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A Oct 21, 2018 Review updated:

Early this week I brought in my prescription to be filled. I recieved a call twice (two different days) that the prescription was partially filled. Thus I waited for the call that it was filled. I recieved that call on saturday. So today I went in to pick up my prescription and they had none of it. I brought it in early so that I wouldn't be without my medication. Now I have to drive cities over to pick up my prescription. All of this frustration could have been fixed if an actual person would have picked up the phone and called to let me know they couldn't fill my prescription but they would happily help me find some place else. This is unacceptable. I have to have this medication! People's lives are not pawns to play with!


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      Oct 31, 2018

    I wish to file a complaint about the Walgreens pharmacy at the SE corner of Fillmore and N. Nevada Ave in Colorado Springs, CO. On Monday, 10/29/18, I called to check on my prescriptions and was told they were all ready to be picked up. I arrived to find out only a partial order was ready for my insulin and to come back Tuesday. In the middle of a blizzard I went to pick up the remainder of my script on Tuesday after work. They still didn't have it and said to come back Wednesday. This morning before work I stopped in again and they still didn't have it and said to come back tomorrow, Thursday! I don't know who/how they order, but my time is valuable and I am very upset that they have wasted my time in this manner. My sense of urgency is that my insurance runs out today, October 31, 2018. I expressed my dissatisfaction to Corina a pharmacy tech and to the pharmacist Katie. My time is valuable and I don't like being treated like my time doesn't matter. This pharmacy needs to get their act together when ordering and following through on their promises. Adding insult to injury I saw Corina looking at Katie and laughing. Katie said she wasn't laughing but I SAW HER and I am not visually impaired! Katie said she was sorry but it just sounded empty and insincere. I was very upset and let them just how much. I am asking for A LOT of points on my Walgreens card to make up for some of this inconvenience and emotional stress. Thank you.

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