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Walgreens / they seldom have all ad items

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I work for walgeens and we seldom have all the ad items in the ad. Our store manager is only concerned about the things that effect his bonus. You can’t loose any of your gross profit if you don’t have them items to sell. We will write rainchecks for the items. He will only then order a case of them item knowing there are more rain chain checks out there.

How can we continually screw our customers like this? How did we get to where we are today? Can’t our district manager figure this out, or is this common practice?

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  • Jo
      6th of May, 2008
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    I am a store manager for a Walgreens on the west coast, and you are a bit misinformed about how the profit is made.

    When items are on any type of sale, the Walgreens Corporate HQ gives the individual stores "Scan-down" credit on all sale items sold. Meaning the store actually makes MORE profit off the sale and markdown items than regular priced items.

    If your store manager is purposely not ordering sale items, his losing big profit for his store, and also losing big $$$ by making customers unhappy. There must be another reason for him not ordering the sale items, such as thinking there's not enough space for him to merchandise them. Stil a bad move.

  • Aa
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    It could also be that he does order these items but the warehouse doesn't have enough merchandise to meet the needs of all the stores they supply. This happens a lot in my district with high demand items.

    Also, most managers would prefer NOT to pollute the world with more rainchecks...

  • Sb
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    Not to mention you cannot assume that every raincheck you wrote at your store will be returned there, likewise other stores rainchecks can be used in your store. And i find it hilarious that you are upset at the MAnager! If anything your sims co-ordinator is just as responsible for seeing that your store has what it needs and that counts are accurate. Your ignorance on the matter is very frustrating, you ought to bring up these types of questions to your managers/assistants and inform yourself!!

  • Go
      9th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    RAINCHECK?! give me a raincheck for a bar of soap!? have you ever taken a damn shower with a bar of soap?!

  • Je
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    each week before our warehouse order is released, I pull the upcoming ad and take a look at it. I check most things in the store to make sure we are in stock, unless I know we have it in the backroom. Items I think might sell well I order up on to try and not have out of stocks. Most of the time all is good, when an item is out is usually the last day of the ad and I missed estimating a tad...or the warehouse was out to begin with.

  • Ti
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    I thinik it varies by manager. I find the store in my town NEVER stocks up on sale items, especially the Register Rewards. I keep hoping a CVS will open up to give them some competition and maybe that'll help. Went in today on the first day of the sale flyer and they don't have many of the items and don't have them on order. The manager says he "doesn't control what comes in on the truck and corporate decides what they get." How can this be? Wouldn't corporate know to send the sale items so they do have the items in stock? Or is Walgreens just using the Register Rewards and sales items as a bait and switch to get customers in the stores? If I cannot find the particular sale items I went in there for (based on the Walgreens ad), then I leave my cart and dont buy anything else. They may issue a "rain check", but that doesn't help with the Register Rewards items that they never seem to stock.

  • Gi
      4th of Jan, 2010
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    I work for Walgreens as an Asst. Manager in District 153 in CA. You do not identify your position but for you to make this statement it means you see a problem that bothers you. First, you are part of that Walgreens store; a team member who can be part of the solution to this problem. Ad Items are an ongoing challenge in all stores but it is possible to reach the approach that we make a team effort to not just have the ad items but to make sure that the items are accessible to all employees so there is none of these comments "no, we don't have it, sorry, we just did not get it or we just ran out or so many other excuses I have heard over the years." Or write that raincheck. Or worse, just make up something to say. Our Customers are worthy of the truth and our effort and if we truly do not have the item get their name and phone number and call them when it comes in or call another store for them. True this takes time but it is our responsibility to make every reasonable attempt to fulfil what we advertise. Extending ourselves to the customer creates loyalty and trust but excuses just sends them away, often not returning.

    Ad preparation is not setting the ad the day or night before but going to store net and finding the ad way in advance, checking on hands and popularity of the product and warehouse availability etc so that you can get the merchandise if needed before the ad breaks and not after. If one employee (the store manager) is all it took to make sure ad items were in the store we would not be in business. Each store is a team and we each have personal assets we bring to the team in spite of our positions that makes a difference. Our job titles just mean we have different levels of responsibilities but each of us have the same responsibility to our customers. Someone mentioned various responsibilities such as the sims coordinator but in all honesty it is not all about "not having the product" but where that product is in the store because if it's not seen it will not be available to the customer.

    We all have the same policies and procedures but how we implement them often derails things; we all must communicate and understand the process and be a team player in all aspects of our stores including helping with a solution. Good Luck Just found this site today.

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