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Walgreens / poor customer service

1 Albany, GA, United States

Poor Customer Service at Walgreens in Albany, Georgia, the store on the corner of Pine Ave. and Slappey Blvd, address 300 N. Slappey Blvd, Albany, Georgia 31701. I am a regular customer there. I shop during my lunch hours which is only 60 mins. In the photo department, I sat myself down at the self photo developing machine to have some Christmas cards done. Until to get the machine going. No one was attending the photo department. I called out for help. A Afro-American girl in her mid 30's appeared with no smile on her face. I knew then that I was in trouble. I told her my problem I was having and she told me I had to scan my photos in one by one. She placed my photo on the display and told me to hit scan. It was warming up and then it was done telling me I had to rescan photo because it was inserted in correctly. I called out to the girl again, and she with no smile on her face opened the scanner and said I had to move it around to get it right. Again, it had ask me to rescan. Again, I called out to her, this time she was behind the photo counter banging on something she was putting away. I called at her again, addressing her as " mam"...she ignores me. I have a loud voice so I know she can hear me. Finally after a few "mam's" she walked over and I told her again that the scanning is not working right. She insist on moving my photo back and forth on the glass scanner to tell me that I have to continue to play with it until it gets right. Now, I know and you know that anyone who understands what they are doing, this situation wouldn't have to go this far. I wasted 45 minutes of my lunch hour with this young girl whom did not know a thing about scanning photos on this machine. She wasn't a pleasant person at all. And I felt that she thought I was a stupid old woman wasting her time for my help. Her name is Denise. I did see that on her name tag. By the 5th time for rescanning my photo...when I called out at her again...she refused to listen to me when I was telling her that this way of scanning as she is telling me isn't working. She wanted to just move my photo again. At this time, I took my photo and I said I was leaving and acknowledged her name is Denise. She said yes. So I left and went back to my office with no Christmas photos. I have had Christmas photos developed at this Walgreens for many years. All the other male clerks that helped me in the past years knew what they were doing and I have been extremely satisfied. Today, this experience with Denise has soured me to no end. I refused to go back to this store if Denise works the photo counter, or for that matter, any counter. It's obvious she either wasn't trained properly, or she is just a horrible person. People like her puts a damper on the entire store. She either needs to be retained or dismissed. I am a regular customer at this Walgreens and I do not need this kind of poor service from an unhappy young black female. All I want are my Christmas simple as that.

Nov 14, 2016

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