Had scripts from Tucson Pain Institute for Nucynta ER and Immediate Release pain meds, older woman pharmacist was very kind and helpful and I was told the meds would be there for me each month. It was at first, then the day came a few months later that I had those to fill but it hadn't been ordered. I was upset! I wasn't out but I was told it'd be there but wasn't. I was angry and let male pharmacist know it. When picking up meds I apologized to him. He said for me to call 3days b4 meds due for filling to be sure it was in. Well I forgot and went for refill and it wasn't there. I was upset and he came front, I asked him, AGAIN?! He snatched it from female techs hand to hand back to me. I took it and left and will NEVER go back again! It's hard enough to get pain management meds without having to do pharmacists job. I was told Pain med's would be there each month and then to expect me to call each month to make sure it's ordered or there is ridiculous! Never been treated so badly at a pharmacy! I believe it's pretty crappy that he makes me be responsible for making sure my meds are there each month. Nucynta is not an opioid in high demand so no shortage of it. I went to Walmart who had it in stock and told pharmacist what had happened at Walgreens and she assured me that it will be there each month and all I need do is bring in scripts each month. As it should be. You can see that I've been with Walgreens many, many years. Sure there's been bumps along the way, been on Pain mngmt since 07, and some were high demand opioids, so not each month was easy. But no one has ever tried to make it my responsibility! I suppose the loss of my business is no big deal in the scheme of things, but it should be.

Aug 23, 2017

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