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I am extremely upset and embarrassed with the way the pharmacy tech has treated me this has been a second time she has discriminated against me due to my mental health med I'm on . She 2 months ago gave me a hard time about billING my insurance for 2 pills a day for a 30 day period. She tried to tell me I had to pay cash for the whole amount because she wouldn't bill it for part of prescription she tried to say that's frauding the imsurance. So I contacted my insurance company and the lady said she had never heard of such a thing and that medicaid or VA premiere have limits on what they cover for many and all pharmacists and techs. should know that they have to bill it for whatever portion is covered she called in and demanded they stop trying to make me pay out of pocket for the whole prescription when I am covered and approved for 60 a month at 2 a day. so she ran it through and I got my medicine. then 2 months later the same tech that humiliatese and talks to me as if below the rest of the customers decided to pull the same trick again and told me they cant bill it for 2 a day. I explained that they have been billing it for 2 a day for last 4 months and why can't they look into history where evenu insurance called and forced them to do a partial bill. for what's approved. She then tried to tell me she did it and when I left it was only 2 in the bottle so me and my 2 year old returned after waiting an hour already and went through drive through and was explaining to them they were supposed to fill 60 and bill it for 2 a day. The same tech came back and said no we can't and won't bill them for 2 a day I said then why did u sat okay and give me 2. Then a very young looking kid that was an assistant mangager came to the window and said very rudely we aren't going to bill it for 2 a day and now that u got 2 you have to come back tomorrow to get the reat I asked nicely if they can cancel it or call the insurance company and let them know they made a mistake he said hold on so I sat there with my 2 year old crying at this point after all this time and he had me waiting at the window with people mad behind me I Was about to pull off to go inside but he saw me and cane back to the window and said just wait sorry it's taking so long it's almost done so I said fine. then 5 minutes later a police officer pulls up beside me and says I was Called because u were holding up the line I said areally u kidding me I was told to stay here that he was checking on something and they never once asked me to come in. I tried to pull off to come in but he stopped me and said wait were almost done and apologized for taking so long. so the officer could see they weren't making sense he walked me inside and I said not one person asked me to come in and not one person spoke up and said yes I did so he said he could see I was telling the truth sense not one person could say they did. I was humiliated and treated cruel. as they were laughing after he said just wait I'm almost done because they knew he was trying to keep me there for the officer he called. and after 30 min there with officer my doctors office was furious they were treating me like this yey once agsin. so she called the pharmacy and spoke to tech and said this is ridiculous your shift is treating her wrong and it is just because the medicine she is on. She said I should be treated the same as an old lady picking up her blood pressure medicine. She told her she made the mistake why doesn't she call the insurance and fix. it. well she acted as though she would to her and the officer and then once the officer left she made me wait 45 minutes while on phone with the pharmacy side of insurance trying to find any way out of filling this medicine.trying to find a loop hole to get out of filling it. so I finally saw she wasn't going to fill it and left with my baby. The next day I called in and it was a different shift but one tech was there that was there the day before and he apologized for how they treated me he said it was wrong and he said yes I will run it through for 2 a day as we are supposed to and I walked in and got my medicine and left well I went back to the store and was told by the assistant manager that was laughing and tricking me to wait in line for police . that I was banned from store I asked why he said because your doctors office was to our staff and u we had to call the police on. I said for no reason and the officer left because he could see were being. ridiculous and u had no right to call the officer when u made me WA it in line and never asked me to come inside . so I asked to speak to general manager he said yes are banned because the tech said they asked u to come inside I said are u kidding me they all agreed and Noone said to the officer that because it isn't true. but they lie to you to ban me . I asked if he'd listen to the recording or speak to tell officer to prove none asked me to come in and he said no our decision i's made we are banning u so I left with tears in my eyes hurt that they would treat me this poorly because of my medicine I take and my disabilities. my number is [protected]. my email is [protected] please do something about this it's not right and extremely prejudice against the ones with disabilities.

Feb 17, 2017
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      Mar 05, 2017

    I am without adderall and I need prior alteration and without this medication I feel suicidal and I feel like life is ending my life I never had a problem getting this medication until this new pharmacist started working I been taking this medication for years but since the pharmacy has a new pharmacist and i knew he didn't like me because maybe I reminded him of someone he knew in the past but he denied my prescription right away, actually I was sitting there for one hour than he called me to the counter and said we need prior alliteration knowing that it was Friday and my doctor was gone. That is when I went off and then the lady behind the counter started laughing and that is when I called her out her her name and she called me a stupid B*itch and that is when I went off and said your safe behind that counter but you wouldn't say that to my face and that when she said I am going to go in the back before I beat your ### and that is when I started crying and said i am going to call the police they let her leave and while she was leaving she stuck her tongue out at me and started laughing I just can't sleep I need this medication I been taking adderral for 7 years and you can see it through your computer this is a new pharmacist and he doesn't know how do over ride and of course I will call my doctor on Monday but I never had to call my doctor before until 1new pharmacist started working My name is GENILCE KISHTER and Birthday 3/14/1987

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