain plug is over torqued so I went home . As I am parking my car in our garage I am seeing a lot of smoke coming under the car- My car is by the way Mitsubishi montero limited edition SUV and this is the first time I have walmart change the oil for convenience purposes and I was wrong! I was very scare see my nice car smoking and then when I opened the hood, the oil is everywhere the engine--my engine before this is as clean as if it just rolled out of the dealership-they forgot to the oil cap back into the engine. I called the lube department and guess what they advised me? they want me to drive back the smoking oil filled engine compartment to their service area so that they can look at it and clean it for me! and so very frustrated I called the store manager - her name was Amy and she told me she will send somebody to look at the car and told her fine--she send one young guy to my home riding a motorcycle who has a camera on his hand taking picture of what happened to the car and I am completely fine with that and after he's done taking picture he asked me If he can start cleaning the car and I was very surprised he has a rag and he said after I clean your car will it be alright to top off the oil ! what a horrible action! I told him he cannot touch the car at all ! they want me to just pretend that their negligence did not cause any problem on the car ! this is a 40thousand car-- when the guy left, the manager I spoke with earlier, her name was Amy, called me back and made rude comment about how uncooperative I am and that they will no longer help me because I am not cooperating with them, I told her that because of the amount of oil I lost from their negligence and the damage it has done on the car plus the massive drip it caused on my garage I want a professional to asssess the possible damage on it and she said very rudely to me that they will not cover any of that sort--very nasty manager to think about what trauma I had gone because of their negligence plus the fact I almost get caught on fire because of that--what kind of customer service is that-- finally frustrated I called my insurance carrier and told them what happened instead--they said they will cover everything because I have a comprehensive insurance with it--they will deal will walmart instead--what if I do not have this insurance what happens to me--already a victim and they instead disrespect you more as if you are nothing to them--certainly I buy a lot from walmart now I will stay out of this store--I buy a lot from them too--now...they just lost another customer. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE_RUDE MANAGERS...what kind of store is this...
  9th of Oct, 2008
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I previously submitted a complaint aabout a WIchita, Ks Wal Mart where a large van side window ws brokemn out duiring an oil change. they told me it was alreaady broken and I didn't notice it. Well I've been to Small Claims court and an appeal. i lost at both because of a security tape (they are awful!) I rwequested a transcript at the appeal and i now have 99.99% proof the 2 employeeas committed perjury-thanks to their tacky tape. I made the mistake of not geeting an atorney for the appeal. My husbaand has been so ill with caaancer and other things I thought the cas was so obvious I went to court by myself. PLEASE I need an attorney (I can pay a ressonable amount) to go over this with me. I bet there are attorneys out there who might like to see Wal Mart Tire and Lube getr their jusst rewards. I guarantee you the perjury is SO OBVIOUS! Help me seek jusssstice for the victims of Wal Mart. 620-3225-3494 There is a transcript and pictures, not many words are needed to prrrroove what I'm saying.
  11th of Apr, 2009
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Wow, you guys are nuts!!! I work in TLE at Wally world, and we have never had a claim go unpaid. Yes, we do make mistakes, but we always comp, or pay claims on all accidents. Every claim on here is very legit, and we would have paid everyone. There must be more to your stories, or you are dealing with some crooked people at the Wal-Mart's you go to. Wal-Mart is the #1 retailer in the U.S. because of you people shopping there. And, you will continue shopping there because you have no where else to go that is affordable. Wal-Mart is one of very few companies that will pay out a claim. I know, I just witnessed us putting a new engine in a car because one of our techs double gasketed the oil filter and caused all the oil to leak out and sieze the motor. We paid for a rental car, and reimbursed him for his time. But, I work in Cedar City, UT Wal-Mart. Maybe we do things different here, but all claims go to our Corporate Office, so I have no idea why your claims have been denied unless there is more to the story then what is being stated here. Anyway, see you at Wal-Mart. :)
  1st of Jul, 2009
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Ok.. I am so freaking out! I took my car to wal mart and had an oil change.I have a 06 Mazda MVP with 50, 000 miles on it. Never had any problems.. And now my oil is leaking everywhere. I am calling first thing in the morning. I just hope my car is ok and I hope walmart takes the necessary actions to make whatever went wrong right!
  5th of Sep, 2009
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Just thought I should give my imput about Walmart TLE. To start with I have always
been a very loyal customer. I used to work there while in high school and my mother is currently a co manager at her local Walmart, but as of 2 days ago, I will do my best to avoid that place. We took our 2008 Chrysler Town and County with a mere 30, 000 miles for a routine oil change. Once we picked the car up, we drove approximately 1 mile before the car started smoking. We pulled over then returned to walmart to voice complaints, as we were entering the parking lot the oil light came on and the motor seized. Once we got the mechanics out to help, the car was put in neutral and pushed into the garage to be examined. After a couple of minutes, the mechanic that had performed the oil change came back and tried to claim there was no negligence and that the van worked fine. My husband had to bring him back to his senses and ask didn't I just have to help you push it back into the garage, now you want to tell me there is nothing wrong, yet the engine won't even turn over. Finally we got management there to assist, they went back to look at the car. The finally got the car running again, but now 2 days later our car is stranded on the side of the road. The engine started knocking and then it died. Of course it is a holiday weekend, so now we have no way of getting our vehicle fixed. We are leary to have the vehicle towed without first getting it approved by Walmart claims so that we know they pay for it, in the meantime we have repeatedly been on the phone with our local Walmart, trying to get assistance until the claims department is back in the office, but they have washed their hands of our situation and have rudely told us they can do nothing at all for us. They have acted as though they are not negligent at all for the situation they have caused, yet how often does an engine with only 30, 000 miles stop running. Still waiting to talk with the claims department. Praying that they accept their liability and cover all charges for the tow, rental car, and engine.
  15th of Dec, 2009
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I have recently had a run in with Walmart. An oil change has resulted in the oil plug backing so tightly put on that Walmart refused to change my oil. They assured me that Competitive Auto in Spring Lake, NC would handle problems like this. I should have known something was wrong. I live 45 minutes from Competitive and was assured that my oil change would be completed at Competitive by Walmart. I would need to take the car in within a week. I took it in two days. Competitive checks the vehicle and states there have been leaks and they see leaks in the transmission. I have not seen any leaks on the ground and as per Walmart my oil was over full. No indicators and I checked my own levels last month. I advised Competitive for a third time that WALMART sent me to them. The rude female service worker calls Walmart and tells them "they should make me pay for any repairs". So basically I was sent on a wild goose chase. I was livid. I called the district manager and waited 3 hours at Competitive. They refused to touch my car and tried to make me sign a waiver stating that I knew of this information before they would hand me my keys. I refused and stated that I would call law inforcement if the did not give me my keys. My keys were thrown at me and I left. My car is has never stopped working and was not due for an oil change for another 1500 miles. I am filing a complaint with BBB and contacting the local news.
  25th of Jan, 2010
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I have an Associates Degree in Automotive, Diesel, and Industrial Technologies. Also I am ASE Certified. The Cleaner used couldn't of done this damage to your injectors. It's basicly the same stuff you buy on the shelf. It's no where near the professional level of cleaning power. Needless to say the guy was right you loosened up already existing dirt you tried to do a maintance that was cheap when you should of taken it to a dealer to have the injectors cleaned out properly. More than likely that is all that needed to be done. Whoever sold you on the new injectors are the ones who stole your money. I really hate people that act like they know so much about cars but then they will pay just about anyone to work on it for them and the second anything happens that they don't understand they blame it on the wrong person.
  26th of Apr, 2010
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you wal-mart haters .you complainers. you crybabies are all a bunch of ###s.If you dont like the service go somewhere else.Thats right, thats what I said just take your stupid ### somewhere else.90% of the people that say they will never come back to wal-mart are back shopping within a week.
  18th of Jul, 2010
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well walmart did me the same way i took my car to walmart in cleveland ohio steelyard common .I only wanted to a F.L.C(fuel injection cleaning) the next day i car was idie rough (running).I was told that i might have a bad batch of gas, that i need to run that gas out .Well after i run that gas out i put in a higher gas in and i still have the same problem.
  18th of Jul, 2010
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well i called walmart and they told me to bring the car back in so that they can take a look at it. well i need my car because i'm going out of town 7-27-10 for 4 days .
  1st of Aug, 2010
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My son took my car to Walmart July 20th for an oil change, on his way home my car died in the middle of the road because it was at night I had to rent a car so I caould get to work the next day. When my car was hooked up to be towed there was oil spilled all underneath. There was no oil in my car. I went to Walmart the following day and spoke with the manager in T & L. I was told to fill out a claims form I did and on July 27th I received a phone call from Claims Rep. Joe Baker who assured me they would pay for the rental I incurred and fix my car. I got a call on July 30th saying they would not pay because my gasket blew and it's not their fault. I'm not going to let this go, my car was running fine before I took it to Wal-Mart and there was nothng wrong with it at all. Less than 10 miles down the road after an oil change my gasket blows, someone didn't do their job correct. I just want Wal-Mart to fix what they broke.
  18th of Aug, 2010
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If your car is a piece of junk than it will likely break down anyway. Not saying Wal-Mart is infallible, but I just got my truck done and it runs like a scalded dog. I can not believe the getup and go this thing has. Like Brand New! If you are having a problem make them clean the injectors again. If the first time dissolved and loosened up gum, than the second will clean that out as well. By the way, Hemi powered, 425HP Dodge DAYTONA limited edition Pickup #10731. Zoom Zoom Zoom! (MPG =16 City 21-23 Hwy)
  18th of Aug, 2010
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By the way, my previous comment was not directed at you Michaela89. Get a lawyer! They had someone look at your car, someone on their side of the ring and tried to sell you a line of BS. Get A LAWYER. As much as I hate to say it, as lawyers sux. It is the only way you will get anything out of this. WM will have to foot the bill for all of your fees. There is NO way this was by chance. Good luck!

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