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Took back a ATV battery - With receipt, detailing the $9.00 core fee, which was credited to me at the time of purchase. I paid $26.00 for the battery with the $9.00 core fee totaling $35.00. When I returned the battery, with receipt - All walmart would refund is $26.00. Walmart did not have a replacement battery in stock.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cedar Rapids, IA I tried to explain to clerk - then Manager that when I return to purchase another battery what will you charge me? They said $26.00 plus 9.00 core charge. I said but I already provided you the core with this previous purchase. Why will you not refund me the $9.00 core fee? You will charge me again? It is listed on the receipt at time of refund. They did not get it. I guess it was too difficult to understand. I tried to explain, again all they would refund is the battery - not the core charge. I guess I will have to make my next purchase at an auto parts store.

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  • Wm
      Nov 17, 2010

    That is very unfortunate.. I work at a Walmart Service Desk and the Customer service Rep should have refunded the whole amount of the recept, including the core charge and state fee.. If this happens again, ask for a Customer Service Manager, if you do not get the correct response ask for a Store Manager. You sound like an smart person and you can read your recept.. You know you will be charged that charge when you buy a new battery. It seems pretty elementary.. I'm sorry for your poor customer service...

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  • Dm
      Oct 07, 2016

    I had a similar incidence in the WAL-MART in Mililani, Hawaii today. I was looking for if others had the same BS from customer service at Wal-Mart. I first bought an 5 year warranty MAXX Everstart battery about 6 years ago which only lasted 3 years. I took that battery back to Wal-Mart and had to argue to get the pro rated difference for the remaining 2 years. They finally did tell me that I can can another of the same battery and they'll credit me for the 2 years. I agreed go the replacement battery minus the pro rated 2 year credit. Now fast forward 3 years from that day and my car battery dies out on me today. This is a 5 year battery I'm talking about that only last about 3 years. I removed it from my car and took to to the same Wal-Mart I bought it from Mililani Wal-Mart in Hawaii. The customer service lady acted rude and said if I bought Wal-Mart batteries before which I answered yes. She ran a diagnostic test with some kind for device that prints out if the battery is good or not. The women said this may take 5 minutes and sometime could take an hour. Glad my readout come out in about 2 minutes. It read battery needs to be replaced. I asked if they could pro rate the 2 years that I didn't get with this 5 year battery. The stupid answer I got was that I already used my pro rate or receive a new battery on the last battery I bought. I told her, I didn't receive any new battery the last time an they only pro rated the 2 years. Then she says, I already used my 2 years pro rate on my last battery and can use it again. I told her the last battery lasted only 3 years and this one lasted only 3 years also and I should be able to receive a 2 year pro rate credit for the new battery. The CS women said I can only get a core charge credit and no 2 years proration credit since I used it on the first time. She's such an idiot. I didn't want to waste anymore energy and just said screw this and I'm going to NAPA. I took my old battery back N drove to NAPA also in Mililani Hawaii. The sales guy there took my Wal-Mart battery and gave me a core change deduction. Also he told me there was a special if I buy a $1 NAPA bag I could get $20 discount off too. I ended up getting a 6 year warranty battery for less than $100. He said if the battery last only 3 years they will pro rate the 3 years difference and the new 6 years warranty starts the day I buy the new replacement. This can go on for every battery even if it's a replacement. The NAPA salesman said that this is normal and couldn't understand why Wal-Mart would do otherwise. He said that the Wal-Mart CS person probably wasn't trained right of know what they are doing. I totally and sometimes it's better to walk away from stupid untrained people than to waste time and energy to teach them the basics. I will be telling all my friends and neighbors don't get caught into Wal-Mart's car battery scam or deal with their Customer Service for any car battery warranty. I wonder if corporate office have a. complaint hotline? I use to like shopping at Wal-Mart but not have a bad battery taste in my mouth when I enter that store. I URGE Everyone to NOT BUY CAR BATTERY from Wal-Mart. It doesn't last and you will only be credited once and you'll stuck in their scam after that..Shaking my head.

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