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I am a family member of a walmart employee in harvey, la. Walmart has been turning people into part time employees for no reason. Also, telling people that if they don't start working on sundays they will be forced to part time. Stockers were told that if they can't work the new made up shift of 4a m - 1pm and if they can't accept those hours then they can stay home and not receive any hours at all. Right now in walmart there are 5 of their big registers open because they don't want to pay people. They are firing people left and right. One lady was fired while out on leave told that she didn't handle her leave right. Long story short she got a lawyer was rehired & had to be paid for the days they dismissed her, but now they are telling her that she has to come back and work nights. Another example a door greeter was told she has to open up her availabilty to receive hours. She relies on public transportation and they asked her when does her last bus pass. This is absolutely rediculous and I wanna know if any of this is illegal which I think most of it is.

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  • Ma
      Feb 05, 2012

    I totally agree with this, Walmart management treats the people like a number they can replace anytime, the store manager in Woodstock, il is horrible towards customers and has a awful attitude with people. She will tell you off with a smile. They seem to keep the employees who act the same way or brown nose or are they snitches to them. But they do not keep the good employee's. They might want to turn the DAM AIR CONDITIONER OFF WHEN ITS 28 degrees outside making all the employees sick to make there bonus bigger, its save save save more money for them. I really feel sorry for all those who work at any walmart make them pay your medical bills. I would advise everyone not to shop at Walmart go else where or go to a store where the mangers are people and treat us consumers like people. I rate this store HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE !!! HORRIBLE!!! Oh by the way what happen to made in America by Sam, its more like made in china!

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  • Fo
      Mar 16, 2012

    my niece worked at the wal mart in hannibal, and was let go yesterday, she has been sick lately and was told by her DR. not to go to work because she had a bad virus, they won't let her have any beverage at her work station, and on top of that she's pregnant, they let her go yesterday claiming excessive absence, it's plain to see they have no common sense or compassion for their employees, but it seems if she wanted to, she probably has a good discrimination case against them, most unions seem to encourage people to boycott them because of the way they treat their employees, it looks like slavery is alive and well in walmart

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  •   Mar 16, 2012

    Dear members who are complaining on WalMart!
    WalMart is a huge multi-million franchise store. It should have Trade Union workers' protection. Unite with other workers across the nation and file the big case. Let your Union stand up for you. The separate voices are not heard and are ignored.
    Together, in hundreds, you are a big force: they will start hearing you.
    I stopped by at a local WalMart to say a couple words to my former student of English, Yolanda. Yolanda looked scared to death that her supervisor or a colleague notice she spoke to me one minute. It looked like a plain slavery. Well, if people do not stand up for their rights and dignity together, nobody is going to help them.
    The reason is obvious: unemployment. People are holding tight for their little paychecks. I can understand that very well. I am a teacher who has 5 hours of work in a week now. They laid us off massively last September. Soon, they will close us (English for immigrants/general ed for adults program) at all. The country is ruled by rich corporations, teachers are being fired. Education will go down, more criminals appear in the streets, fewer professionals or people in their sound mind. What are we heading for? Only people can change this situation, if they speak up.
    Zoia Sproesser
    Teacher/Writer (CA)
    English-Spanish-Russian (I am tri-lingual)

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  • Hu
      Oct 17, 2018

    Walmart has taken a beating regarding how they treat their employees and with good reason. They came out with a campaign a couple of years ago, saying they "value" and are "increasing" wages. Yeah, then they cut hours for 6 weeks and counting, saying it's because of the hurricanes recently. Hurricanes??? They take money from me to donate? Shouldn't they ask if I want to donate? Filed a complaint on the ethics of all of this and the Home Office referred me to the Market HR manager, who NEVER answered their phone. Any complaint gets pushed back down to the store manager and they do what they want. The Unions need to push their way into Walmart. The employees need representation. Also, the managers are abusive in the language and how they treat you. I had one screaming at me, on the sales floor and management did nothing to her. Just told me to do what she says and try not to upset her. This however, does not fit in the legal term of hostile environment. The laws need to change and broaden the "Hostile" definition.

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