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at about 11 a.m. I called in a drug refill on Thur. I said price and available, he put me on and checked if the refill would go thru. then checked to see if he had 90 also, he came back to the and told me that yes the refill went thru and I can pick it up later that day. Well we went today Friday. IT WAS NOT READY. I was pissed because I do what I'm told then you drop the ball.

  • Updated by Anne51, Nov 18, 2017

    It took us over 24 hours to finally go pick it up not 1 hour from 11am Thursday to 3 pm Friday. the pharmacist told me on Thursday to pick it up later that afternoon. We went Friday to pick it up. IT WAS NOT EVEN STARTED AT ALL. IT WAS OVER 24 HOURS BEFORE WE WENT TO PICK IT UP. They had not even started my refill at all.

Nov 17, 2017
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  •   Nov 18, 2017

    In their defense the people actually in the pharmacy waiting for their prescriptions will always be served before phone orders. How would you like to be standing in line, and have them tell you that YOU have to wait til all the phone orders are done first? I am guessing you would not like that at all.

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  •   Nov 18, 2017

    Because everyone in the pharmacy waiting comes first. Just like YOU would come first if you were inside waiting before anyone on the phone. What part of that do you not get?

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