Walgreensnot having ad merchandise; slow pharmacy

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Our local Walgreens is new and very clean. The associates are kind and helpful. However, every Sunday I clip many coupons. Rarely do they EVER have any of the items. They are very gracious to issue rain checks. I have returned numerous times...sometimes up to four weeks later, and they still remain out of the advertised items. What a hassle and waste of my time and gas! Needless to say, I now throw their Sunday flyer in the trash without even bothering to look at it.

Also, the pharmacy is very understaffed. Sometimes as many as six people are lined up and there is always just one window open. The drive thru is equally slow, just to get waited on. I have already switched back to CVS.

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  • Sb
      Dec 03, 2008

    If the store is new like you say, The problem may lie with the invantory system it will sometimes take a while to work itself out in new stores because they cannot know what the regular sales of specific items will be .. once they have that information the system should be adjusted accordingly.

    Now I realize.. that isnt your problem. as the customer you are entitled to a stocked store!! ..As are the 30 other people who get up bright and early sunday morning to grab the sales .. and the 15 or so people who may have gotten the sale saturday just before closing . Surely you have seen How modestly sized a Walgreens is. They are located on small lots near mostly residential areas for a reason, convinence to you!! Now Honestly, If the staff is so polite and have done what they can to assure you the advertised price, (which, I may add is good at ANY Walgreens with the item in stock) why be so upset?

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  • Aa
      Apr 28, 2009

    I looked up walgreens near the area you live and I see the problem; you live in a small town and the only nearest walgreens outside of Chickasha is more than 10 miles away. That sucks for you, but a single walgreens servicing a community of about 16 thousand people (according to the 2000 census) is going to have a hard time keeping sale items on the shelves. It will also be hard for them to handle the amount of perscriptions they get every day.

    Try picking up your scripts at a different time; at the store I work in the pharmacy is often insanely busy from 5pm until after 7pm. That's because a lot of people get off work and stop in to pick up their perscriptions on the way home. The pharmacy stays open all day for a reason, and that is so that folks who don't like to wait can come in at different times when the pharmacy isn't as busy. You complaining about this is kind of like showing up at a movie theater at 8pm on a saturday night and then complaining because it's crowded...

    Of course you also sound just a little whiney here, and I'm sure the people at that particular store are glad to be rid of you; that is if you were in fact a frequent shopper and not a CVS plant...

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  • Gl
      Jul 13, 2009

    Mchenry Walgreens in modesto had grocery carts upside down in the drive through! I almost crashed! This is how they close their lanes, what about pilon's and normal traffic dividers...are they too cheap to do it the right way? What wierd stuff will they do with my RX when they can't even afford basic building and grounds equipment? This was just 20 minutes ago. 7/13/09

    Local resident and Construction industry worker.

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