Walgreenspoor and unprofessional customer service

7th, 2018

I am writing this letter in reference to an incident that happen to me and my boyfriend on November 27th, 2018. This incident happened at Walgreens in Silver City Nm 88061 and involves multiple employees including the store manager and his assistant. Let me start off by saying that me and my boyfriend are coupon using customers and we absolutely love this store and appreciate all the deals that they have to offer throughout the year. So, from the beginning couponing was new to us as well as the employees so we did have a couple bumps in the road but for the most part nothing serious. There was a supervisor or shift leader by the name of Candice, one day she chose to get up close and personal and was asking us questions such as what we do will all the stuff we buy and where we work etc. We explained to her that majority of the stuff we buy we take down the Juarez, Mexico where my boyfriends mother lives and donate it to the families that live in poverty and live really poor without opportunity to better their lives. She kind of gave me a weird look as if I was crazy or something and went on about her job.
As the months went on, we continued shopping there almost every day and have made this store thousands of dollars within the past 2 years. We were the ones that purchased all that clearance stuff that they try so hard to get rid of and out of there way. Ans would also use coupons to buy hygiene and stuff. Well after a while I felt as though the workers were getting tired of us and Candice would treat us differently in kind of a negative way. I remember her telling us that she was taking a vacation out of town to Chris Brown concert. We had just got back from vacation in Las Vegas and were talking about it and that's the only reason she had mentioned about going to this concert. So, we told her to have a safe trip and to have fun and enjoy it. I might have even said we were going to miss her while she was gone. I remember leaving the store that way with a smile for the first time in a very long time. It was a great feeling knowing that one of their supervisor employees talked to us in a personal level and it was a positive interaction. It hit me as hard to make me get on Facebook and write a great review on them and their service. Well I probably shouldn't have gotten my hopes so high because I was completely wrong.
When Candice came back from her trip and we bumped into her she wouldn't even say hi or anything at all and would walk by us from a distant without even recognizing us. As we were shopping my boyfriend Cayo bumped into her down an isle and said to her "what's up stuck up" she said hi really fast and brushed him off and remember him coming to tell me and wanting to leave the store. I was barely starting to shop so told him just to chill out and shop next to me. I figured it was just on accident or maybe he was over exaggerating but when we both met up to her on that isle, she put her head down and didn't even acknowledge that we were there. I remember passing her and getting this awful unwanted feeling from her that made my stomach turn. We continued our shopping and as we oaid we asked the other employee what was wrong with her and the other employee said she wasn't sure that she was perfectly fine all day.
The next couple of day man Candice was really making it a point to make sure she wanted every shopping trip we made there to be uncomfortable and make us feel unwanted. One of the nights I had overheard Candice speaking to another employee by the name of Elaina and she tell them that she freaken hates checking us pour Mexicans out when we go shopping there. I remember having to bite my tongue so hard not to say anything and did just that. I told my boyfriend about it and he left the store and left me shopping by myself. He had to sit in the car for over 2 hrs. by the time I was done, and he did
I could understand why that upset him even more because his mother being from there and living there. So, at that point I thought I had enough, I called the survey number on the receipt and in the section where it asks if there was a problem I chose yes and gave a brief description of the supervisor Candice and the incident that happened. From that point on I remember ever checkout experience and shopping experience was so uncomfortable and non-friendly from any of the staff. The checkout part of it the most because the stores system would take a while to read and enter all the coupons in and these cashiers would act as if we were the biggest inconvenience and would sit there and huff and puff about waiting. I remember I would have to beg Cayo to come shopping with me because with that uncomfortable ire feeling I would not go shopping alone there. I remember going a couple times and bumping into Candice and her giving us the looks that she would and her face turning cherry red as if she hated us, he would just turn around and walk out no questions asked. Most the time I followed behind him and would be forced to go to CVS and shop there, but it just wasn't the same.
One night that we were shopping we got pulled aside by the store manager Derick Ratcliff and was asked about me calling and complaining to corporate about Candice. As I was trying to explain the situation to him he pretended to hear some of it and was distracted by another employee in which he cut me off and told me if I ever have a problem to fix not to call corporate, to let him know about it and he will take care of it because when we call corporate they get on his "ASS", and he gets yelled at or what not. He doesn't even wait for my response before he walks off and walks back into his office where I'm thinking he always is because that's the first time I had ever met him or even seen him. To be completely hones I was floored. But still choose to continue giving them my business because the sales were good. Little by little the employees would approach us with new coupon rules about this and about that and I knew they were trying there hardest to get me to stop shopping there, but I just ignores and agreed and went on with my business… I mean there was times that they would tell me a new rule about couponing and then after getting home and going over my receipts realized that they just did exactly what they said they weren't doing anymore so I was a bit confused. Majority of the employees and managers when it was time for us to pay would disappear and nobody wanted to check us out. It got to the point where they would make their youngest employee TY check us out and I would have to check out in the photo department as if we were some kind of outcasts or aliens or something. I remember buying TY a candy or an energy drink or something in that matter and felt like we had to in order to get a positive or normal checkout. There were a couple times that we even purchased him little ceases pizza so that he could share with the crew and that didn't even change their attitude towards us.
So, the day that their Halloween stuff went 90% off I decided to stop at Walgreens before work to see what they had. Well just my luck they did, and Candice happened to be the only employee in the front and would have to check me out weather she wanted to or not. As she started ringing up my stuff, she breaks the complete silence and tell me that what I did was pretty messed up. So, I then asked her what it was that I did because I didn't remember doing anything to her personally. She says for calling corporate on me. So, I then told her that I felt like what she did was even more messed up. She asked why so I told her exactly why. Which was the way that she treated us once she got back from her vacation, that she acted like she never even new us and when Cayo told her hi how she treated him and made him feel. She then told me that she had a reason for her acting like that towards us. I ask her why and her response was because when Cayo seen her he called her stuck-up. I kind of laughed but held it in and told her that when he said that he was just simply saying hi and called her stuck-up because she didn't say hi when he first got there and seen her. I explained to her that he meant it in no kind of negative way, that he always says little comments or words like that just joking around. But that I apologize if she did get offended and told her that he would apologize if he knew it bothered you that much also. She stood quiet and didn't even bother to apologize for her actions or for misunderstanding Cayo and hating us for that simple reason. She just gave me my change and my receipt, and I walked off.
Well me assuming that since we had discussed it everything was ok and she wouldn't treat us the way she would always, but I was wrong every day that we would go in and she was working the air in the store felt thick and unwantingly. When she wasn't there the feeling wasn't so bad but when it was time to pay all the employees would still act as if we were bugging and TY was called to the photo lab to check us out. When TY wasn't there and one of them had n choice but to check us out man, they would give me this feeling inside that is unexplainable. That continues everyday up until November 27th and that is the day that I chose I wouldn't take it anymore and told myself if she or anyone else is there and they say something or do something I was going to open my mouth and say something. So that day was not so bad we didn't see her so figured she was off or not there. Well the only thing was when we walked in the cashier gave us a weird look and called this other younger cashier David and tells him that when we are ready to check out that he should do it. He told her ok but was doing something in the back that was assigned to him so when she sees that we are getting ready to pay to call him up. So, we did our shopping and as we were getting closer to the cash register, she would call him up and we would go down the isle again so he would leave. Well as she was checking a regular customer out, I decided to go stand in line behind him once he was done and gave her no choice but to check us out weather she wanted to or not.
So, she starts ringing up our stuff but calls David to the front so that he can checkout a customer standing behind us and ready to pay. As he was checking that customer out, she would make him faces and would make her eyes wide as if she was telling him that she still ended up having to check us out and didn't want too… When he was done, he would go stand behind her as if he was feeling sorry for her. She was almost [censored]ing out loud because the system was taking so long, and she didn't know why. At that point David decided to put his two sense in and started mixing up my transactions that I had organized according to my coupons so I politely told him that I got to pay for the products in a specific order so that the coupons would work accordingly. He turned around and told me that I'm the reason the system is taking so long and that I need to separate my stuff into smaller transactions and who knows what else. Well out of no where here pops up Candice and as she walks past us, I could not help myself and turned around and said, "Damn if looks could kill", she turned around and walked up to me and told me "What did you say?" I then looked back and told her "Damn if looks could kill, " and she tells me "I wasn't even looking at you." I looked at her again and told her "I couldn't tell." She then pushed her hair back rolled her eyes and walked off to the back where she came from. There were other employees as well as customers on the other register that witnessed the whole thing. At this point the tow cashiers Elaina and David were still being rude so I asked them what their problem is. I said you guys get paid to do this, this is what you were hired and to maintain giving good customer service while doing it. I told them since the first day we started couponing we've never gotten great customer service except for with TY but we pretty much had to pay for it by buying him candy and stuff. I said if you guys don't like your jobs then go work somewhere else. I said it isn't our fault that your system takes so long therefor should not be treated differently because of it. I was so angry and by then by boyfriend had already left and went to the car. I remember being so mad that I was shaking and feeling like I wanted to cry but stood strong and held it all in until I got into my car and broke down in tears. It made me even madder that I was crying and that that was the only way to get it out of me. My boyfriend felt the same exact way but is stronger than me so was able to hold in his cry and swallow it down.
We went home and didn't even get the stuff we purchased off the car. Man, it felt like we had gotten into a real battle and felt exhausted and completely drained of energy I remember. It was completely weird and something I had never felt in my life. I decided to do another survey from their receipts to see if maybe that would make me feel a little better. Which surprisingly it did. Although I went to bed with a sour taste of this whole situation and thought to myself that there has to be something we can do about this and knew it would be a challenge because there is so many of them employees and with their actions they've given up until this point knew that it would be me against al of them possible and was so confused. I stood up until around 2:00 am stressing over it until I final dozed off. The next morning, I tell my boyfriend that I couldn't help but feeling as if we were abused that night by them employees and that I promised if they act like that one more time we will never go back there ever again, and I would stop couponing. He said that I didn't have to do that because couponing is how I relieve all my worries and stress and that I would probably lose my mind without it. That moment it came to my senses that he was right and what would I do without it. I told him that he was so right and that I would need some kind of couponing rehab or something. The only one laugh we ever had in reference to shopping at Walgreens and our experiences.
Well there was a great pamper sale and people in Juarez are in desperate need of items such as these, so we decided to go and do the diaper deal. We go into store and get a basket and walk to the diaper isle when we here the guy working the cash register call Dakota the manager over the intercom. He then approaches us on that isle and in front of customers happily tells us that we have a criminal trespass on the store and are no longer allowed there anymore. Confused as hell I look at him and ask him why or for what. He tells me that he's not even sure to be honest, but that upper management just told him that if we go in to give us that information and to throw us out of the store. He said if we wanted to, we can call and talk to Derick Ratcliff the next day and also informed us that it was the manager Matt that issued the CTW. Which was weird because Matt wasn't even there the night before. Man, that was so embarrassing, they made us feel as if we were some kind of criminals and as if we broke the law. The other customers looked at us as if so too. We left our basket there and turned around and walked out. The way all the other employees looked at us as if they finally got what they've been longing for for a very long time. They all had smiles on their faces for once which also had never happened to us before. I didn't even have the courage to look at them for longer than one second and felt completely empty and weak in the knees as we walked back to the car. Man couldn't believe that actually happened and could not think of one thing that we could have done to deserve this, I mean beside the couple works that I exchanged with Candice and me telling the cashiers that they are doing what they get paid for there was nothing else that we did.
This would be the second sleepless night that I had stressing over this dang store and their dang employees. A huge part of me told me just to leave it and never go back to that store and let them have what they wanted for a very long time now. But a bigger part of me told me that they are completely out of line and that I should call the store manager tomorrow and see ehat was really going on and tell him my side of the story, so I did just that. When I called, I decided to record our conversation because I had a feeling that this would be an unfair discussion and wanted proof of it. So, when he answers I tell him who he was speaking to and inform him that when we went to the store last night I was approached by one of his supervisors and was told that me and Cayo have a CTW on us on that property and are no longer allowed there but couldn't tell me why or for what. He then responded that he really doesn't know much of the story because he hasn't had time to even talk to his employees about it but that all he knows is that there is a CTW on us there and that 3 of his employees said that I threatened Candice by saying that my sister was going to beat her up after work. Which is completely false and made up by them completely? Candice wasn't even in my presence long enough for me to tell her that. I knew exactly what was going on and explained to him briefly of what happened and told him that his employees are lying and are upset with me for what I told them about not liking their job. He cut my conversation short and told that if I give him a couple days to talk to the employees involved, he would then decide what to do. I asked him if he wanted me to finish what I had to say, and he said no that hes already heard enough of my side and told me how he has so much things going on such as his ice machine leaking water and named a couple other things and then laughed q couple times. At that point I felt as if he was telling me that my situation is the least important to him and was some kind of laughing matter or joke. I got upset and told him that this is not a funny matter and that if he thought it was a joke that he is completely wrong. I explained to him that I have made that store thousands of dollars and this is the way they show appreciation of my business is by throwing me out and then laughing at the situation. He apologized and said he wasn't laughing at my situation that he was laughing at the fact of his ice machine leaking which didn't make any sense at all to me or to him. I told him how all 3 employees are going to say I said that because they are the 3 that made that story up and upset from the tone and the way I told him that this was not a laughing matter he responds by telling me that a customer also heard me say that and reported it to him… My jaw dropped at what an extent of lying these employees would go to save each other's ass. I told him that that was not true at all and wanted to know the customer that said that or some kind of proof. He said he couldn't tell me who exactly it was but that he knows that customer personally and trusts her word also. I was floored by what this store has done and is continuing to do to me. Just because I use coupons and am Mexican and shop a lot. What's this world coming to I ask myself.
Completely confused and so helpless the next day I decide to build up the courage to call Mr. Ratcliff again knowing in my gut that he most likely didn't even bother to talk to his employees or investigate like he said he would. I call and tell him that I was checking up on the situation. He then tells me that he has decided to keep the CTW on and that we are no longer allowed there. I thought to myself well what about all the points that I have built up with them and the coupons that their system prints out for me to use. I asked him if it was possible to get the video that shows the customer witnessing that and he said he would not be able to give me that. So, I asked what if my lawyer needs it if it would be available for sure. He said he couldn't guarantee me that but if or when he gets a subpoena for it, he will worry about it then. I thanked him and told him to have a nice day. Man felt so abused, used, helpless, alone, shameful for something I didn't even do. Felt as though I was trapped in a box by complete strangers and could not get out of it for the life of me. I started to feel anxiety and depression instantly for this was the store that I would go to everyday and would relieve my stress and anxiety by doing so. All that started running through my head and I laid in bed in the dark for hours straight. When cayo would try to talk to me or ask me if I wanted to eat or needed anything. I was mean to him without even realizing it and shut him off as well as everyone else around me. I cried a little I screamed in my pillow and don't even remember how or when I fall asleep but do remember waking up thinking it was all a dream until reality kicked in and I realized it wasn't a dream that it was real. These past couple of days have been so rough for me between my stress and anxiety on top of that all these other emotions that I'm feeling it almost seems unbearable and I find myself in some scary moments within myself where I feel like I am going to lose my mind or go crazy or something… Never thought I would grow so dependent on a store and on shopping like I did without ever even realizing it or being able to notice before it was too late. Never did I think that a store would treat and do this to any of their customers especially the ones that always give them business and continue to give them business. I mean I could see if I was there with the intentions to steal or to damage the company in way but no, I was only there to shop and relieve my stress and anxiety. The though of me not evert being able to go back really worries me and frustrates me to the point that I will go home from work and not want to do anything but lay there in the dark. I've shut off important innocent people in my life to the point that they wont even tell me hi or ask me anything. I'm starting to hate myself for acting like this towards them and understand how its so hard for them to understand and that no body could probably ever because it does sound crazy that a customer can become so attached to one store and depend on it for other reasons besides suppling merchandise or goods. But I am living proof that this is possible and not even sure how to control or handle it. I live day by day telling myself that I need to snap out of it and thinking of ultimatums on things to do or stores to go try to shop at and still can't seem to find the energy to do so. Not sure if this will make any sense to anyone or if anyone could put themselves in my shoes and understand but if you can or if you do and have any advice on how to fix myself before I completely loose myself mi open ears to anything. At this time, I want to thank you all for your time you spent reading this and for any open opinions you may have.

Joe Fierro

Dec 03, 2018

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