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Dear Sir / Madame,

I am writing this email, in frustration and causing major problems in my business and marriage to due to the lack service delivery from Vodacom. My wife is a partner in my business, and also run the accounts. Her line, Cell no: [protected] was soft locked on the night of the 14th of March 2012, I called Vodacom on the 15th to have this investigated as to how this is possible that her Cell line has been soft locked meaning she could only receive calls and not make calls nor access the Blackberry Service. The contract consist of a 130min any time minutes, Blackberry Internet Services, and a 50 -100 SMS Bundle, I have also given a R62.00 extra if the free minute are up that the R 62.00 is to cover the rest of the month, if that is used the phone is soft locked.

This issues started last month when on the 10th of February 2012, her cell number was soft locked, I asked to have this investigated: they started that it has been due to the calls, I check the billing, and they reported that on the 11th a call to 152 at 13:52 was made that costed R82.00, which caused the soft-lock. My query was, how is this possible if the line was locked on the 10th the evening. I am still awaiting response. No feedback as to date.

I have called Vodacom 17th the 19th and now the 20th, this line is still soft locked.

I have attached a recording and here are the Ref Numbers:
1. S3-LU422-27DVN

Please find attached recording:

I need your assistance and help to find out what do I do in this case. This is causing a train on my marriage, and business, my wife uses her cell for business.

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  • Ce
      29th of Jan, 2009
    Vodacom Sa - 3 G Complications
    Vodacom SA
    South Africa

    The 3 G Technology in South Africa favours the urbanized communities, and internet access it is a luxury for business people and the middle class.

    I stay in a remote township of Ficksburg (Meqheleng)which got a very mountaneous terrain, I use my 3 G to do my business abroad, but most unfortunately the Vodacom reception in a neighbourhood I live in is not constant.

    I can not access any information vital to my busines operation due to weak reception.
    How do I access any information I need while running my internet at a speed of 236Kb/sec?
    I use internet quite often and it is quite frustrating to recieve or send a 15 minutes content in a period extending to 4 - 5 hours. This inconvinience makes life much more difficult for us people who depends on internet to do business.

    Will Vodacom SA choose a better location to place their 3G tower, just like what has been done by their competitors in an area where I live in.

    Thank You

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  • Ra
      31st of May, 2011
    Rakesh Mistry
    South Africa

    Applied for RED MOFAYA data contract at the beginning of the month. To Date (end of Month) no contract has been activated. Also the Supplier of Vodacom (rewards company) in which the contract was applied for advice that the delay is because of Vodacom as they have not approved the contract and that they have no interest in the matter as they have processed onto the vodacom system and it is not them that is delaying the process. Problem, My contract for data expires today and from the 1st June I have to bear the cost for the data due to the poor service received from both Rewards Company and VODACOM. Call Call centre and the consultant do not even know the process for a customer to raise a compaint. To make matters worst, they just keep transfer the customer from one consultant to another which frustrates on even more. NEED HELP on this issue. Ref 11125585 from Vodacom

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  • Ja
      1st of Jun, 2011
    Vodacom Sa - Poor customer service
    South Africa

    I almost do not know where to begin, I have had a data card for +- a year with quite extensive usage, this accumulated an account of R500-00 plus a month. A few months ago it went up to R2500-00 and even R3500-00 per month, with no changes from my side. On enquiryto VODACOM, it was a short and sweat - I am the problem, something about auto updates and auto down loads. Being in the sticks, I've made my way to an ITcompany (may I say, reputable place) they checked my laptop through, and whalla, it's clean and even virus free, for that was also one of VODACOM's solutions to MY problem. This was reported early in Feb 2011, with the required reference nr's and whom I have spoken too. This carried on for two more months, NO REPONSE, NO ANSWERS, At that stage I have learned that I should hang on to the ref nr's for apparently they can access these. It continued like this until I litterly lost my temper, and then one friendly incompetent pointed me towards their web site -needless to say this being as unfriendly and cumbersome as the consultants. I then realized I need to speak to a person rather than a machine - yet another month past and I have manged to get only one e-mail address. This too proofed to be of no help. I then logged a dispute resolution request - with promisses that it would take 14 days, these 14 days past, until I again managed to get yet another ref nr. Still NOTHING - The problem with the VODACOM system is - they only write contracts, supply absolutely no service and ''what they good at'' is collecting moneys. Your hands are chopped off when it comes down to an enquiry for they deduct, and deduct and there's no way you can get hold of any person - the ones you do manage to speak to, are only answering service people, they for ever escalating the problem to a higher authority, and that is where it remains. I then made the decission to source legal assistnace, yet, now I needed proof, WRITTEN proof, HOW THE HELL do you get written proof if you cannot even get hold of the bunsh on a phone. Further VODACOM so politely informed me that I should e-mail them, to an answering service person, BUT MY PROBLEM IS JUST THAT... I CANNOT USE MY DATA CARD FOR EVEN ONE HOUR AND IT ACCUMULATES R3500-00. To date I'm paying, no data card service, and then the consultant so nicely put it to me that ''I NEED TO SUPPLY PROOF THAT I'M NOT USING THE CARD - FOR CRYING OUT LOAD, I CANNOT USE IT, IT SUCKS ME DRY. My request is a detailed account, a reason for the escalation and a REFUND for the moneys, time and effort made to get disconnected for more than a month now and still the debit orders go off and off and... I can carry on and on, this saga I guess is of much delight to someone there at VODACOM, or do they actually have someone or something that can deal with problems like this - I'm of the opinion I's dealing with a computer - I have also traveled to PTA to the VODA WORLD, Here I was send from counter to counter, taking a whole Saturday, and no reference nr, solution or satisfaction - WHAT IS WRONG - PLS HELP. I'M STOPPING THE DEBIT ORDER AND READY TO FACE THE CONCEQUENCES

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  • Li
      20th of Jun, 2011
    Vodacom Sa - Poor service delivery
    Vodacom Richards bay
    South Africa

    I purchased a new battery for my Blackberry 9700 bold from the store in Richards bay 2 months ago. the salesman confirmed that it carried a warranty for a period of 6 months. it cost me R750.00 i gladly paid and left. however, yesterday my phone refused to come on and after inspection, i found that the barrety was emmiting a fluid and wet the entire back section of the phone along with the sim card, memory card and camera lens. i took the phone to the Vodashop where i had purchased the battery and asked the saleman to inspect it. he immediately looked at the battery and assured me that it was fluid damaged to which i agreed. however, he insisted that it was not from the battery. i assured him that the phone was never exposed to any kind of moisture. the then said that all he could do is send it away for analysis but could not promise anything. i am still awaiting feedback and have since sent my phone to the vodacare repair center for analysis as well. i took the battery back expecting feedback from a well informed Vodacom employee but all i got was a negative repsones stating that there was no possibily that it could have been a defective battery which is exactly what i suspect. currently i am without a phone which i paid dearly for. I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for over 10 years but will now be switching to a provider who does not hide behind their warranties. my name is Mr Gounden and my contact details are as follow. 0766887007. Liven.[protected]

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