Walmart / store on hwy 280, birmingham, al

I and others at my office have observed thieves lolling about the Vision Center, apparently casing their targets - as was done to me.
Upon checkout, after shopping the store following my contacts purchase,
I discovered my very large wallet had been stolen.
I summoned police. The store would not allow me to see their film of the thief, but did allow the policeman, who explained to me how the thief had followed me and took the split second opportunity to steal my wallet, while my hand was over my large handbag.
The store was of no assistance to me whatsoever and could not care less that I was pickpocketed. Of course the whole episode was on camera, but obviously of no concern to Walmart, as their merchandise was not touched.
Furthermore, I insisted on reporting the incident to the manager immediately. The assistant later appeared and then told the police that I had accused their cashier of stealing my wallet - she did not understand English very well, as her primary language was Spanish.
I encourage all to be vigilant, as the Walmart thieves have an experienced expertise in the art of pickpocketing.

Mar 10, 2016

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